RadhaKrishn 14th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Balram Learns The Truth

RadhaKrishn 14th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna announces that Balram will marry Revati and gives their hands together. Raja Kukudmi says they are getting engaged now and will be married later. Kutila traveling with Barsana girls provokes them to speak against Balram and Krishna and oppose Radha for being with Krishna and Balram. Girls laugh and say that Radha is Balram and Krishna’s childhood friend and nobody bothers about their friendship, so even she shouldn’t bother. Radha with Balram and Krishna travel in a cart. Balram sits silently remembering Revati. Radha says Dau is deeply in Revati’s love. Krishna says Balram is not as he opposed Vallabh and Gopika’s love story. Balram feels guilty and says he shouldn’t have scolded them and if they meet him again, he will apologize them.

Radha says she is feeling thirsty and asks Krishna to stop the cart. Radha and Krishna get down and ask Balram to get water from pond for them. Balram walks near pond when he sees Vallabh and rushes to him. Vallabh/Radha acts as afraid and runs away asking to not punish Gopika. Balram says why would he. Krishna as Gopika walks to Vallabh and seeing Balram runs with Vallabh. Balram follows them and asks them not to be afraid of them as he is also in love and is getting married to their bhabhi Revati soon and asks to meet Radha and Krishna in . He then realizes that when Vallabh and Gopika are together, he doesn’t see Radha and Krishna and vice versa and asks what is happening. They both smile, and Vallabh removes his mustache revealing he is Radha. Balram gets emotional asking how can they hide such a big secret from him. Radha and Krishna apologize him. He laughs and hugging them says he was acting and says whoever experiences Radha and Krishna’s love will fill their lives with love.

Kans fumes after knowing Pralambasur is dead. Akroor laughs on him and says Krishna is coming to end Kans. Kans shouts. Akroor says he is telling truth.

Balram and Krishna with team return back to Barsana and take Yashoda’s blessings. Yashoda praises her sons and asks Radha to describe how they both won. Krishna asks Kutila to describe the whole story with her sweet voice. Kutila hesitates. Radha and Yashoda also insist her. She describes how Balram defeated 108 village wrestlers and even defeated Pralabasur and then taunts that Balram won the battlefield, but gave credit to Krishna also. Radha says Balram lost his heart to Revati. Yashoda says she will get them married soon. Balram says he will marry after finishing an important task. Kutila asks Yashoda to get Krishna also married soon. Yashoda says Krishna will marry whenever he wants to. Kutila asks Radha to accompany her. Balram asks Radha to go now. Radha leaves. Balram asks Krishna when will he go to end Kans. Krishna says until Radha sends him, he cannot go. Balram says Radha will never agree to part ways with him.

Precap: Radha asks Krishna if Dau wants him to free his parents from Kans’ grip and bring them back, then he should go. Devaki tells Kans that Krishna is coming to kill Kans, so they will not go.000

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