Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th November 2019 Written Episode Update – Krishna forces sudama for becoming swami

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with sudama is eating food while jamwanti is telling him that I know you are planning to go to your village but can’t go so he says it is because of my friend & he asks her if you have any trick to leave from here while krishna is listening him from behind so krishna thinks that inspite I try allowing you to leave I can’t so she asks sudama but your friend won’t like this & yes he says & I can’t see him in sadness so he says I will do something that I will take all my baggage to him & he won’t stop me but krishna calls him asking you were going without telling me so he denies & Krishna tells him if you wish to go I won’t stop & he asks can I go then krishna explains him I have to do some work of which I have to repay for your devotion so he asks what?
Rukmini is meditating while jamwanti comes seeing her & calls her but could not break her devotion so suddenly Rukmini tells her I did not hear you I was very much in meditation so she asks when you came & jamwanti asks what happened so Rukmini tells her prabhu is donating two loks to sudama so jamwanti asks her what is wrong in it then she tells her I have to sacrifice prabhu & jamwanti is shocked asking why this can happen so she explains her that the promise given by prabhu to sudama can’t get fulfilled & this is my problem then she asks her did you spoke with prabhu then she tells her he knows everything about this & jamwanti tells her I will tell him then as he should know problems of wife so Rukmini stops her telling her this won’t be liked by him so I will talk with prabhu & jamwanti tells her it’s fine as he loves you a lot.
Sudama hears & starts laughing that you my friend is making me swami of lok-parlok & sudama tells him about old examples when you tried to give me 100 cows & also lot of other things too then Krishna tells him to take it seriously then sudama tells him I have only one thing & that is my devotion towards you so sudama tells him I will leave from here & Krishna shouts at him to stop & gives declaration that I am making you swami of lok-parlok.
Sudama is asking Krishna what happened wrong by me that you are donating me this so he explains about past of grains in which I had already donated you this so sudama tells him that were only simple grains but krishna tells him but those were respect & gratitude for me & so against that I have to give you this then sudama tells him if you wish to give me something then please give me your footprints of which I will do Pooja for whole life then krishna explains him now you have become including lok-parlok dwarkadhish too & you will rule this now & I will be beggar.
All are welcoming dwarkadhish sudama in his palace while his wife is welcoming him with doing Pooja & she tells him you have become dwarkadhish so you will forget me & he tells her that it is achieved because of you so how can I forget you & she asks him what have you brought for me from dwarka & he shows statue of Krishna & she loves it telling him that you have become dwarkadhish but your devotion is still there for shrikrishan & he tells her it will remain the same.
Sudama’s wife was dreaming this while sudama is running from krishan’s palace saying how come me dwarkadhish & my friend beggar & Krishna is following him shouting him to stop & he says because of grains this is happening & if I stop then lot of wrong things will happen so Krishna tells him this way you can’t leave dwarka. Sudama is continuously walking while krishna keeps following him telling him to stop while he tells krishna to return back & control your rule so Krishna stops him giving promise of friendship & he stops telling Krishna that what kind of promise you have given that I can’t break promise of friendship & he tells him that I did not wished to but there was no alternative so please release me from this attachment & accept my offer so sudama asks him how come you in such attachment which I should squeeze from you & you will be released? I did not take anything from you so how can I squeeze this from you so I can’t accept this donation then Krishna tells him if you wish this then I have to break this friendship with you & from today you won’t call me your friend so it’s your decision what you wish as to accept my offer or end friendship. Sudama falls in dire confusion.
Krishna is thinking that I know I have hurt you by my words but I was helpless with no alternative & rishi vishwamitra comes telling krishna that time is running & Krishna tells him I always complete my promise then he asks him why then sudama has still not became swami so Krishna tells him if the person is not ready to accept donation then what can I do so rishi tells him I knew this will happen as you will shoot your bullet putting gun on sudama’s shoulder then Krishna asks him to explain then rishi says it means the whole world runs on your orders but can’t convince sudama & Krishna explains him not always happens as per thought but sudama might be coming then rishi tells krishna if he does not return then you have to accept your defeat.

Precap: Krishna asks Rukmini how come you in this form of shree then she tells him I had no choice but he asks her you are my wife then she explains him that as you are not swami of both loks which is donated to sudama then I can only be with hari as shree & that’s why I have to leave you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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