Dil Hi Toh Hai 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rithvik gets a job, Rishabh plots against him

Dil Hi Toh Hai 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Setu, Rohit, Aman and Ananya coming to Palak and Rithvik’s house. Setu says we all have brought something from our homes. Later in the room, Palak asks Rithvik if he met Dad? Rithvik says yes, but he didn’t believe him. Palak says one day he will believe us. She asks her to smile. Rithvik says its ok. She plays music and dances with him. She tries to cheer him up while an old song plays….Rithvik asks her never to betray him. Palak says never. Setu comes and says my timing is always wrong. Palak says we were discussing about yesterday night. Setu says if she had not gone then she wouldn’t have understand what kind of man Vikrant is. Setu asks Palak to warm up the food. She asks Rohit if she asked Palak to make chutney. Rohit says I forgot. He asks Ananya and Palak to

make chutney and roti. They argue. Palak asks the guys to make food. Setu tells everyone that Rohit doesn’t want her to work. Aman tells Rohit that he has to cook now. Palak and Rithvik give kiss in air for each other.

Rishabh tells Vijay that Rithvik is still doing even then they warned him. He tells that Rithvik is going to interview tomorrow and asks him to make sure that he don’t get the job. He says you will feel bad, but we have to make him have bitter medicine. Vijay says yes. Rishabh asks him to make Rithvik get the job and then fire him. VP says you are very understanding. Rishabh’s wife says if he returns home then. Rishabh says Ricky will never come back, nobody can stop me from becoming dad’s favorite.

Palak and Rithvik romance in their bedroom. She asks if he thought for a moment that she betrayed him. Rithvik says I didn’t doubt on you, but I got scared for a moment after what happened with me. Palak says if your mum comes infront of me then I will kill her. Gita sees Rithvik’s childhood video. Vikrant says if Palak had seen this that day then….Gita says Palak is like me and will do the same what I did. I will make her do that.

Rithvik talks to Rohit about palak and says Palak is having an affair with her boss. Manjeet hears him and complains to Palak about him. Palak says Rithvik is teasing you. Rithvik teases her and says I am like your son. Manjeet misses her son and asks him not to tease her daughter again. She makes him have curd and sugar and asks him to go for interview. Rishabh calls Rithvik’s would be boss Utsav and his old friend and asks him to hear his plan carefully. Utsav says it is risky. Rishabh tries to bribe him with the business opportunity. He sees Aman’s mum and pretend to be good. Rithvik meets utsav and gets the job. He calls Mamta and tells that he got the job. Gita is in the coffee shop and hears them. She comes to her car and thanks Aman’s mum for helping her since many years.

Rithvik comes to the office. Gita asks who is there? Rithvik says your father and says I came to meet my wife, but. He comes near her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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