Bigg Boss 12 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Deepika nominates Jasleen and Anup

Bigg Boss 12 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 14
Sourabh says to Neha that Deepak and Sristy are filling Sree’s ears against you, when you were talking to Deepika about Sree, Deepak heard and told things to Sree.

Neha says to Deepika that our honesty is being judged, Deepika says why Sree is behaving odd with me? Neha says if you say something for me then I wouldnt think you are against me, he doesnt understand who is his own. Deepika says I still care for Sree, Neha says I do too but people are distracting him, Deepak is just playing game.
Deepak says to Somi that Deepika shows extra care to get support, she acts like Sree is a kid and she is his mother, Deepak says I told Sree about Deepika’s talk infront Sristy and KV. Deepak mimics Deepika and asks Sree if he took medicine? Sree says

you are khalnayak.

Deepak sings for Salman Khan, all clap and cheer for him.

Somi says to Deepika that you said some words that Sree is making you mad, Deepika says I didnt say that, Somi says then you showed concern to Sree so Deepak said to Sree that you have double standard.
Deepika comes to Sree and KV and says that if I have an opinion then I will say it on face, I am not double faced so you can think whatever you want, she leaves.
Deepika says to Somi that I am closed to Sree more than Deepak.

Sristy says to Neha that I dont care what my team is talking. Neha says I guessed about you in start when we didnt have a bond. Sristy says I have issues and geniune, you dont give room to talk.

Deepika asks Sree why are you angry with me? I dont have to prove myself, I have took you as my brother, I never said anything against you, I can swear on anybody that I heard some things about you but I dont remember the face, Sree says Neha must have said it, Saba and Somi said some things too, they accepted it, Sristy didnt say anything, you are saying that you didnt say anything so it must be Neha, you could have talked to me. Deepika says you wouldnt calm down listening to all that, Sree says Neha was lucky yesterday as it was in public, I know a lot about her.

Music plays, all come in garden. Romil and Surbhi enters house. All greet them. Surbhi says to Somi that all looks good outside. Surbhi comes to KV, and Sree.
Deepika says to Neha that I tried to talk to Sree, he said he is sure that Neha or I said it.
Bigg boss welcomes Romil and Surbhi, they will be a 5th pair in house.

Surbhi says house is nice.
Surbhi says to Deepika that my family used to watch your show a lot.
Srubhi says to Saba that people will take time to open up.

Surbhi says to Romil that some people were hesitent around me.
Neha says to Shiv that she is clever. Shiv says she is different in body language.
Surbhi says to Saba that I am an honest person, I will love you if I like you.

Surbhi says to Romil that Deepika is playing perfect bahu game. Romil says they have to compete against each other. Surbhi says Deepak tries to keep relation on both sides.
Deepak says to Sree that I am not wrong when I said that I heard Neha and Deepika were talking about you. Sree says stop this game. Deepak says I just wanted to clarify, Sree says I am not talking to you, why did you start fire here? I dont have a problem with you so dont start this again. Deepak says I just wanted to tell you everything. Sree says I am requesting you to not bring me in all this.

Day 15
Inmates wake up and dance to song what is your mobile number? All inmates dance.

Surbhi talks to Sree and says I know you from your cricket days, I used to be your admirer. Neha comes there and says sorry to Sree for hurting him, I hope I was wrong, I hope you can look things from perspective, she leaves. Sree says Neha said it for camera.

Jasleen says Romil taunted me that I was in washroom with Shiv for 2 hours last night, people can make an angle. Somi says it was not for you. Shiv says who is he? Deepak says he didnt say to Shiv as he doesnt have guts. Shiv says he has stooped more low, he will do anything.

Romil says to Jasleen that I said in a way that triangle can be made, I know you are mature, my bad, I was not that serious, you shouldnt talk about it to others. Jasleen says you have thinking like that? that if I talk to a guy then there is an angle? Romil says Shiv and Roshmi had an angle, anybody can make angles here. Jasleen says you dont have right to tell me all this, I know your nature, Romil says it was not my wrong intention.

