FF – Pavitra Bhagya – Collapsed hearts (Chapter 3)


As the ritual completes successfully without any distractions Riya was so happy. Dadi asks her to get some rest as they have to go to their family goddess temple tomorrow also informs the same others and asks them to get ready early the next day. Everyone in their family was shocked listening such words from Dadi, first everyone agreed but later Reyansh and Vardhan goes to Dadi room to know the truth behind her decision. Dadi says she announced it because of Vishambar as it’s their culture to take blessings of god after getting married and then they’ll start their new life and then Dadi tells the main reason as “Vishambar has given one of his contract to Khurana’s name for Armaan, you know for the first time I feel good for having Armaan as my grandson.”

“This is a big deal Dadi !!!  If it’s like this we can eventually get half of his contracts in name of Armaan and Riya…” Exclaims Vardhan. Dadi laughs at him and says “Oo my stupid grandson! You are just thinking about half but here I’m planning for his entire empire. Think big idiot.” reveals Dadi whimsically.

Dadi asks Vardhan to fix her drink to celebrate while takes Reyansh into balcony attached to her room and says ” I am really irritated with Pranati, as now we need Jugnu’s custody and for her I need to tolerate this dirt pranati in this house or else I would knocked her of this house before he could come in. Listen Reyansh I don’t want to see her tomorrow, make sure you do that. Or else not only she but also Jugnu will face humiliation and I don’t want that to happen now with one contract in our hand. Don’t think I’m protecting them, I am just trying save my business and you from that humiliation causes tomorrow by Mallika, I know she would definitely come and will create scene if she sees Pranati and Jugnu there. According to the Court order that shouldn’t happen or else you jugnu’s custody will go to that stupid Pranati.”

“You don’t worry dadi, I’ll take care of them.” Assures Reyansh.

“You better be” warns dadi. “And tell me one thing idiot, in this whole world why did you date these two girls, one is attached like chewing gum and another one is like fevikwik?” taunted dadi while smacking Reyansh head and added “Do as said.” when she saw Vardhan coming towards them. Reyansh agreed and left from there.

In Pranati and Jugnu’s room, Jugnu was throwing her tantrums to sleep while Pranati was trying really hard to make her sleep with all the stories she heard, but all are going vain when Jugnu takes some random question from the story and ask question. Not knowing what to do Pranati takes her mobile and tries to show an animated story but this is not helping her to sleep.

“Jugnu yaar, why are you not sleeping?” asks Pranati being tired when all her efforts goes waste.

“Because I am not sleepy nayi ma, arey if I get sleep then only I’ll sleep right?” says Jugnu hugging her pillow. But jugnu was afraid of yesterday’s event when she was kidnapped and was thinking of the lady who saved her, because of all this she got a nightmare and woke up before Pranati came into room. Jugnu don’t want that to known by anyone as she don’t want anyone to think she was afraid of events caused. Meanwhile Pranati was thinking of ways to make her sleep, then she plays a song which she likes and make Jugnu to sleep in her lap, but Jugnu is not attached to this type of things she wake up and says “Arey nayi ma, why are you making me sleep in your lap? Here there is so comfy bed to sleep right and such a soft pillows are there… Don’t make me sleep in your lap, I only like this bed not your lap and don’t show me all this things which I hate.”

Pranati was upset listening to her words and her eye corners were filled with tears, Reyansh who listened this while going to his room went into their room and asks “Jugnu lets have a game?”

“What??? Are you serious Reyansh, Game and that too at this time?” scolded Pranati.

“Come Bandar papa let’s play..” Jugnu said while jumping out bed.

“Jugnu, NO! come and sleep now here… You can’t go for game. Tomorrow you can play but not now.” Pranati warns Jugnu, but Jugnu being stubborn took Reyansh to his room. Reyansh made his game on and played songs in High volume and closes the door. Here Pranati was irritated and gets angry on Reyansh for spoiling Jugnu. She furiously went to scold both of them into his room and there she sees Jugnu happily playing with Reyansh while scolding him for cheating in game. She is happy while seeing her daughter and Reyansh’s bond with her is growing, even though Reyansh didn’t accept Jugnu as his daughter but she can sense a soft corner raising towards Jugnu.

While playing Jugnu feels her heart light and sleeps like that. She was about to fall, pranati goes and save her from falling her head on ground. Reyansh helps Pranati to make Jugnu sleep on her bed.

PRECAP: Jugnu admits her fear.

  1. Jasminerahul

    Dadi is so irritating.I hope reyaansh won’t follow Dadi blindly .pranati struggling hard to make jugnu sleep was cute.reyaansh is a cool dad.the last scene of prayanshu was lovely

    1. Vyshnavi

      Thanks!! Prayansh are really lovely, no doubt Jugnu has the coolest dad and extra caring + strict mom.

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