Shakti 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer rejects Virat’s proposal

Shakti 22nd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preeto gives a gun to Rohan saying Soham won’t listen. Tomorrow is Heer’s exam and he will try to stop her for sure. Rohan is shocked. He says he’s our Soham. Preeto says and against him is our Heer. He has devoted his life for her and this will be his test. He must not step back. Other side, Soham tells Shanno tomorrow Heer won’t be able to reach exam hall. Shanno says, Rohan, Preeto always stay with Heer. He says all of them will have to die. She asks he will kill all? He says they don’t want to send Heer to her place, so there will be a war and in war people do die. She praises him and says his win is certain now.

Heer is studying. Virat comes there and says tomorrow is his marriage. She says she knows. Why he came there to tell her? He says, that’s right, what she can do? She looks around and he’s not there anymore. She imagines him there again and him reminding her about his marriage. She asks her to focus on studies.

In a function, Virat’s sister tells Daljeet it’s so boring there. It doesn’t look like it’s his brother’s marriage. Just then Heer enters with drums person and dancing. She asks what is this? No one is dancing there beside her. It’s good Virat made her friend at a right time. Now she will tell how a Sangeet function should be.

Song plays and Heer starts dancing. Guests start cheering her. She pulls Virat and Jharna and make them dance too. Everyone seems to be enjoying the function now. Virat and Heer are looking at each other. He thinks if she was in his life, then his life would be so different. He pulls her on a side. She asks what’s the matter? Everyone is enjoying function and she wants to go back. He says “I love you” holding her hands. She’s shocked. He says he doesn’t want to marry Jharna, he wants to marry her. He thought a lot, he tried to forget her, but he can’t do it. He requests her to agree. She says no. She only became his friend because of Preeto. He tells her to forget friendship, he can’t remain as her friend for lifetime. He wants to be with her. He will talk to everyone if she agrees. She says neither she will say yes, nor she will let him to talk to anyone about this. She asks him to look at Jharna. He can’t change decisions like this. He needs to be responsible. He says this is his final decision and it will never change. He tries to convince her, but she doesn’t agree. She puts his hand on her head and says if he truly takes her as a friend and if he wants to continue their friendship, then he should marry Jharna. He says he can’t make that promise. She says then she will break friendship and stop meeting him. She leaves. Jharna is standing there. Virat gets shocked seeing her, but she didn’t hear anything. She asks Heer left? He says yes. She goes to say bye to her.

It’s late and Heer has still not returned home. Soham tells Shanno that he will go outside and get fresh air. Harak Singh takes out his gun and goes behind Soham. Shanno taunts Ravi that Heer end is closer and she feels so happy about it. Ravi gets angry and puts knife on Shanno’s neck saying if she tries to do any harm to Heer, then she will kill her. She doesn’t mind going to jail.

Jharna comes to Heer and asks her to stay a bit longer. Heer says she would have stayed if she didn’t have exam tomorrow. She further says that she attended all functions happily. So now Jharna must have realized that Heer doesn’t have any problems with her and Virat’s marriage. She wishes her congratulation for her marriage saying she won’t be able to attend it due to her exam. Preeto and Rohan are waiting for Heer. After Jharna leaves, Virat pulls Heer and tries to convince her again. Preeto calls Heer. Heer tells Virat that he might not care about his promise to Jharna, but she cares about her promise to Preeto and Harak Singh. She asks him to let go, she has to study. She wishes him congratulations for marriage and leaves. He thinks he will only marry Heer and that’s for sure.

Precap: Soham puts a bomb under car in which Heer is going to give exam. She comes and asks he’s also going with her, right? He says someone needs to stay at home to prepare for celebration. Heer, Rohan, Harak Singh, and Preeto are in car.

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