Bigg Boss 13 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Paras creates a storm in the house

Bigg Boss 13 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 74
10:15 PM
Sana is sad because of Asim and Rashami faking their praises for her. Rashami comes to her and says I didn’t fake it, I can praise you till the end of this game. Sana says I love you but Asim was faking it. Rashami hugs her.
Mahira comes to Vishal and says Rashami was praising my lips for her task, that is wrong. Rashami comes there and says I am genuinely sorry, I swear on my dad, she leaves. Mahira says she used to love me a lot and then said so much to me. Vishal says Sana’s problem is that she wants to keep everyone happy, she fights with people but then goes and praises them.

11 PM
Bhau tells Sana that Paras is a good friend but Sid is playing a game, he is using everyone. Sana says if you are with Sid then he can give his life but if you are not with them then he doesn’t care. Sid is very logical, Paras is very good from heart, he is very nice. Mahira listens to the wrong things. I and Sid are different too. Bhau says you remember that Sid nominated Paras for his game. Sana says you know he nominated Paras to make them all scared because Paras is strong. Sid listens to all of that. Sana says I was angry at him because I thought Paras might be in danger because Himanshi and Asim started the love scene. Vishal and Madhu are faking their love too. They are not being real here.

12:45 AM
Sid tells Paras that Sana said a lot right now. Bhau was provoking her and saying that Paras is good and Sid is not good. Sana didn’t listen to him, he thought that Sana would be easy to break. Rashami praised her and Sana became soft towards her. Paras says Sana can’t leave you and me. Sid says Sana keeps flowing away, she knows that they are fake but still she likes the praises so she flows towards them. Paras says she is an attention seeker, she is dying to get it. When we go back, she will sit with us only and the way we support Mahira and Sana, they can’t support them that much, they won’t come near Sana when we are back in the house.

1:30 AM
Mahira hits Vishal with a pillow, he is on Asim’s bed. Sid sees it and says I don’t like this. Does this mean that the letter was not important to Mahira? She is fine with Asim now? I would have given the letter to Mahira so it would have been my mistake? Bhau is sitting with Asim now, he curses Asim behind his back but he is in his bed now?
Sana tells Rashami and Bagga that Mahira is doing wrong. Sid says she is right. Sana tells Rashami that Arhaan only cares about Rashami, he doesn’t care about others. Sid says Sana is doing wrong by talking to Rashami, she shouldn’t talk about others to Rashami, this is important information for Rashami. Rashami asks about Asim. Sana says Asim was so naive and a fool when he came, he learned the game from Asim. Arti comes there and tells Mahira that you fight for yourself, don’t fight for others. Sid says now Arti will give her lessons? She changes her sides in half an hour.

Day 75
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song humdum. They all dance.

9 AM
Sana tells Mahira that Madhu is hurt with you sitting with Vishal so don’t do it. Vishal is giving you attention because of Madhu. He is making Madhu jealous and using you. Mahira says he used to sit like that before Madhu was here. Mahira says I have nothing against Madhu, we just had an argument yesterday. Paras watches it and says if you try to make Mahira listen then she takes it on her ego, you have to sugar-coat things for her.

Sana asks Asim if he has a girlfriend? He says no, I did have a relationship but it was not working out. Sana says your luck is bad with love. Asim says yes. Sana says you choose the wrong people. Asim says I do get the things that I want but I move back. Sana laughs and says you move back when you don’t get it, I am telling you to not fall in love because you go crazy for love. Asim says that’s the fun. Mahira laughs.

11 AM
Shefali Zari says that I tried to talk to Bhau. Shefali says Bhau has a split personality. Arhaan says people should not change for the show. Paras says Shefali is so negative, she couldn’t make the relation with Asim and Bhau. She is cheap. I really hate this girl. Bhau was asking for the letter so much and she shredded it within seconds and then she was crying. She is a snake in the house. Arhaan and Rashami are brainless. Rashami has already talked about her back balance.

4:15 PM
The task starts again. Paras says we will ask Rashami to tell what she thinks about Vishal. In the house, Bagga says we will resume the puppet task. All the contenders will do their tasks.

4:30 PM
Paras gives instructions to Rashami to tell about Vishal’s game and don’t sugar coat it. Rashami comes to Vishal and says I need to talk about Shefali. What were you saying to her about me? I feel like you say things to twist the facts for your benefit. Vishal says I talked to Shefali only. Rashami says Shefali sacrificed in the game. Paras says let’s include Shefali. Sid says include Asim as well. Paras gives instructions to Shefali that go and tell Vishal about his game and open his secrets. Vishal tells Rashami that I never talked to you about any strategy as I don’t trust you. Rashami says you never tried to gain my trust, you talked about me and Sid when we made the romantic video. Shefali tells Vishal that you try to become truthful but you are the side-kick here. Vishal says I was supporting Asim and that doesn’t make me a sidekick, I know my sides. Vikas takes Vishal from there and says you don’t have to get involved so much. Paras asks Vikas to take a stand against Vishal. Rashami tells Vishal that you are twisting things. Vikas tells Vishal that you give importance to everyone. Sid says ask Asim to support Vishal. Asim comes to Vikas and says why are you calling Vishal fake? Paras asks Rashami to tell Vishal that he was wrong about Madhu. Rashami tells Vishal that you over-react and Madhu was supporting you but you said very bad things to her. Paras asks Asim to go against Vishal. Asim tells Vishal that why you questioned Shefali about her support to me? Vishal shouts at Rashami that don’t play this game with me. Paras asks Rashami to calm down, her task has ended.

