Bigg Boss 12 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Deepika hurts Surbhi in task

Bigg Boss 12 23rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 36
Deepak says to KV that Sree was wrong here. KV says he has been wrong since day one. Deepak says I saw Sree showing finger to Surbhi and he said he will do it. Sree asks what did you see? Sree says I was licking my finger, dont support Saba. Deepak says you showed finger to Saba, Somi and Surbhi and then started licking it, I asked you to not do it, you said you would do it. Sree says I am not wrong, you can do anything, leave. Deepak says I am talking nicely, Sree says stop lying. Deepak says I am not lying. Sree says I did not show finger. Deepak says I told you were wrong, he leaves from there.

Megha says to KV that you have kept house clean, you people should shine personalities too. KV says you are right. Megha says dont get influenced by people.

KV says you will see a new side of me. Megha says learn from your mistakes, you could be in place of Neha and then again you nominated yourself? why?

Sristy says to Anup that nothing against me but I wont spare your partner. Anup says I like you. Jasleen comes there. Sristy asks inmates if they saw her cat? I am going talk in sleep and do something which I shouldnt do, Jasleen leaves. Deepak says Anup will tell her about you.
Jasleen says to Anup that Sristy said that she can do anything in sleep, she is threatening me.

Megha says to Deepak that you are confused and dont know whom to support, Sree is a cry baby, Deepika is a smooth controller, KV is late to understand things, Jasleen needs a support, Sristy is clever.
Shiv says to Jasleen that she is already a winner.

Saba says to Romil that Megha is a winner, she has fan following.

Rohit says to Surbhi that Deepika shows she is a vamp.
KV says to Deepak that Rohit is too smart, Megha is playing smartly. KV says that Megha’s arrival is good as now they have to up their game too. Deepak asks him, what is your game exactly? He says nothing.

Sristy is dancing like snake near Jasleen’s bed, Saba pulls her and puts her in bed.

Day 37
Munda plays, inmates dance and enjoy. Megha says good morning Bigg Boss.

Romil says to Megha that Sree said Deepika have tears like serial. Megha says they are together and have a created a bond, you people give them attention and attack them so they become victim, I saw Surbhi kept speaking to them so it diverted attention to them, if he is not reacting then he is shown as good person, you have made them Gods outside.

KV says to Sristy that openly tell Jasleen about your anger.
Deepak says to Romil that I am thinking Urvashi, Deepika and Sree wont go against her.
KV says to Urvashi that you have to play from outside.

Luxury Budget Task is announced. Megha and KV will be shopkeepers in this Poultry Farm task. Everyone will compete against each other, including Megha and KV. Every time a hen births an egg, one contestant can fight to get the egg, give it to the shopkeeper and demand the doll of one of the other contestants whom they want to get evicted, inmates who get dolls of others can crush it in a crusher. The shopkeeper who has more eggs will fight the captaincy task. Contestants whose dolls are saved till the end will compete for captaincy too. If either Srishty or Saba do well, they can choose who should compete in the captaincy task since they cannot be captains themselves. They have to keep their eggs save too.

Inmates are waiting for egg. Sree goes to stand beside Surbhi. Megha says to Surbhi that I will give it to people who play for me, I will save their dolls too. Hen gives egg. Shivashish gets the first egg, he gives it to KV to exchange for a doll of Romil. He crushes the Romil doll and leaves it in its designated spot. Now KV has to keep his egg secure from Megha. Romil plot to get the second egg. Romil is now out of contention. This gives him and Megha a chance to plot their next step. Romil asks KV to atleast talk to him.

Sree is standing away from hen. Surbhi makes fun of Sreesanth. She says he keeps crying, if you cry then its crying, if I cry then its drama? he plays with men only, he respects ladies a lot.. now he will run without thinking about his surgery? Meanwhile, before the buzzer rings, Shivashish and Saba go pick up the eggs. Shiv takes it but KV says buzzer didnt play. Megha says we have to protect egg. Srishty manages to grab it, and she gives it to KV. She says I want Jasleen’s doll. Shiv tries to talk to her. She exchanges it for Shvashish’s doll. So now he is out of competition. Deepak says Sristy’s devil can wake up anytime.
Sree is too close to hen, Surbhi says this is wrong, disquality him. Deepika tries to run with egg. Surbhi tries to take it from her, Deepika pushes her away. Deepika and Surbhi get into a fight as Dipika alleges that Surbhi tried to catch a hold of her by her neck. Surbhi says that she had caught Dipika by her waist, not neck.

