Shakti 20th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Varun and Sukha get witnesses kidnapped

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Shakti 20th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman and reporter coming to someone’s office. He looks at the trophies kept there. He says even Harak Singh don’t have these many trophies. Reporter says this is the world of journalism. Harman says yes. A man comes. Reporter introduces him to Harman saying he is Ashwini Bajaj, editor and chief of a news channel. Harman greets him. Reporter says he has fought many fights and asks him to help Soumya. Ashwini says Manasvi shall know where to speak and where to silent. He says if I help directly then I will come down. He refuses to help them and says he can only publish their news. Harman says one day they will get justice and your channel will air this news. They leave from their disappointed. Sukha and Varun look at them. Sukha makes plan and asks everyone to hear carefully.

He says the court’s verdict will effect the society and us also. He asks them to do some work.

Manasvi takes Harman to a big writer, who doesn’t want to help them. Harman throws his book in the book shelves and says if educated people have such thinking then I-illiterate is better. Manasvi says may be we will meet someone who has real face. They meet some more people. Sehgal says we have got some witness now. They come home. Sehgal tells that after they win the case, villagers’ anger will lower. Soumya comes to terrace in night with Soham and sees villagers standing out and gets worried. Harman tells her that others doesn’t had Nimmi, Surbhi and Nani and tells that she will win. He gives her courage to fight. Harak Singh and Preeto looks at them and appreciates Harman’s efforts to support Soumya.

Next morning, Manasvi tells that she will come with her crew. People comes out protesting against Soumya. Inspector comes and asks them to back off and reminds constable of the media power. Chameli asks if we shall go. Saya says many times kinnar truth make her weakness and now it will be their power.

Harak Singh, Harman and their families are going in the car. Sukha comes infront of Harman’s car and asks him to leave Kinnar. Harman says I don’t want your suggestion, you are alive because of the relation we share. He leaves. Sukha smiles and says I came to destroy your precious time. He too leaves.

Gurmeet is standing near there and calls Varun. Varun says I will handle now. He asks the goons to do as he said. Goons go on the bike. Harman is driving the car when the goons attack his car and he loses balance and meets with an accident. Harman, Sehgal and the witnesses faint. Soumya senses Harman is in trouble. Harak Singh asks her not to worry. Varun comes near his car and tells that you was a useful man, kinnar’s love made you waste. He calls Gurmeet and says I am reaching court. He reaches court and threatens Soumya. He then asks where is Harman. Gurmeet kidnaps the witnesses from Harman’s car and says he is enjoying seeing him helpless.

Harak Singh calls Harman and gets worried. Sehgal’s wife calls him and tells that don’t know what the villager’s have done with him. People comes there and call her kinnar. A man comes and says kinnar’s case will start. Harak Singh asks him to talk with manners. Harak Singh tells Soumya that he will go and check Harman and asks Soumya to go inside the court. He goes. Villagers also come to court and tell nasty remarks on Soumya. Saya asks them not to feel bad about their sayings. Preeto, Veeran and others come there. Soumya sits with them. Judge asks Soumya, when will your Papa ji, Harman ji and lawyer will come and says the case is strange. Harak Singh comes back to Harman’s car and sees him unconscious in his car.

Precap: Judge asks who will fight the case and where is the witness? Mikha Singh gives the statement that he thinks that kinnars don’t deserve to stay in their society. Everyone is shocked with his statement. Saya is most shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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