Jiji Maa 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Falguni learns the truth

Jiji Maa 23rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Falguni and Suyash having a moment. Aaj le aaya….plays…. He gets sad. She says you loved me and didn’t think of hating me one day. He says I don’t want to talk about it, I m already much worried. She says because of Uttara, you think we made the wrong decision. He asks why, you also chose Piyali, she really reformed, mom should also get a chance. She thinks how to tell you that Piyali didn’t change. He says I can expect mom to love me, love changes everything. She says yes, love can win any battle, anything can be changed with love. Uttara gets ready and recalls Falguni’s words.

Falguni comes and says you did this suicide drama, you can do anything to stay in this house. Uttara says to stay with my family. Falguni says you can’t cheat me. Uttara says

you got smart with time, you are not that old Falguni now, you have changed, didn’t you see how Suyash and everyone accepted me. She pities Falguni. Falguni says you will be exposed soon, my sight will be always on you. She goes. Uttara says you can’t stay here after Suyash’s marriage. Suyash coughs and takes medicines. Falguni looks on. He goes to sleep. She goes to check. He holds her hand in sleep. She checks cupboard. He wakes up. She hides. He goes to sleep again. She thinks of doing something. Its morning, Piyali comes to Uttara.

Uttara jokes on her and says I m Guru, you are student, you have nothing to expose me, I have to tell Suyash that he has no illness, he will run to Falguni. She insults Piyali. Piyali gets angry and asks her not to do anything to Niyati. Uttara says once you marry Suyash, I will get my son, you will get your sister, my revenge will be fulfilled, go for your haldi. Piyali goes to her room. Karma hugs her. She scolds him. She recalls Uttara’s words. Falguni comes to Piyali. Piyali says I just love you, try to understand. Karma asks how can you marry someone else, if you love me. She says I m doing this to take revenge from Falguni, I didn’t had to marry, but Uttara is compelling me. Karma says Uttara compelled you, but why is Suyash marrying you, because he is dying, or does he love you.

Falguni hears this and gets shocked. Karma says you will leave from here before marriage, else I will kill Suyash. Piyali says fine, go from here, if anyone comes, all the game will end. He says if you marry Suyash, everything will be ruined, I will kill him. He leaves. Falguni says Suyash is helpless to marry Piyali, I have to tell Niyati. She runs to Niyati. Uttara asks her to come for aarti. Falguni cries and thinks what threat does Suyash has.

Piyali gets hurt by Suyash. Karma scolds Suyash. Falguni scolds Karma. Piyali stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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