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Devanshi 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi thanking Shanidev for showing her the path. She says I will not lose, I will end superstitions and blind beliefs in Jwalapuri. She wears jewelry and asks Vardaan to say what’s looking nice. He sits silent. She asks the jeweler to say what’s suiting her. The man says its all looking nice on you. Vardaan says she is going to become my wife, I will decide what will she wear, she will wear everything. She asks what, I have to buy jewelry for me, not entire village. He asks her to wear all jewelry.

She removes jewelry. He says fine, I will make a statue that looks like you and marry it. She asks will statue have my face. He says yes, there are many statue makers here. She thinks something and goes. Vardaan tells Ishwar about shopping. He says I m very happy, Devanshi is going to become my wife. Ishwar says yes, there will be happiness once she becomes this house bahu. Vardaan says but Kusum will do something. Ishwar says this marriage has to happen to end blind beliefs. Vardaan says this marriage will surely happy.

Devanshi goes to Shikhar and says I got to know how Kusum was seen in two places, she kept her statue in one place. He says she is a big magician. She says its called fraud, which she did with villagers, I have to tell villagers that Kusum is planning all this, I will end their blind belief.

They go and see the security lock. Shikhar says I think there is some secret. She says maybe, try to open it. He tries and gets inside. He sees Kusum’s statue and checks it. He says I got the proof. Kusum tells villagers about the dangers on village. The people ask her to save them. Kusum prays to Maiyya. The light goes. Statue goes in the darbar. Shikhar calls Devanshi and looks for statue. He says statue was here, how did it disappear. Devanshi wonders where did statue go.

The people call it a miracle and go to do darshan. Kusum asks them to stop at same place, if anyone goes close to it, they will burn, sit down and pray. The people close eyes and pray. Kusum goes to see statue. She gets shocked seeing Mohan. He laughs. Kusum asks him to go. She covers the statue.

Devanshi asks where did statue go. Shikhar says how did she disappear it. They hear people chanting Kusum’s name. They go to Kusum’s darbar. The people say about Kusum and her other avatar. Kusum is with Mohan. He signs her to remove his shoes. He says you would know what’s insult, you insulted me and made me leave from village, now you will give me equal status in politics. Kusum asks what will I get in return. Mohan says I know what you are thinking about the marriage, I will support you, the marriage won’t happen, you will get everything fine, but not groom and bride, they will be dead, big disaster is going to happen.

Nutan comes and knocks door. Kusum says I agreed to you, now leave. Mohan says fine, go and open the door, show me to everyone. Kusum asks are you mad. Nutan says I m not mad, pandit has come. Kusum says I m not saying you, my other avatar is here. Nutan asks her to let him come inside and see miracle. Kusum asks Mohan to go. Nutan goes.

Mohan holds Kusum and says Nutan did not change, even you did not change, what to do, I changed a bit, I m thinking my mind now, not heart, I will open the door. Kusum says I beg you, give me some time, now go. He holds her close and says if you don’t get me in front of everyone in 6 hours, then I will tell everyone.

Vardaan says I don’t believe in puja, we will just do marriage rasams. Ishwar says its Ganesh puja, its done for auspicious thing. Kusum comes and says marriage will have problem, Vardaan listen to me. He says I don’t believe you, this puja won’t happen. Devanshi comes and says no Vardaan, this puja will happen, I know you don’t believe in Lord, but I trust Maiyya. Vardaan asks why are you after this puja, Kusum has made you think so. Kusum says I m your mum, I just want nothing wrong to happen with you. He asks her to stay away. He says stay away, I m ready to take pheras for Ishwar and Devanshi’s sake, else I would have done court marriage, I agreed for puja for Devanshi’s sake. Kusum says I m glad Devanshi is bringing Vardaan towards Maiyya, we both love Vardaan equally. She hugs Devanshi and asks her to be careful, else even after puja, everything can get Swaha. Devanshi gets shocked.

Kusum laughs and says baraat is same, mandap is same, but groom and bride…. Devanshi gets shocked seeing Vardaan unconscious.

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    ty Amena mam for update..
    huh! this hitler Vardhaan… Devanshi should handle him well 😀 😀
    goosshhh, mohan and kusum sundari, fireeeeeee…. fireeeeee..
    well still they kept less characters, Sakshi, golu and kattadar gone, replaced by ishwar, shikar and mohan…

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