KV says both Deepika and Surbhi were wrong. Sree says to KV that how was Deepika wrong? Surbhi grabbed her neck so she had to protect herself. Deepika says I didnt put pressure on her. Somi says you hit me too. Deepika and Somi also get into a fight as Somi says Deepika hit her. Deepika says it is not deliberate and she has already apologised. Somi says she is still hurting.

Deepak asks KV why did he say that girls should stop each other. Sristy says both Surbhi and Deepika were wrong.
Deepika is crying in washroom, Sree says all are making stories, dont take blame for anything you didnt do.

Jasleen says Somi is putting feet where I am standing, I wont let anyone play. KV says if you both fall down then referees will not to blame. Sristy says she can stand anywhere she wants. Sristy stands infront of Jasleen. Sree says Sristy you cant block her, its going overboard. Sristy says to Megha that I am not even touching her. KV and Megha says to camera that we have disqualified Surbhi and Deepika as they both got hurt.

Deepika comes to Surbhi and says sorry. Surbhi is hurt and asks her for help to remove her hairband, Deepika does and puts blanket on her.

Megha says to Saba that Sristy will egg to me so I will have to keep her doll but you can steal it.
Sristy says thanks Sree for not supporting. Sree says I will talk what I think, I dont talk behind. Sristy leaves.

In confession room, Bigg boss says to KV and Megha that you removed Deepika and Surbhi’s doll from rack, why? KV says Megha said that they are disqualified so she removed it. Bigg boss says you dont have right to do it, they are both playing, put their dolls back.

KV says to Surbhi and Deepika that you are in game. Deepika says to Surbhi that till you are not fine, till then I wont go back.

Sristy is crying, Saba hugs her and says dont cry. Sristy says to Deepak that I am hurt that Sree is taking Jasleen’s side when I call him brother and do so much for him, its between me and Jasleen so why he is doing this? Deepak says he does this always.
Sree comes to crying Sristy, Sristy says you are taking Jasleen’s side. Sree says you were wrong. Sristy says you forget me when you patch up with Deepika, I have a problem with Jasleen so why she brings you in this? I dont like it when my brother does this.

Hen alarms and gives egg, Deepak takes it and gives egg to KV. He asks for Sree’s doll but then decides to give it to Megha and takes Sristy’s doll.

Sree says to camera that I came for Sristy in washroom and buzzer played.

Deepak says to Romil that I am not supporting KV. Romil says Saba and Somi have 3 eggs, dont play for KV.
Rohit says to Romil how Megha won her season? Romil says like now how they are making her win.
Deepak says to KV that we can convince Saba to choose you for captaincy.

Buzzer plays, Deepak gets egg and gives it to Surbhi. Surbhi takes Jasleen’s doll, Sristy crushes her doll. Jasleen says to Sree that she has grduge against me.
Somi says to Megha that they will support KV. Megha says I am on your side this time. Deepak asks KV if he will support Urvashi to become captain? KV says yes, I give my word.
Saba says to Deepak that KV wants to look good by supporting Urvashi. Urvashi says to Saba that you want to support your Somi. Saba says KV wants to look saint by supporting Urvashi, end this game if you have decided. Saba asks Urvashi if she will support Deepak? She says I will play for myself only. Deepak says I didnt come to play for anyone else, I will play for myself only, I will stand against Urvashi for captaincy. Urvashi says I am playing for myself only. Sree says KV always lose his chance. KV says to Somi that yes I am saint. Somi asks Urvashi if Saba is supporting her sister then whats the problem? dont taunt about being siblings all the time. Urvashi says then do it. Urvashi cries. Somi says I am playing on my own, not taking support from my sister.

Sree taunts Deepak and asks him to focus. Deepak says you can play, you got chance but didnt play. Buzzer plays, all run to get egg. Deepak tries to snatch eggs, girls scream. Rohit tries to get egg from Deepak but Deepak doesnt give it. Sristy gets crushed between them. Deepika and Megha consoles her.
Rohit says Sristy was asking for help but they were worried about egg.
Deepak says to Megha that you see performance, he gives egg and takes Deepika’s doll, he crushes it. Deepika says I wont support him in captaincy now.

Sree says to Deepika that why did KV not take chance? Deepika says KV had the ball, Sree says Deepak and KV are plotting, KV will go to jail now.

At night, Bigg Boss says today’s time of task has ended.

