Kumkum Bhagya 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sunny tells Kiara about seeing Pragya’s pic in Abhi’s wallet

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The Episode starts with Aaliya taunting Pragya for coming to the party. Tanu says I didn’t know that you will come. Pragya tells that she came as she called with love. Tanu and Aaliya plan to make Pragya cry. Abhi sees Pragya coming towards him and smiles. A FB is shown. King comes there and tells Abhi that he likes house parties, it has some charm. Pragya thinks he has worn the suit chosen by me. Abhi thinks he likes her choice. Tanu thinks this is not the dress which she chose and gets angry.

Sunny and Kiara talk about their parents. Sunny tells that he caught his parents hugging each other and they got scared. Kiara tells him that she never saw her parents hugging or even touching each other hands. She says I don’t know if they love each other, but they love me a lot. Sunny says I will ask chucks if they love each other. He says may be I will win a chocolate.

King asks Abhi what is Pragya’s truth and asks him to tell. He says sometimes she talks bad, but her intention is not bad. Abhi recalls asking her to leave. King says I am King for the world, but she scolds me. He says sometimes she tells something which hurts. Abhi asks what do you want to say? King says you said in wick’s office that you wanted to leave contract because of Pragya and asks what did she say? Abhi says she said that you are a better singer and performer than me and I felt bad. He says you might be king in London, but I am King here. King says I didn’t know that she thinks me good than you. Abhi says I came to know that you both don’t talk at home. King says she scolds Kiara, me and everyone much than talk. Abhi doesn’t realize when he takes Kiara’s name and excuses himself.

Tanu thinks to do mangalsutra drama to bring tears in Pragya’s eyes.. Sunny tells another secret to Kiara and tells that he took money from Abhi’s wallet once, when he confessed to her mum, she asked him not to steal. He tells that he saw her mumma’s pic in his wallet. Kiara is surprised.

Mitali scolds Raj for looking at a girl and thinks he shall apologize to her. Taya ji comes to Raj. Raj says Mitali understood him. Taya ji asks him to apologize to her. Tanu comes to Abhi and asks how is the party? She says she wants to make the party memorable and asks for his help. She tells him that she doesn’t like this suit. Pragya sees Tanu touching Abhi’s suit and goes. Abhi says I like it. Tanu says ok, you look handsome whatever you wear.

Tanu asks Robin to bring mangalsutra in tray when she asks her. Abhi tells Pragya that he wants to tell her why he got married to Tanu. Pragya says she don’t want to hear and tells that we both are married and happy. Abhi praises Tanu and says she is caring and understanding. Pragya says I know how is she and asks her not to compare Tanu with King. She praises King and says she is thankful to God for making her meet King and says some people don’t keep up promise for seven months also. She goes. King comes and says he is King and asks if she forgot him. Pragya says she wants to meet Suwarni Dadi. King says you seems to know everyone and I am guest here. He asks how she knows about Dadi. Pragya looks on.

Precap: Tanu asks Abhi to make her wear mangalsutra. He tells Pragya that he wants to tell her why he got married to Tanu. Pragya says she got married to King because..just then they see someone and stops.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. ekta kapoor really make the serial worse. why she make every women in serial bad . scare, weak, shameless, n cry and man like – silent, bearable, underestimated,
    like the aliya – who call abhi as bhai is fake because of never got the purab in her life, she made her brother life hell, who never got happiness in his life, she made plan against pragya but never thought of she hurt her brother, after throw the pragya from abhi life, n insted of knew that she lost her brother love n cared for her, her dadi and unhappiness in her brother life, she still care for her planning against pragya, even the criminal sister get teary eye when she see her brother sadness but aliya never realise anything.
    tanu – who said everytime she love him n want to marry him, she made her own enemy by forced abhi to married someone else because she never want to ruined her career, n ruined the pragya life, first she allowed another pragya to entered in abhi life n then made dirty plans against pragya to get her out from abhi life, first tanu choose unhappiness for her life n then blamed other for ruined her life, and when she got abhi in her life she never respect him n his family.
    pragya – when serial start she called a independent n strong women but when time came out to fight for herself, she cried n became weak women who always tried to prove her innocent, but failed everytime.
    ekta kapoor really insult the women character in this serial n made the joke every relation – first insult the sister n brother relation, no sister can ruined her brother life if she never got happiness in her life,
    second the successful girl never spoil her own life for sake of money n left her carrer n her own house n lived in someone else house. never respect her elder , children n never ruined her own self respect for their mistakes created in her life. n girl with positive thinking always tried to prove her innocence n bear everything when everybody blame her like the pragya- she is abhi wife , first she want to proved aliya n tanu to got abhi love for her as wife in her life for no reason and now she again prove aliya n tanu that she has no feeling and love for abhi in her life for no reason , isn’t she has her own self respect , why she always want to prove everything infront of aliya n tanu,