Romil says to Neha that if you have an arguement with someone then just sort out and stand on your point of view. Neha says I said sorry to Sree. Romil says he heard some things, Neha says some things was not said by me, I dont want to hurt anyone. Romil says I can talk to him. Neha says I dont want to take it any further, he can realize as he wants.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its time for nominations, Romil and Surbhi will be safe from nominations and Neha is captain so will be saved. Deepika reads instructions, one pair will be kidnapped and single will be his/her kidnapper, then kidnapper will call partner of kidnapper person and give them a task and pair will have one hour to complete it, partner of kidnapped person can call kidnapper call again to negotiate things, if kidnapper’s demand is fulfilled before an hour then kidnapper will become nominated and if demand is not fulfilled then pair will become nominated. Kidnapper can ask for any sacrifice from pairs, there are props too. Neha will be referee.

Deepak says to Sourabh that do what they say. Sourabh says no, I wont do everything.
Sree says to KV that dont ask for girls’ hair. Sristy says we have to put pressure on them, KV says we can nominate ourselves.
Bigg boss says first kidnapper is Deepika and Anup is kidnapped by her.
Anup and Deepika comes in shed in garden. Deepika calls Jasleen and says if you want to free Anup then cut your hair to shoulder and destroy your makeup and clothes, she ends call. Deepika says sorry to Anup.
Surbhi says to Jasleen that you are strong.
Deepika says to Anup that I have to put something that I cant give up, it should be difficult for her.
Jasleen calls Deepika and says you are an artist, I need clothes and makeup, hair is important so please consider. Deepika says I will lose if I consider so much for you. Jasleen says your fans are watching, Deepika says yes they must be happy that I am doing my task, I understand this is difficult, you have to do it, Jasleen ends call.
Saba says to Jasleen that she is mean. Jasleen says what about my lingerie? Romil asks Deepika to do some negotiation, give her some clothes, she is a girl, it will take time for her to call more clothes. Deepika says you dont have to talk to me. Anup says Romil is going wrong, Anup jokes Jasleen clothes are more important than me.
Jasleen says to Shiv that my parents dont know how I wear my clothes.
Romil says Deepika is mad, she can give some clothes to her. Romil asks KV to talk to her.
Shiv says you are strong, do it. Jasleen says yes do it, she goes to her clothes and is worried. Jasleen cries. Shiv hugs her. Sourabh talks to her and says can you do it? she says no.
Deepak says to Sree that how can she do it? she is an actress. Sree says we didnt think too much.
Jasleen says I dont love clothes too much but I dont have anything here, I cant do it. Neha looks on.
Sree says to KV that its sad but she can say no.
Jasleen says to her team that I am particular about my things, Surbhi says people will understand, dont worry.
Neha says Jasleen cant do it so Jasleen and Anup are nominated. Neha comes to Anup and says she is crying a lot, Anup says for clothes?

Surbhi says that nobody can talk about humanity now, they said that commoners didnt have humanity in last task but now what? they talk about humanity but cant show it. Deepak says her real face is shown. Surbhi mimics Deepika’s bahu acting and crying.

Jasleen says Deepika hurt me with her nail, KV accepted that she had blood on her nails but she didnt say sorry for Sultani fight.
Deepika says to her team that my body is hurting too.

PRECAP- Anup says to inmates that I saw Jasleen’s selfishness for clothes, makeup and I didnt like it so I am not with her anymore, I am alone. Jasleen cries hearing it. Anup says it was just about clothes, not life.
KV asks Deepak to shave his head. Sristy asks Shiv to shave his head. Sree asks Somi to trim her hair. Deepak shaves his head and says we shave head when someone dies in house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hate this Surbhi girl already,the task is supposed to be difficult so you won’t be nominated. I support Dipika

  2. Deepika played awesome today. I know she will get hate comments today. But she kept herself at Jasleens place gave her the toughest task. And Deepak is mastermind this time always instigating people agaisnt each other and taking attention by this sree has gone mad really inpulsive he saw deepika’s one thing and ignored other and surbi who entered now is just a crab.

  3. Deepak darling, this show is not about selfishness or strategy, this show is not about staying in the game by hypocrisy, this show will bring the real side at some point of time, no matter what!
    U may get saved from the nominations by showing double standards, but u will NEVER be the BIGG BOSS.
    I HATE YOU DEEPAK FROM THE CORE OF MY HEART. Spare that innocent girl Urvashi from falling in your trap.
    I just hate you so much!

    And my God !!!!!!!! At this time, guys please whenever anyone gets nominated, even if it’s Saba-Somi, vote for them, vote for Anup-Jasleen, vote for anyone but Surbhi ! Iye Romil phir se fasega apne co-player k wajah se !!!!!

    Deepika, You have become my favourite now, i can say. :’) And Neha is sooooooo like me.

