Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Gargacharya goes to devki.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vamanasura attacking vamana avatar and vamana turns to ash and is killed. Rishi gargacharya falls on his knees and is sad, he has tears and cries and says prabhu, what do I do now? You have gone! I tried to stop you but you didn’t stop, you knew this was the curse on you, now what do I do?
Narad muni appears and gargacharya gets up. Narad muni says guru gargacharya, don’t be so sad, this was meant to happen! The curse given by shokracharya had to happen on vamana avatar, but now you must revive the vamana avatar. Gargacharya says but how? Narad muni says take the help of devi aditi, narad muni goes. Gargacharya focuses and says devi aditi means her avatar is maharani devki, the mother of Krishna!
Mata danu is doing kansa’s aarti and she is about

to apply tilak to kansa, suddenly lava falls on one of the demon soldiers of kansa in the court, the soldier dies and vamanasura lands down. vamanasura arrives and he says kansa, you cannot be the ruler now. Kansa says what? You will stop me? vamanasura says kansa, I killed vamana avatar, so I shall be the ruler and my tilak will be done. Kansa gets angry and says vamanasura, maybe you don’t recall I am bhagwan kansa! You want to die, do you? kansa gets ready to fight vamanasura and he removes his gadha. vamanasura gets angry and ready to fight. danu stops kansa and says don’t fight kansa, stop it! Mata danu says kansa, you are a demon and we demons never fight with each other, if you start killing each other than who will stop the gods and Vishnu? kansa puts away his gadha and says what do I do then? This foolish vamansura has come here without thinking about anything, he came here to die. Mata danu says vamanasura, you got your revenge and even kansa’s task has been over! Vamana avatar is dead, we demons shall live peacefully and not fight amongst ourselves. Vamanasura flis away.
Guru gargacharya uses his yog shakti and he goes to the prison in Mathura, in the cell of vasudev and devki. Vasudev gets up and says guru gargacharya, you? how did you come here? Gargacharya says devki and vasudev, your son is in danger! Devki gets up and says what? My son? what happened to him? where is my son? gargacharya says kansa sent a demon vamanasura and the demon killed the vamana avatar of prabhu Vishnu, your son got turned to ashes and only you both can save him. devki has tears and she says how will we save our son from this prison cell? Gargacharya says I will take you both there but if you don’t save him then no one will be able to save him. devki says I will do anything to bring back my son guru gargacharya, please take m to his ashes! Where are the ashes of vamana avatar? Gargacharya closes his eyes and uses his yog shakti and prays to lord Vishnu, he takes devki and vasudev to the lok of vamanasura to the ashes of vamana avatar. Devki sees the ashes and cries.

Precap: Devki and vasudev make the statue of vamana back from the ashes. Gargacharya prays to lord Vishnu. vamana avatar goes to Kansa’s palace in Mathura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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