Choti Sardarni 14th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Meher and Param leave

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Choti Sardarni 14th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher and Sarab come to the airport. Meher thinks of her time with Param. She is in tears. Param comes there running. He says Meher mama, Meher hugs him and cries. The man says madam.. She was dreaming about it. Meher goes to check-in.
Param is crying. He says I want Meher mama. Preeti tells Harleen. He has locked the door. Harleen says Param, please open the door. He cries and says I want Meher mama only. He breaks things. Param screams and cries. Harleen says Param please open the door. She asks servants to open the door.

Meher’s bag is being checked. It has Param’s toys too. There is a chit on it with a thumb pin. The officer says you can’t take a pointed thing. Meher says please return the chit. Sarab says let’s go.
Param is crying. He says I want Meher mama only. Harleen says I will call her, please don’t cry. Preeti says I will play with you. Param says call mama right now. Meher’s phone is with the officer. The officer says whose phone is it? Meher takes it. Preeti tries calling Meher. Preeti says we have to call them. Harleen says we will handle him. It’s okay. Param sees hukumchand leaving. Harleen says where did Param go?

Meher says Harleen called. Sarab says param must have asked them to call you. Meher says let me call back. Param must be crying. Sarab says you shouldn’t worry about it. We have to handle him. Hukum chand is loading bags in the car. Param hides in one of the bags. They take the bag to the car.
Everyone looks for param. They’re worried. Harleen says where did he go? Preeti says let’s check store. Rovi checks the garden.

Meher sits in the lounge. She looks at Param’s chit and kisses it. Meher says my heart is sinking I don’t know why. Sarab says in heart, if she keeps thinking about Param, she won’t be able to leave. He says I should distract her. He says your mom told me you’re scared of flights. He laughs. Meher says my uncle was a pilot. He says you aren’t crazy. Meher says did you call me crazy? I am worried about Param and you’re joking?

Harleen asks everyone, no one could find Param. Harleen says let’s check CCTV. Meher sees a kid with his mom. She recalls her moments with Param. Sarab gives Meher water. Sarab says I know you’re going to a new place and new people. Meher says can we go after a day? He says one day won’t make a difference. Meher says please call Harleen once. He says Harleen’s phone is busy.

Harleen adn Rovi see the CCTV. Rovi says call them. Param is in the car. Harleen says Param is in your car please check it. They open the bag, Param isn’t in it.

Scene 2
Kulwant says finally Meher and Sarab have time to spend with each other in Serbia. Here, Paam keeps annoying them. Amrita says Param won’t be able to live without them. Kulwant says who cares about him. Meher’s love story would move forward. Yuvi says dadi where did you go on honeymoon? Kulwant says there were no honey, no moon in our time.

Param comes to the airport and hides on a man’s trolly. Param says stop. He says I am here to meet my mama papa. The officer says who are you? Where are your parents? He says I want to see my mama papa. The officer announces we have found a child. His age is 5. His name is.. Param says Param. Sarab and Meher hear the announcement. Param says Meher mama, papa you fooled me. Please don’t go alone. Take me with you as well. Param says I am super fit. I won’t the super bacha challenge. I have become a good boy. I will go with you. Meher cries. Meher says please Sarab, can we take Param with us? Please.

Precap-Meher, Param and Sarab go to Serbia. They enjoy the days there. A masked man puts gun on Meher’s head.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shesha485

    Very emotional episode. Especially the song at mera… . With no further dragging, they lead the today’s episode

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