  4. Anonymousaa

    Deepika slayed today_____this is how a bb contestant should perform. The conditions are supposed to be harder and difficult to accomplish do that the opponent gives up getting nominated him/herself. If you can’t fulfill it get nominated. That’s obvious. Jasleen needed to learn a lot and hope she learnt. We as viewers knew how fake she was in name of relationship and now Anup too has seen. That was the best part in this epi.
    Surbhi has started her game๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜ทmanipulative as she is. Mimics Deepika๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚…no one would like to be like Surbhi be it in mimicry either. God..this Surbhi is irritating like hell.
    Glad to see Sree talking straight to Deepak today. This Deepak ought to stop being like a typical Indian woman like the padoshan in Indian soap like Mrs Sharma, Mrs Singhania who just come to boast and to taunt. I think the celebrities should unite again and put an end to this Deepak’s barrier attempts.
    This year commoners are too boring. There is no one who deserves to win. I wish the winner would be someone among celebrities excluding Sree.

    1. It seems Dipika will win

  5. sreesanth is so irritating…he is lyk “na jiyun na jeene du na hasun na hasne dun”nd everytym running to the main gate and bathroom…mtlb use hr kisi ke mazak se,kisi k point se,task se sbse problem hai…2hfte,2task barbaad kr diye…he is lyk bs mjhe manao,respect kro,nominate mt kro,meri glti mt btao…mtlb uske hisab se chalo..even usne dipika ko b bimar bna dia h jo hr samay sree sree krti rehti h…both r pissing me off so mch..dono apne shell se bahar hi ni ana chahte…sochte h pura ghar unka dushman h…

  6. As we all saw from the previous BB seasons, these tasks are meant to be difficult. Throwing all your clothes away, cutting hair, waxing and what not… these have been tasks that were given in before seasons. Deepika was just playing the game, it sounds hard but this is how its suppose to be. You have to make the opposing team lose. Plus I always found Jasleen a bit annoying.
    Deepak, he’s entertaining at times…but he is always wanting to create rifts.
    Surbhi is in this house because BB wants more masala in the show. The show was going a bit boring. But she just looks like a rude person. She just wants footage.

  7. Deepika well played beautiful ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  8. MysticRain

    I don’t like Deepika but whatever she did in yesterday task was very fair. There was nothing wrong. She did her task very well. It was supposed to be so and nothing was inhumane like Jodis said.

    I didn’t like Deepak from the first day and I’m hating him each day passes by. He is a hypocrite, attention seeker, cunning and fake.

    Let’s see what other singles demand for the task and how other Jodis play. According to precap Deepak is doing his task but not sure about others so today’s episode gonna be interesting.

  9. Well done deepika! Surbhi wont go too far like this. She must b a torture for even big boss himself! Jasleen is too manuplative, she did not convey the correct message to her team. Deepika said she has no problem with jasleen keeping her hygene clothes. But jasleen said to her team that deepika has not agreed. I think jasleen forgot that audience can see this.
    I always thought this anup-jasleen saga is just a made up thing. N today its proven.
    Jasleen is flirting with shiv from day one to stay in the game. But sadly for both pf them, i dnt think shiv will go too far. Reason being his speech. He is unclear.

  10. Deepak is irritating and likes to gossip n create fights then prove his all innocent.this surbhi is gonna wreck havoc in d house coz she’s troublesome even from her roadies days.deepika did nothing wrong.and neha’s point of view wasn’t wrong either considering how shree has been behaving lately.I like shrew but want him to relax n not get angry always .I really hope a celeb wins

  11. I dont what is going on!! This Surbhi!! Girl you in this house and it’s even a day and you have started your cheap games.. I have followed Surbhi from Roadies and I hate her from the bottom of my heart.. Being honest and making fun of others are two complete different things but dont know about it..
    Dipika performed the task really well.. Did what the task actually meant. The jodis would have also given the same tasks only. And it has happened earlier also.
    Dipika was never my favourite contestant but thanks to jodi for showing me who Dipika is and hope Dipika will make her place in final shutting everyone’s mouth.
    Deepak was someone whom i liked alot.. But now sorry boss, you have showed your true colour. He is playing the game and personally i dont like it.
    Hope so Surbhi gets out. Her negativity is not needed in the house.. Even Saba and Somi are better than her.

  12. Well done Deepika..dats what big boss is all about.

  13. Really like the way deepika perform the task …. hate this deepak and jasleen ..

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