Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update – Sudama leaves Krishna forever.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev rishi explaining devraj indra if this weapons get shooted together then this world will get destroyed & guru tells gayasoor that in some time the world will get destroyed then gayasoor asks how we will rule then so guru tells him I have solution to this so not to worry. Sudama is trying to stop both but they shoot their weapons & sudama meditates praying both of their names & intimating them to stop this world’s end & it gets stopped by powers of sudama’s meditation while guru & gayasoor are shocked & gods are surprised. Guru of asooor says how can this happen a simple person like sudama can stop this while dev rishi explains this is called as power which can stopped by a pure devotee like sudama. Mahadev also tells sudama what I had promised is completed as you also could not get killed & my wish is also finished with your powers of meditation. Krishna also explains sudama & he praises them that you stopped because of me by getting this world destroyed but mahadev tells still problem is not finished as weapon once released can’t be taken back so he asks why & Krishna also explains him that the weapon is under your custody so unless it does not kill anybody it won’t relax so you have to take care of it now. Sudama says this has happened because of gayasoor so he tells Narayan to release this towards gayasoor & guru as well as gayasoor are stunned & gayasoor is scared that the weapon will kill me so to save me & guru tells him I can’t help you this time so you have runaway then he says I will runaway from this brahmand so that the weapon can’t reach till me & as he is running then the weapon comes from behind hitting him & he falls on the ground so Krishna comes to him & he asks pleading from Krishna as Krishna explains him you have done lot of evil so now ask what you wish then he says that I have misused powers evilly hence I do not wish anything but Krishna tells him to ask for this world then he tells him on this place of my death whoever donates ash so to please give them moksha & Krishna completes his wish saying this place will be known as gayasthan & whoever donates ash will be accepted by moksha & he prays shri Krishna thanking & dies. Krishna blesses his soul.
Krishna praises Sudama telling him that you’re coming to dwarka was a blessing for me while he praises Krishna saying I had come to my gods place. Krishna tells him I have arranged bullock cart for you then he says it was not needed but Krishna tells him you have to go by my wish & also prays for giving gifts for his family from Rukmini. Sudama stops so Krishna asks why you stopped so he tells him you know all as I am feeling some pain in my heart so he tells him because you are leaving your best friend then too he insists giving promise so Krishna tells him I wished not to tell you but I will & he tells him now Krishna & sudama will never meet now as this is our last meet so sudama cries saying what kind of life will be this so Krishna explains him your life is different & my different so we have separate ways now then sudama says whenever I feel for you I will pray you & he leaves & Krishna says behind him that all keep statue of gods while I’ll keep of my pure devotee sudama’s statue & Rukmini also prays sudama when god himself prays for him.
Krishna is hearing a child’s voice so asks Rukmini from where it is coming & Rukmini is also confused so Krishna says I have to search & while searching he asks who are you children’s & the soul’s are telling them we were born by mata Devaki but evil kansa had killed us so we are roaming around for our moksha so we have come for help from you then krishna assures them I will definitely help you. Rukmini comes asking krishna what happened so he explains her about it that they are my brother’s then she says as far I know you have only one brother who is Balarama & apart from him who others are there then he explains her they were born by Devaki itself because of me & they were killed by mama kansa one by one as soon as they were born. Kansa is throwing one by one child from mountain on grounds. Rukmini is shocked hearing such disgusting evil act he has done but what children’s did wrong of him & why mata Devaki did not leave him & Krishna explains her that mata had given promise to him that he will give his sons to him because her husband was in his custody so to save him she had to do this. Rukmini becomes emotional as well as depressed. Krishna explains her the past story of vadudev & devaki’s marriage in which clouds god had intimated them that evil kansa will kill your 8th son. Krishna explains her about his devotees had gone to brahmalog but did some evil talks so brahmadev gave them curse that you will also become asoor on earth-land then they pleaded so brahmadev told them that you will be freed only after Narayan avatar shri Krishna takes birth & they thank brahmadev. Krishna tells Rukmini that I have to give them moksha so I have to go there in suthal.

Precap: Krishna calls his childhood kanha for help to go to give moksha to his brothers & guru asoor tells Krishna you too come to suthal lok & you won’t be left alive like your brothers too. As kanha drops in suthal lok then he meets asoori kundakal & she is telling kanha you can’t be saved by my hunger.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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