swasan – A complicated love story (49)

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Lucky entered ragini’s ward n noticed her being angry..

lucky placed his hands on her n lovingly called her name.. but she just turned her face being angry..

lucky- what happened to my baccha?? why is she angry??

ragini- (fake angrily) i m not baccha.. now to i have baby also..

lucky- but u will always remain my baccha only.. (said it lovingly n pecked her forehead)

lucky- ok now tell me.. why my baby is angry??

ragini- (emotionally) these people..(pointing towards hospital staff) They are not letting me see my baby.. (cutely complaining) Even they didnt allowed me to come out from this bed.. n restricted me in this room..

lucky-(politely, understanding her situation) aww my baby!! dont worry our prince is absolutely fine.. he is pre matured baby na thats why he is under observation.. n we are going home tomorrow with our little prince..

Ragini’s eyes sparkle listening this.. She is happy..

ragini- sacchi..(excitedly)

lucky- mucchi (pecked her lips slightly assuring her)

ragini- i know lucky , u are sad na because of maa papa.. i know i can also feel ur pain..

lucky- nhi baby (assuring her) when u r with me i have no pain..

ragini- dont hide from me laksh.. i know.. i know about ur condition but dont worry soon everything will be fine n we will proove u innocent too..

lucky was adoring her wife so lovingly listening her.. She cares for him too much just like he is her everything n ofcourse he is!!

lucky- okk now no more talks .. u r still weak.. rest for sometime..

ragini- no no no..(stutborn) now no more rest.. i cant be here for more time alone..

lucky- but..(interrupted in b/w)

ragini- i said na.. no means no..

lucky- okk baba.. aacha now tell me what u wanna do..??

ragini- (little teary eyed) vo.. vo i wanna see swara for once.. is she alright?? this nurse(pointing towards a lady) told me that now swara has gained consciousness.. i just wanted to meet her once.. u tell me she is fine na..??

lucky- yess jaan , she is fine.. but (stopped in between) chocked..

ragini- holding his hands n asked him to continue.. (assuring him)

lucky told everything to ragini about swara’s health condition n family talks n at last about his talk with rp..

He broke down completely telling this to her.. putting his head on the bed..

She started caressing his haris lovingly assuring him that everthing will be alright soon..

He too felt somewhat happy being with her n sharing his pain with her..

After her mom only she has the power to heal him from mental n emotional trauma..

From last three years.. she is the only one with whom he can share everything n she can handle him in most sensitive situations also..

@Next day–

Both swaragini has been discharged from hospital after all the formalities.. n both are being shifted to Raglak mansion…
Both are happy seeing each other fine …
Along with swara, sujata also settled there only n adi n rp left amritsar bidding bye to their princess…

lucky’s whole family blessed ragini n his baby.. They are being very nice to ragini but are not talking with laksh..

But lucky is releived that atleast she is getting her rights in his family .. afterall she is their dil n now to she has given them their heir also..

Swara become emotional seeing them leaving…

Adi n rp consoled n handled her little princess very politely not stressing her n promised to see her soon..

She played with piya before their depature n pari lovingly caressed her hairs.. She smiles at pari n lost in playing with piya.. Everyone adore her bond with 2 year old little kid..

She became happy n bid them bye whole heartedly..

When they were leaving she hugged her sujata maa.. n cried..(u know her mental condition)

sujata consoled her n make her rest…

sanskar was just watching her every action teary eyed n adoring her bond with his family.. oops now to its her family na..

sujata helped swara to reach her to her room.. sanskar tried to help but she ignored him n went..

Both sanlak’s condition was same.. their family is more close to their wives than them.. bachare..

Screen freeses on their bechara faces..

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  1. this is more of raglak?i know u r going by story but i want to read swasa n not raglak…sorry dear if i hurt u?

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    Raglak scenes?nice but waiting for swasan story dont mind..

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  12. nice story raglak scene nice but want to see swasan scenes also im not reading swasan scenes now a days in ur ff plz concentrate on them also dear you story name is on swasan but yaha mujhe swasan scenes kahi read nahi kiya meine swasan scenes bhi dedo.. update soon

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    Didn’t read d chappy as it was only raglak ??
    Its all abt dem only n u told me once dat still main story is yet to come… its 49chappies n no swasan…
    I read only swasan stories na still gve it try bt its only raglak
    Sorry i cant read it nw…
    Bst wishes

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