PRECAP- Deepak says to Urvashi that if you want to become captain then you have to take intiative, you have to come to me, she says did you come? he says why would I? the person who is not mine in this house wont be of anyone else. Urvashi says cant a person live without captaincy in this house? Deepak says then dont talk about captaincy. Urvashi throws her bottle and says you are talking about it. Deepak throws bottle too and says dont shout, he turns to leave and says you will have to come to me for support. Urvashi throws bottle at him and says I am not begging.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. DEepak and urvashi fight look so funny

  2. First of all DEEPIKA DID NOT HURT SURBHI. Surbhi grabbed dipika by her neck to stop her from grabbing the egg and when deepika tried to free herself surbhi fell…I dont think surbhi was hurt at all but she was doing drama to get dipika disqualified..
    I hated surbhi for trying to demean sree again and this girl is constantly in his personal space..pls back off and get footage somewhere else
    All the celebrities are the dumbest this season..for once get United and defeat the enemy then sort it out among yourself…srishti was the dumbest for crushing shiv nest..and what does she have against jasleen..its good sree called her out and then she was crying that sree 8s giving more importance to dipika and least they r trying to play together..srishti is turning into a thali Ka bangan now
    And kv seriously what is he doing…worst
    Somi Saba are clever…Billian larte reh gae aur roti bandar le gya..they did the same thing to Deepak urvashi..Deepak is dumb..he should realize these sisters r playing a game with least urvashi is more clever than him…
    Celebrities are a waste this brains no enthusiasm no unity no planning..all r worthless..
    Sree is trying to create a team with jasleen shiv urvashi srishti dipika kv Deepak anup but sree you are dealing with a pack of brainless ppl. ..
    And I loved how sree took a stand for dipika cuz I strongly feel dipika wasnt wrong…I love their bonding..srishty needs to stop getting jealous of his bonding with dipika jasleen and play like a teammate.only then these celebrities have a chance

    1. True… 👍

      Celebrities m se only sree ab apna dimaag laga raha h but what can he do alone… Sristy is the dumbest one.. Kv is second dumb person..
      Agar ye log team up kar ka apne m se hi kisi ko help karte tab bhi fayda tha…
      But aapas mlad k kisi aur ko benefit dena is bewakoofi..
      2 months already complete ho gaye h but kisi ko celebrities m se play karne hi nhi aa raha… 😑

  3. Hating shreestupid and Deepika(diploma). shreestupid keeps saying how he respects women but has 0 respect in heart.kisi ne Sahi kaha hai Jo Nasrin ki izzat nahi krta use izzat nahi milti..fits perfectly on shreestupid.and diploma has surely seen Shilpa Wala season and trying to copy Shilpa to look caring and maa like but we can all see how shrewd and cunning she is.srishty is alag papa ki princess.. within 3-4 weeks she will be out I am sure.

  4. Whats going btwn sristy and jasleen..?
    sristy waise toh 1 hr k episode m kabhi kabhi toh 1 second k liye bhi nhi dikhti.. Aur jb nimonations mati h tph benafsha ban jati h…

    Y each n every housemate expects too much from sree and kv when they didn’t do anything for them till now…?

    Apko sara time sree sree karte rehna h.. Jb sree perform kare tab problem jab perform na kare tab problem..
    Kv logo ko yun hi sab de deta h still log usey bolte h faltu ka mahan ban raha h toh log jate hi q h uske pass mahanta ka prasad lene

    Bb is too partial.. Jab sristy saba ki fight hui task bhi radd hua aur wo dono captaincy ki race se bahar..
    Till now sanchalak jo decision leta tha bb usey maanta tha.. But aaj kv and megha k decision ko dis approve kar diya… Ye kya baat hoti h. Har kisi bande k liye i think diffeent rules h bb house m…

    Celebrities toh maha dumb h is baar… Bilkul bhi unity nhi h unki fight ka fayda always commoners ko h9ta h..

    How can sree decides to sent kv for jail punishment….? Uska dimaag nhi h? Wo na khele apne liye? Always dusron ko sab yun hi de de?

    I knew it.. Deepak and urvashi ki fight content dene wali h so bb urvashi ko save karenge hi..

    And mujhe ek baat seiously smajh nhi ati.. Bb house m most of the girls abusive language use karti h and task m bhi violent hoti h.. But jb same cgeez banda karta h toh wo galat ho jata h..
    Then where is equality…? Aap har choti baat pe kisi ko badtameez insan idiot aur mahan and etc etc ye sab bolte ho bit jb samne wala apko same way m respond karta h toh womens card play karne lag jate h sab..

    Agar surbhi saba somi sach m women card play karna bmd kar de na toh actual m wo strongest and real contender prove hongi..

    And one more thing.. Agar logo ko surbhi ki abusive language e se problemnhitoh sree ki abusive language se problem q h?

