Jhansi Ki Rani 20th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Gangadhar announces Manu’s punishment

Jhansi Ki Rani 20th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ross telling Gangadhar that even Manu did the same crime as Shiva and Bheema and asks how can we treat her differently. Gangadhar asks Manu to answer why did she do wrong. Manu says whatever she has done is for her nation, and tells that I could have done this hiding. She says I don’t repent for my doings and I am ready for any punishment and says she is hunger for the bullets and not for the food. Gangadhar is shocked, and tells that he is the witness. He says a king’s duty is to punish the guilty and asks why did you do this? Ross thinks Maharaj is getting soft towards her, I have to manipulate him. He signs Janki. He tells Gangadhar that she has helped the assasins freed and also helps Bharat to escape. He says he would have catch them if she had not helped. He asks how you will answer when this matter reach viceroy in court William. He tells that it will only lead to your humiliation and society, and will take away of Jhansi’s peace. Gangadhar asks Manu if these bangles didn’t stop him and asks why did she do betrayal. Manu says she didn’t do wrong and tells that now the time has come to make britishers see their limit. She says they will get the fitting answer. Gangadhar gets upset with her and says you have broken my decision, and says I told you not to do anything which will raise question on me. He says a woman who don’t value her would be husband’s name don’t deserve to be a wife and Maharani, and tells that he is changing his decision to marry her, and ordering that Manu shall not enter Jhansi here. He asks her to go and not to show her face to him. Ross says this incident is as big as the krantikaris and if you don’t punish her then this crime will inspire others.

Gangadhar shouts at Ross and says she was would be Maharani, and says what would be the biggest punishment than this. She will leave her life thinking she lost the chance to become Maharani. He announces that he shall be send to Bhitoor. Manu tries to return the bangles and tells that when she is not becoming maharani, then she will not wear these bangles. Gangadhar says it is his mistake that he made bangles worn in wrong hands and asks Janki to take back the bangles. Janki takes bangles from Manu. Manu tells Moropant, how can Maharaj do this and says I will talk to him. Manu says there is nothing to talk now and tells that she is happy with the fact that she saved Bharat and saw his glimpse. She says krantikari bharat’s glimpse made her understand that courage and determination are needed to save people and not to become Maharani. She says krantikari bharat might take me in his team. Moropant thinks that he can’t take her in his krantikari team.

Janki asks Ross to have sweets and says we are won. Ross says it is a half victory and says neither did she feel humiliation nor do I feel fear or pain in her eyes. Janki says but she got punished and is not becoming Maharani now. Ross tells that he has personal enmity with Bharat and wants to catch him since 14 years. He says you would have understood if Manikarnika stays here.

Widows’ head tells Manjiri that Maharaj kicked out Manikarnika from Palace. Manjiri gets shocked. Manjiri is shocked and runs out from there, while the widow women runs behind her to catch her. Manu keeps royal clothes and jewellery. Janki comes there and says you got these things as a gift. She says I can understand that you will have difficult to take this. She says I got some sweets before you go and tells that she got shrikand made for her. Janki says if you had agreed to my sayings then you wouldn’t have seen this day. She says marriage shall happen in equal status and asks her to take Kashi’s help for last time to pack the stuff. She says you will not have royal service in your life again and asks her to have shrikand made in the royal kitchen. Manu tastes shrikand. Janki asks her to take care in Bhitoor. Manu calls Janki and says if she was greedy to become Maharani then would have see the things happening and wouldn’t have not done anything. Janki says you was silent and scared infront of Maharaj. Manu says she wants to become Maharani to wake up Jhansi and to bring the new light, and says those who stay in darkness, light gets pierced in their eyes. Janki thinks it is good that she is leaving.

Precap: Janki tells Gangadhar that he shall not change his decision. Ross thinks Manu did a big crime while playing chess. Manu comes there and defeats him in Chess, says it is our game.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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