Shakti 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman questions Harak Singh about Gulabo

Shakti 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto looking at Harman. Raavi asks what happened to you, say something. Preeto touches Harman’s face and then slaps him. Harak Singh tries to talk to her. Harman is shocked. Harak Singh and Raavi go behind him. Harman thinks my maa is not recognizing me and thinks if Gulabo would have been here then would have caught their lie. He thinks where she is and thinks mental I miss you.

Sameer comes to Soumya and says I know this life is new to you and even your name. He says I will call you by the name, you are habituated with. Soumya asks him to tell where is her family? Sameer says you and your family met with an accident and they all died. He says you all were on a shopping when the car fell in the valley. He says everyone’s body is found except you and when I saw you on

Tv, I immediately came. He cooks up a fake story. Soumya cries and asks where is my home? She asks him to take her to her house. Sameer says I will take you when you get fine completely. Soumya says I am fine. His mum asks him to take her and says she might get back her memory. Sameer says I will take her when right time comes.

Shanno scolds Veeran and Varun and asks if they were drunk when they had thrown Harman’s dead body in river. Varun says he was Harman only. Veeran says it is good that he lost his memory, else we would have been in jail. Varun says what we will do? Shanno says one more try. Harak Singh asks Preeto to open the door. Raavi says we shall leave her for sometime. Veeran, Shanno and Varun come there. Harak Singh asks them to go and says this all happening because of you. Veeran says we got happy seeing Harman and felt peace. Veeran hugs Harman. Shanno says she is his Chachi. Varun says I am your younger brother and asks him to recognize him. Harman asks where is my Gulabo? He says we will make Maa understand.

Harak Singh says she went to her mayka and will return soon. Veeran asks Varun to take Harman outside. Harak Singh says you used to call me Harak Singh and used to call her Preeto. He says I am harak Singh. Harman says I am sorry, but until I get my memory, I will call you all by the names I know. He says I just know Gulabo’s name. Harak Singh says I need my son back and have to get Soumya out of his mind. He asks them to dispose all pics. Preeto opens the door and goes. Harak Singh asks Raavi to take care of Preeto and asks Veeran to call Doctor. Varun takes Harman out. Neighbors see him and asks if he came back home. Varun says your are famous in Gurdaspur.

Servant takes out photo frames having Soumya’s pic. Veeran tells Harak Singh that he called the doctor. Raavi asks Harak Singh if he didn’t get Soumya or if he found her and he didn’t bring her home. Harak Singh says I didn’t find her. He says I want my son’s happiness and will bring Gulabo for him. Raavi says Bau ji. Doctor comes. Harak Singh tells him about Preeto’s condition. Doctor says I will check her. Neighbor asks Harman to remember about Monty who danced naagin dance. Harman thinks if many people know me then I belong to this place. He walks and sits on the bench. Varun follows him. Harman asks him to leave him alone for sometime. He thinks of Soumya. Doctor asks Preeto to rest and tells Harak Singh that she got in trauma as her son’s shradh is done infront of her. Harak Singh says her son is back, and asks why she is not getting fine. Doctor says she is worried for both her son and daughter in law, and tells that until her bahu comes infront of her, she won’t be fine.

Saya comes to Harak Singh’s house calling Harman happily. Harak Singh asks you came again and asks her to return back. Saya is shocked. Harak says Harman is not here. Saya says Harman is not less than a son to me and says just I got the news, I came running. Harak Singh says you have become a curse for us and says he don’t want her to come infront of him. Saya says even we have prayed for him and asks him to let her meet him. Shanno asks her to stop it and says we couldn’t find Soumya, says she might be lying dead somewhere. Saya says Soumya can’t die and when Harman is alive then she is also alive. Saya says you people never wanted Soumya. Harak Singh asks her to shut up and says we have still humanity in us. Just then they see Harman coming.
Harman says everyone is a liar. He says I want my Gulabo back. Harak Singh says she is there. Harman lifts her ghungat and sees Soumya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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