    ekta kapoor never want to expose aliya tanu in front of abhi because aliya n tanu most popular negative character in the serial if they expose them their serial will end that instead of exposed tanu and aliya simonica’s plan they threw pragya out of abhi life n gave leap. aliya n tanu dirty planning never exposed in front abhi if this happen then it will be the last episode of kumkum bhagya.

  2. The music was more upbeat, to help us feel like there was some action going on. This was a lot of tiny little actions. Another set-up to lead us up to some promised climax. Why is it that other productions can offer action, a story and a conclusion all within one episode. This show works hard to get you going, to get you involved. It rubs you here. It rubs you there. Damn, all that work and no climax. Frustration? Or just too tired of it all and then you fall asleep. Tanu toy shows us yet again how exquisite her alien snake goddess in a silver bag look can be. She’s prone to temper tantrums in her real life, too. When you take on and keep this type of role and are affecting millions of people, normalising behaviour that belongs in humanity’s barbaric past… well it’s called visual association. She knows that. And likely …just like Tanu… will use any opportunity to get a headline. She was chosen for the part for a reason. And today was another example of the production being like an abusive lover. Little tickle here, a little tickle there and then whammo the lover leaves. No conclusions. Ever. That’s called being diddled, used. Right Ekta? Right UP your alley.

  3. Why doesn’t Ekta just change the name of the show. the star…Pragya…. the one who brought in all the viewers continues to be sidelined. Even in the fashion. Sure, I guess her outfits are stylish in India …for a matron/housewife. Tanu is dressed like the sl*t she is and Aliyah, well we know that the goofy Kim Kardashian (aimed at women younger than aliyah) look is used. Where is Pragya’s grace being shown? Why is Pragya not being offered the chance to show her sensual grace. Oh no, we have to ruin that idea. Only evil gets what it wants. So says Ekta, who’s living out the promise of riches, herself.

  4. I have been watching Kumkum Bhagya from day 1 till today. I would have imagined that the show would have ended but no. Then new entries come in with a leap how ridiculously is that and twist the story and make the newcomer a bad pop person. Pragya has been with King for seven years and gave Kiara his name. As where Abhi threw Pragya out in a flick without thinking. Now he wants Pragya back…please change the story and let Pragya learn to appreciate the kindness that King gave her and she should fall in love and marry King. Please,please,please do that. Otherwise there was no point of a leap. For seven years they have been away from each other. Thank you.

    1. I agree..Let King and Pragya have the relationship..infact why don’t they make this another spin off and this King and Pragya’s story from when she fell from the cliff.

  5. Disgusting story they should end instead of dragging anymore

  6. Disgusting is not the word. Its cheap. No value for relations. No value for morals and no value for viewers views or feelings who have been the loyal viewers of KKB and still have hopes to see abhigya together.. Saw a spoiler report and a picture wherein Tanu is wearing the mangalsutra… So finally the evil gets what they want. So what abhi and tanu are in a namesake marriage, still tanu got the mangalsutra. What was the use of pragya fighting for her kumkum and mangalsutra for the last ao many years.. It was her pride and she fought for her pride and to save it. By making Tanu wear the mangalsutra, abhi has snatched whatever little pride pragya had with respect to her kumkum and mangalsutra. The show has totally lost all track and direction, guess it so because the writer is too much busy thinking how to show and propagate more evil that they don’t know how to handle things. They are trying to get abhigya together because viewers want to see them together, but every time there is hope they are dragging and messing up the show… They havd totally screwed up a beautiful story. They are doing the same to Kundali bhagya… Stop watching these two serials… Watch ishq-subhan-allah, ita good and going at a good pace. Sure it will topple the rating of KKB AND KDB

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