Shakti 14th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Heer saves Soumya’s life

Shakti 14th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanno meeting the man and giving him money and Soumya’s pic and address. She asks him to make sure, Soumya gets killed. Gita sits beside Heer and tells that today is her first day in school. Heer introduces her brothers to her and befriends Gita. Gayatri takes Soumya in an ambulance to take her to hospital and asks the nurse to keep her in her cabin for full body check up. The contract killer sees her and stops there.

The kids reach the picnic spot and enjoy. Rohan says we shall race. Heer thinks Gulabo come back fast, I miss you. Rohan says whoever reaches first, will win. Heer refuses to take part in race. Rohan says we have to be happy and then Soumya Mami will come. Heer says but she is not coming. Rohan sees the balloon guy and buys a balloon for Heer. He tells Heer that this gas balloon goes up to God, so we will write a note on it asking God to send Gulabo back. heer says it is a good idea. Rohan brings paper and pen. Heer writes on a paper asking God to send Gulabo back and also writes asking God to make Gita’s aunty fine. Gita comes there. Heer tells that they are sending letter to God. Gita says I want to send message to God for my aunty. Soham says even I want to send message for my Maa and gets balloon for them. Gita writes asking God to make her aunty come out of coma and make her meet God. Soham and Rohan also write on the papers and make the balloon go up in the air. They all get happy. Shakti song plays. Soumya is on the way in ambulance. Kids go to pray.

The contract killer puts bomb on the road to blast the ambulance. Some balloons get stuck with the ambulance as it is about to go from there. He calls Shanno and tells that he has kept the bomb on the way. Shanno sees Heer behind him and asks him to kill the girl too. He says the girl is small and asks her to give reason. Shanno says this girl and Soumya are both black spot on our family. The contract killer sees Heer going towards the bomb and ends the call. Shanno thinks heer shall die, then Soumya will die herself. The contract killer thinks if the girl is destined to die then what I can do. Heer walks towards the bomb and is about to step on the wire, when Soham comes there with others and pulls Heer away.

Heer asks did you come to search ball? Gita asks her to see wire and says it might be of electricity. She says we shall play with other ball. The contract killer thinks the girl is saved, but Soumya will die surely. The kids come back. Gita tells the classmates that they couldn’t get the ball as there are wires on the road. The teacher goes and sees the bomb. He alerts other teacher and kids. They all get shocked.

Teacher says she will call bomb squad and police. They hear ambulance sound. The teacher says if ambulance goes past from it then it will blast. Heer runs to stop the ambulance while Rohan, Soham and Gita try to stop her. Heer stops near the wire and then thinks of Soumya’s words asking her to run thinking she is taken away from her. Heer jumps from the wire and comes infront of ambulance to stop it. Rohan shouts Heer and is shocked. The contract killer waits for bomb to explode. The ambulance stops. The stuck balloon gets frees and flies up. The driver asks what happened? Teacher tells about the bomb and asks him to take the ambulance from other side. The driver turns the car. Gita says this is my mum’s hospital ambulance. Heer is about to see Soumya.

Precap: Preeto meets Gayatri and asks her to take Soumya far from here. Gayatri asks who are you? Preeto says I am her saas and she is my bahu. The contract killer comes to Gayatri’s house to kill Soumya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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