Piya Albela 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Angraj proposes Pooja for marriage

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Contd From Mahek’s Part.

Angraj asks Svetlana why did she call him? Svetlana says she is reaching hrishikesh with Mahesh and asks him to get the mandap ready. Angraj asks her not to worry and says once they get married, Mahek and Naren will be killed. Neelima tells Surbhi that tribal head was strange and says he is looking at us. Surbhi says there is nobody there, but she also sees someone’s reflection and asks who is there. She opens the door. Dada ji is there and asks what happened? He asks where did he go that they are scared. Neelima asks if he knows about the solution for ghost. Dada ji says yes. Surbhi hits her with broom and says ghost is stuck in her. Pooja asks Naren not to break Dr. Kiran’s heart. Naren says he will not take her advantage, once he gets proofs then he will expose him. Naren kisses on her hand. Angraj comes there in the car and is shocked. Naren leaves.

Angraj confronts Pooja and asks what was Naren doing here. Pooja says Naren is not here and says you called me to take me to have icecream. Angraj doesn’t believe her and calls tribal. Tribal tells that Naren is locked there. Angraj says I will make a video call. Tribal head tells that he don’t know video call and will call him once Kiran comes back from market. Angraj tells Pooja that they will go to the tribe. Naren comes back to the hospital and searches his hospital gown. Dr. Kiran comes and gives to him. Just then Tribal head comes with his men. Angraj comes to the tribe and thinks Pooja and Naren’s love story will end. He checks for Naren, but he is not there. He asks Pooja. Pooja says she doesn’t know. Angraj and Pooja hear the noise and go out. They see Tribal beating Naren.

Tribal head tells that Naren was showing attitude so they brought them here. Angraj asks are you sure that he didn’t go anywhere. Tribal head says yes. Angraj says ok. He declares his marriage with Pooja and tells that he will keep Naren after 2 days. Naren says you didn’t think before betraying us. Angraj keeps his leg on Naren’s head and says nobody thought before throwing me in bin. He asks Kiran to take his finger prints today itself. He says he will propose Pooja for marriage. Rachel tells Satish that she wants to work and asks him not to sell shop. Kusum scolds her and asks Satish to sell shop. Satish says he has to do something and think of her remarriage. Angraj proposes Pooja and asks if she will marry him and become Pooja Angraj Vyas, leaving her ex husband. Pooja looks at Naren. Angraj asks her if her hatred is fake. Pooja nods her head.. Song plays..Pooja cries and falls near Naren. Naren asks her to do as Abgraj wants and says I won’t let anything wrong happen with you. Angraj takes Pooja with him. Mora Piya plays….

Svetlana asks Mahek to pack her bags and says we are going to Hrishikesh. Shaurya decides to go to Hrishikesh to save Mahek. Angraj looks at Mahek and Naren tied and unconscious and says they will be killed after 2 hours.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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