Shakti 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Bebe’s conspiracy to shock Soumya, Preeto and Heer

Shakti 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maninder packing his stuff to leave Gayatri’s house. Soumya comes to him and gets emotional. She says first Maa, choti and Nani went away from her. She says even Harman ji went away from her. She says only you are in my life Papa and asks him not to leave her. She folds her hands. Maninder folds his hand and asks her to forgive him. Soumya says please don’t apologize to me. I am feeling completed today, I got the thing for which I have been yearning since childhood and asks him not to go. She hugs him. Maninder hugs her too and apologizes to her. Preeto tells Gayatri and Maninder that Soumya’s Dadi knows a truth and she is blackmailing her. Soumya says you have taken care of me even after knowing my truth and says I can tell you the truth hesitantly. She says Heer is like ….Just then Heer comes there and asks Gayatri to come with her. Preeto asks Soumya to come home and then thinks of lying to villagers. She then asks her to be in Gayatri’s house till she finds the solution to her lie which she said to villagers. Soumya asks her not to worry and tells that she will stay here. She says whatever you have done is for our betterment. Preeto gets touched. Heer and Reet show the cake which they made for Gayatri. Gayatri cuts her birthday cake. She tells Reet that she got a good friend in Heer. Heer tells that they will dance now. They all dance on the song. Soumya also dances with Rohan, Reet, Gayatri and Heer. She reminisces the time which they have spent with Soham. Rohan cheers her up when she gets sad. Soumya dances again.

Bebe tells Varun that everyone might be thinking that we left this city and tells that they will play their new trick. She says Harak Singh will be freed from jail as people will know about Soumya being alive. Next morning, Soumya wakes up Heer and asks her to get up. Heer says Gulabo and gets happy seeing her. She sleeps again and finds Preeto sitting on the bed. She asks Preeto where is Gulabo? Preeto says she is in your heart and says good morning. Heer says morning will be good when she comes here and asks when she will come back here. Preeto says very soon, but nobody shall know about her. Heer insists her to take her there. Preeto gets a video call from Soumya and picks the call. Heer takes the call and talks to Soumya. Soumya talls that Reet is drinking milk and asks Heer to get ready and go to school, not to trouble Preeto. Heer says she will come to meet her. Preeto asks her to come and get up.

Shanno thinks where did everyone go in night. She asks Rohan, where did they go in night? Rohan says they went to Reet’s mother birthday. Shanno gets doubtful. She sits to watch promo of the naagin. She thinks Soumya’s destiny is entangled in three kids’s destiny. She thinks to watch the show. She thinks Rohan had gone there, but he didn’t tell that Soumya was there too. She thinks to find out.

Reet finishes the milk and tells Soumya. Soumya asks her to go and get ready to go to school. Just then door bell rings. Soumya opens the door and finds Inspector and constables standing. Inspector checks her pic and looks at her.

He asks Soumya to come with him to Police station. Gayatri asks why? Inspector says Harak Singh is locked inside for her murder and she is fine here, and if we take her then we can free Harak Singh. They take Soumya with them. Maninder says Bebe told Soumya’s address to Police. Harak Singh will be freed now and then he will be danger to Heer and Soumya. He says I have to stop Harak Singh and leaves. Gayatri gets tensed and worried. She thinks to call Preeto. Heer gets ready to go to school. Preeto asks what karma did I do today? Heer tells that school is an excuse, I want to go and meet Gulabo. Preeto says you talked to her on phone. Heer says I will go and meet her with Rohan. Preeto says she will take her and asks them to drink milk. She asks Rohan to get ready to go to school. Heer and Rohan ask Preeto to agree for today. Preeto says ok. Rohan thanks her. Heer thanks her and says I love you. Preeto asks them to finish milk.

Preeto’s phone rings. Shanno picks the call. Gayatri tells Preeto that Soumya is arrested by the Police, harak Singh will be freed and asks her to be careful. Shanno thinks welcome back home and smirks…saam daam dand bhed plays…

Precap: Harak Singh tells Soumya that until he settles down their scores, he won’t be quiet. He lifts the sword to kill Heer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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