Shakti 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman asking Varun to make everyone have sweets, and if they don’t eat then distribute it among the poor. Kishan Lal comes and says if you have done with it, then let’s talk about work. He tells Balwinder that I asked you to come home, but you are eating sweets here. He asks Balwinder to check the papers and says just as I said, you have no share in my property. He asks him to sign. Raavi asks him to sign and slap on his face, and tell him that Harak Singh have 10 times more property than him, says she can buy 10 people like him. He asks Balwinder to sign. Balwinder takes the papers and signs on it. Kishan lal says from now I have no relation with you people or my son. Balwinder looks on helpless.

Maninder comes to Soumya’s room. Soumya says Papa…and shows him Aditya. Maninder smiles and lightly pats on the baby’s head. He says you have build your home, did you think about Surbhi. Soumya says Surbhi asked them to do this, adopt the baby, and says they are still searching Surbhi. Maninder says I know where is she? He says Surbhi lost everything and is in her mayka. He says Surbhi told me not to inform anybody, but I am her father, says she is taking divorce from Harman. Soumya asks what you are saying? Maninder says it is truth. Soumya tells Harman what Maninder said. Maninder said he knows everything. Soumya is shocked and asks did you know everything, then why did you lie with me. Maninder says you used to say that Surbhi’s life is in you and asks her to save her life and asks what you are going to do. She gets Surbhi’s call and she asks him to put the call on loudspeaker. She asks Maninder why did he tell Soumya about her whereabouts. She then tells Soumya that she is fine and safe and asks her to free her and let her live her life. Nani says you have heard what she said.

Soumya says you? Nani asks her to let Surbhi live her life according to her wish and asks Maninder to understand. Preeto hears everything and tells Soumya that she will end the root of problems and asks Soumya to leave the house. She pulls Soumya’s hairs and asks her to get out. Harman asks her to leave Soumya. Preeto asks if you will beat your mum. Harman pushes Preeto to save Soumya. Preeto says what you both will do, will you dance on the street as he claps. She says I won’t let this happen and will kill this baby. She says I won’t let my house respect ruined. Harman says if you touched my baby even by mistake then I will burn this house. Preeto asks him to burn the house and says you have burnt our dreams. She says you can’t stop me. Harak Singh comes there and tries to control hysterical Preeto. Maninder and Nani leave. Soumya kisses her baby and is tensed.

Saya gives sweets to all kinnars and says today is the auspicious day. Chameli comes to Kareena, Rani and Raveena and taunt them for their evil behavior and forcefully feed laddoo in Raveena’s mouth. Rani is angry. Kareena asks them to wait for the right moment. Rani asks her not to show tashan and says you are not Guru Maa anymore. Harman tells Soumya that they have to protect Aditya from their own family, and says lets go out to freshen up our mood and asks her to get ready. He asks her to learn to live with head up, and says what will happen if I am not alive. Soumya keeps hand on his mouth. Harman asks her to face villains like Preeto and be strong. He says you shall be baby rakshak, just like I am your rakshak.

Bebe and Maninder are about to leave. Harman stops them and says I am going with my small and happy family, will drop you on the way. He asks them to come. They leave. Preeto is angry and asks Viren, Shanno and Varun to go to their rooms. She thinks I know what I have to do now.

Haran and Soumya are with their baby in the car. He asks did you go on a long drive ever. Soumya asks what is it? Harman says I have dropped them, now I will take you on long drive and wears his seat belt. Soumya asks him to drive slowly. Harman says okay and drives slowly. Harman gets down to buy icecream for Soumya and him. He says Anu Malik will be happy to hear that we are on long drive and had icecream, and takes selfie with them. Preeto searches for the orphanage papers. She says Anant Bhavan Orphanage, and says now I will see how that kinnar’s baby will stay in this house.

The orphanage people come and snatch Soumya’s baby from her hand. Preeto holds Soumya. A sad song plays..Soumya cries badly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Vivian Dsena again nailed it as Harman…

  2. I want to kill preeto

    1. Why would you do that to poor preeto…she already lost her son to bhondu Saumya.

  3. please change serial name to pretto drama

  4. Hi tanvi remember me? h r u? I miss my all tamil frnds long period. Where is dear ammu,kopz,karthi, and all. pls reply me. Now serial is ok.good moving. And hi anjali are you tamilian? I also a mad of madhubala serial. This is only my all time favourite and relaxation way. You said about vivian character yesterday, it is very correct. I agree.

    1. Hi raji I am not a tamilian. But I am South Indian. I know Tamil little bit yaar. We both can talk daily yaar. Coming to shakti Vivian yenaku madhubala le rombaaáa ishtam daa. Shakti le yenaku vonnamey ishtam illey.

  5. The story is just a borefest…i only watch it for Vivian

  6. Hi everyone , the episode today is so good and yesterday too, yesterday Harman made a perfect sense full of rejection’s pain from preeto , today he confirms that he protector for saumya and his baby , I liked when he asked saumya to be strong to face villain of preeto , he heard all wishes of us , today saumya has reaction to refuse something ,it’s good sign , preeto has no heart but stone or rock inside her ,she crossed not human’s feelings but something else has no definition

  7. Ivan mackenzie

    The actor that plays pretto, must that wild person in real life, I hope I am wrong

    1. Yes you are wrong…she’s very nice person is real life and in an interview she also mentioned that she doesn’t agree with Preeto. She is divorced from her abusive husband, has children and does TV serial work to support her family.

  8. Definitely there’s a deference between actor’s real life , real personality and the characters he does , preeto played her character successfully because of that all of us hated her character as preeto not Kamaya herself , and that proves she has talent to be good actress , she convenes us with her character , please don’t judge of the actor by characters he does

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