  5. Shristi was in full form today she took the task sportingly
    Deepika and Survi both were equally agressive and their attack was fully intentional but they both took it maturedly coz in tasks these things are common and should not be made an issue deepikas gesture was nice how she took care of survi after that ,impressed with Survi today,one thing I noticed about her she takes task more sportingly with her friends although she gets angry within she dont show it like for jail task when shiv stopped her she didnt argue just said its ok but when she went inside she threw the bottle deepika bonded well with her in last few days maybe thats why she didnt reacted much but with people she doesnt connect she is bang on with kv(the girl card) or Shree
    Saba became more active after nominations
    I loved how Survi followed Shree everywhere wuthout saying any thing that was so funny…Girl thats why I am impessed with you today cozzz when u spoke also u controlled ur agression,keep going…Show us Sum more shades of u other thn d “vikral roop”😁😅
    Deepak and Urvashi again tennager’s fight…us or me??

  6. Quite frankly I have a problem with surbhi s attitude of ripping free footage from sree..she always begins irritating annoying abusing intruding on sree and other ppl. Sofor these reasons I do not like her…
    But at the same time I like her attitude to play and win..for some reason I find sree a little more tolerable when it comes to his tantrums etc..
    This is my opinion and I respect everyone’s point 9f view…

  7. Shirsti should win this season.

  8. Since ever Rohit has come he ain’t doin no shit man Nd what the f**k Surbhi grabbed dipikas neck you can clearly see how violent it was and when she fell that was all a drama she was smirking on the camera two faced lil slag just to get dipi out ya daft b*t*h loved how sree supported dipika I hope Surbhi gets less votes and bees out of bb pls she needs to be out she’s irratating day by day horrible little brat she’s a trouble maker werid b*t*h can never leave sree alone your attitiude is disgusting I bet Rohit hates you so much man the way u are and dah you need to mend up ya ways mate change yourself and ur ugly tone and Saba Somi are so annoying dey need to get out of bb swear down since ever dey enterned bb the whole house has been cast al have been cursed I just hope salman slams Surbhi for grabbing or strangling dipik neck that was un f**king fair these girls should be out and top finals should be dipi shirsty sree kv thats it no one rest ya can go to hell

  9. hey guys
    firstly toh deepika ki koi galti nahi thi surbhi khud ke wajah se girr gayi thi and jaise surbhi giri thi aisa nahi lagta ki jorr se giri thi phir bhi itna drama and by the way kisi ne notice kiya ya nahi surbhi ka head ground pe nahi tha megha ka leg ke uppar tha so itni jorr se lagi bhi nahi hogi. and deepika jab aise caring behavior surbhi ke saath karr sakti hai toh sristy ke saath kyun nahi kiya woh toh jorr se giri thi ye baat thodi buri lagi.
    sristy ka night wala antics bahut funny the and she is behaving like this because jasleen ne bola tha sristy morning mei uthkar sirf make up karti hai aur tayar hoke sukoon se baithi raheti hai and aur kuch kaam nahi karti kisi se baat nahi karti and ye makeup aur ready hone wali baat sristy ko achha nahi laga tha.
    and guys mujhe lagta hai iss ghar mei aane wale koi dumb nahi hai sab apne liye aaye hai toh apna game playe karenge bahar jyada kuch nahi dekh raha but its may be their startegy jaise sree ki rona aur ghar jaana hai.
    deepak urvarshi abb majje aarahe hai.

  10. Radhika Mishra

    I have one SERIOUS problem with this show. They’re using the tag of “mastermind” which was given to Vikas Gupta for his amazing strategies…to these stupid people in BB12. “Mastermind” is something unique which is inherited by vj and can’t be acquired by ANYONE ELSE. That’s why there was no “mastermind ” in any other season other that BB11.

    1. It’s the naked truth , nobody can replace VG by the Mastermind tag.. in BB 12 it wil never happen… VG was giving super masterstrokes everytime , which made critics even praise him.. after BB11 he said in interview ” next season not HM Will try to get same tag..” so true..!!!
      Romil and Deepak r Indeed trying for it

      1. * next season Many HM will try to get same tag”

  11. Liked Sree and Deepak thing from both side, these 2 will play together in last 1 month. There is obvious bond there. Infact liked Srishty too. Dipika as usual is never good at task. I know ppl will mention that accident of Surbhi and Dipika. But I have never seen Dipika completing a task….. Suru karti hai and gayab. Liked that comment of Sree, kv kly opportunity aate aate chali jati hai.

  12. Shreesanth is the worst candidate…..He does not respect woman plz make out shreesanth from the show…

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