Bitti Business Wali 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi tries to burn Laddo Singh’s house

Bitti Business Wali 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi calling Jogi and asks him to burn Laddo Singh’s house. Jogi pours kerosene oil in the house. Bitti, Gayatri, Mahi and Others try to stop Dadi. Dadi also pours kerosene oil. Mahi, Sambhav and Kashi try to stop Jogi. Dadi is about to throw kerosene oil on Laddo Singh’s wife, but stops. She asks Jogi to light the fire. He lights fire on the dining table. Sambhav brings water and throws on fire. Mahi brings water bucket and throws, it falls on Bitti. Dadi threatens Laddo Singh and says she will make his Samadhi from samdhi. She walks out with Jogi and Virender. Gayatri asks Bitti, if she really wants to stay there. Bitti nods her head. Gayatri leaves. Laddo Singh looks at the burnt dining table. Laddo Singh’s wife goes to Mahi’s room and puts water on her clothes and leaves. Bitti comes there and picks her clothes. She opens Mahi’s cupboard.

Dadi and others come back home. Chandana, Pavitra, Suman and Shaurya ask about Bitti. Gayatri says they tried to burn Laddo Singh’s house. He asks why they are doing this? Gayatri says she will do this and wants Bitti back. Laddo Singh’s wife tells him that whatever he did was right. She says she don’t want her to stay. Kashi says they will make her vanish like they vanished Madhuri. Laddo Singh’s wife tells that Madhuri was alone, but Bitti has a family. Prema comes and says food is ready.

Laddo Singh tells his family that he got angry at the old woman because of her behavior. Sangam takes her side. Kashi asks him to have food. Bitti comes there wearing Mahi’s clothes. Mahi is shocked. Bitti sits on the chair. Prema brings sindoor and gives to Bitti. Laddi Singh’s wife says it is udhaar ka sindoor. Bitti says bhabhi is like sister. She applies sindoor in her maang and asks Bhagat to give her food. Mahi asks what is this nonsense? He asks about her clothes. Bitti says you don’t regard me as my wife then why asking me. Kashi asks why you are calling him tum. Bitti say she talks like this and he likes it too. Mahi gets upset. Laddo Singh, his wife and Kashi also go. Bitti tells Sangam that all her clothes were wet. He asks how? Bitti says she doesn’t know. Akshata says she will give her clothes.

Sundar asks Mahi what did he do? Mahi says they thought me as dog and insulted baba and bhai. Sundar asks him not to get angry so that he will repent later. Prema asks Mahi to sit and talk to them. Mahi goes to his room. He thinks of Dadi insulting him. Bitti knocks on the door. Mahi doesn’t open the door, but she knocks continuously. Bitti goes to Laddo Singh’s room and knocks on their door. Laddo Singh’s wife opens the door. Bitti asks where will I sleep, as mahi is not accepting me. She asks where is my room. Laddo Singh’s wife shouts calling Mahi. She asks him to listen what she was saying. Bitti says I was asking where is my room. Mahi holds her hand and takes her to his room. He asks what is all this. He says where you made me sleep when I stayed in your house. Bitti says we were not husband and wife. Mahi says but I was guest. He says you made me sleep on floor, now it is your turn. He says this is your room and bed, you wants to be my wife then celebrate wedding night alone.

Bitti brings tea for Laddo Singh’s wife. Laddo Singh’s wife throws the tea and asks I don’t want to see your face early morning. Mahi asks what do you want? Bitti says I want to be your wife. Laddo Singh’s wife think of a plan to get rid of her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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