Shakti 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman offers his property to Harak Singh, for feeding Soumya

Shakti 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman telling Soumya that he joked with Nani and says if she get fat then he will have to call carpenter and get bed widened and door, car shall be broad. They laugh. He asks her to sleep. Shanno tells Veeran about her friend who has written a letter to her boyfriend. She says she has two children now and loves her husband a lot. She says her husband got that letter. Veeran asks do you have her husband’s phone number. She asks will you talk to him. He says I will talk to him and asks him to leave that woman. Later she tries to search that letter. Veeran wakes up and thinks if Shanno was telling her story. Harman kicks Nani’s door and calls everyone. He tells Harak Singh that his wife is hungry and tells that he is ready to give his property to him. He offers his property papers and asks him to let them make food in the kitchen. Soumya says I am not hungry. Harak Singh asks him to go. Harman asks Veeran to buy his property.

Veeran gets greedy, but then says what are you saying. Shanno is hiding and gets upset with Veeran. Harman asks Jeet to buy the property. Everyone is shocked. Harak Singh asks them to go and sleep. Preeto asks him to give his chain to her and says this property is yours and nobody can buy your property. She asks them to make food and comes to her room. Harman and Soumya make food. He feeds her food. Soumya asks why do you love me so much and gets emotional. Harman says I love you a lot.

In the morning, Veeran asks Preeto where is Shanno? Preeto asks what happened? Veeran says she is not in the house. Shanno comes and asks if he is still drunk. Veeran asks her to make tea. Varun tries to romance with Surbhi forcibly and likes it. Shanno asks Veeran if he don’t care about her as she was missing all night. Veeran asks where was she? Shanno says she was sleeping in a corner because of Harman’s drama and asks why did he refuse to take property when Harman was selling it. Veeran says Harak Singh was there, and he would have beaten him up. He asks if she told about her friend or herself. Shanno gets tensed. Harman and Soumya come to Police station and give food to Saya and others. Inspector says Harman’s relation with kinnars are unique. They love him. Harman asks Saya to give their house keys so that Soumya can make Pulao with rice and plans to sell them. Soumya says we will free you soon. Inspector says it is not easy. Harman asks him to talk to his wife properly and scolds him.

Soumya is making pulao in kinnars’ home. Harman tells Soumya that people of this area are lucky to have Pulao made by you. Soumya says let her make first. Harman says I am worried thinking that people might search you to kiss your hand. Inspector informs Harak Singh about Harman’s plan. Harak Singh gets upset.

Precap: Nani and Preeto see Harman and Soumya selling Pulao on road. Nani asks Harman what is wrong if Harak Singh wants a grand child. Harman says they don’t want a baby to strengthen their relation. Soumya tells Harman that they are right to wish grand son and they couldn’t fulfill their wish, she has problem with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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