5 PM
Rashami calls Sana and says I need to talk about the video. Vishal says why are you bringing Sana in this now? Rashami asks Sana if I was comfortable in making the video with Sid? Sana says no, Rashami says Vishal is saying that I was enjoying the shots there and it was my mistake for not asking to cut out that kiss shot. Sana says Vishal is fake, he talks behind the people that he supports in front. Vishal says you are doing a mistake, I respect you. Sana says you say you are not comfortable with Madhu and then you talk to her and show-off in front of her. Vishal says respect my privacy. Sana says you don’t respect others. Vishal says I am requesting you to not be a ****. Paras asks Rashami to scold Vishal for cursing. Rashami says I called Sana here so don’t misbehave with her, I am not in my task right now. You are fake, you talk behind backs, you are a liar.

5:15 PM
Paras asks Rashami to destroy the washroom with the shaving foam. Sid says you are making her do crazy things. Rashami writes with the shaving foam. Paras asks Asim to stop Rashami from destroying the washroom. Asim tries to stop Rashami. Paras asks Vikas to stop them. Paras asks Shefali to scold Rashami for messing the washroom. Shefali comes to Rashami and says this is wrong. Asim lifts Rashami and tries to stop Rashami from destroying the washroom. Vikas locks Rashami in the washroom. They laugh. Vikas brings her out and hugs her. Rashami throws the clothes around in the washroom. Asim says these are Arti’s clothes. Paras asks Asim to throw the shaving foam on Vikas. Asim covers Vikas in the shaving foam. Sid says Paras you are crazy. Arhaan hugs Rashami. Paras asks Asim to use the foam on himself. Asim covers his face in the shaving foam. Paras says call yourself an apple pie. Asim shouts that he is an apple pie. All laugh at him. Bigg Boss says the task time has ended. We will know the decision soon.

Bigg Boss asks Sid and Paras to decide who should become the captain. Paras will announce the result in the house. Sid is still recovering so he will stay in the secret room. Paras says thank you. Sid says let’s discuss. Paras says it was fun to see Asim like that. Paras says we can think about Shefali Zari. Sid says let’s choose Vikas, he is non-controversial and he knows how to make others work.

6 PM
Sana tells Vishal that you changed the sides and started supporting Asim all of a sudden, what was your problem with me? Vishal says I was supporting you, Mahira and Paras, I had a fight with Sid only. You created the distance with me after my fight with Sid, I always supported you people.

6:15 PM
Bigg Boss asks Paras to go to the main house. Paras takes his things and hugs Sid. Paras says come back soon after recovering. Sid says talk to Sana about this Bhau thing, ask her to not listen to him. Paras says okay.

6:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that it’s time to announce the captain but the person who gave you the tasks will announce it. Shefali says it was not Bigg Boss. They all turn to see Paras entering the house. Mahira runs and hugs him. Paras hugs Sana and others. Paras doesn’t hug Vishal and says you can backbite anytime. Paras says I was in the secret room and you all are fake, nobody is loyal to anyone here. Bhau was crying for the letter for the whole week and what did Shefali do? You people were targeting two girls. Bhau was telling Sana that she doesn’t know about the people and you think you do? Shefali didn’t think about you for a single second. Shefali says I tore my own letter too. Paras says you had to because you told Asim and Vishal. Paras tells Arhaan that you said to not comment on Asim’s money and all that but what were you talking about? You were saying that Rashami had 0 account balance, she was on the road and you have brought her in this house. Arhaan says yes, I was talking to Bagga. Rashami says if you are talking about it then let me clarify, I was bankrupt in 2006, I was without any money and I did not have a house to live, Arhaan supported me in every way possible. We live here for 24 hours but the only 1-hour episode is shown. Paras says I have seen the live feed for 24*7 and Arhaan might be right but he shouldn’t have said it on the national TV. Arhaan says Rashami has talked about it before. Rashami says Arhaan has supported me a lot. Paras says I was just telling you Rashami. Rashami says I will talk to Arhaan.
Paras tells Vishal that you keep talking about Mahi.. Mahi.. Mahi. Your concern is related to hugs and kisses only. When you were with Rashami, you used to say so many bad words about Mahira. You promised Mahira that you would give letter to her but he promised Asim too he would give letter to him. Paras tells Mahira that you are giving your time to this Vishal? Vishal asks Paras to not create the fire between us. Paras says you are making people fight with you. Rashami hugs Paras and says I owe you this. Paras says to Vishal that look at your face, I won’t spare you. Vishal says you will fight against me? Paras says you talk about girl’s status. Vishal says have you seen yourself? I told Asim that I will not give the letter to him if I get Mahira’s letter first as I would give the letter to her first. Asim says yes, Vishal told me that. Paras says you liar if the second person (Sid) was here then he would tell you what you said. Paras says Vishal hugged Mahira and he even told Arti that now Madhu will have a problem with me hugging another girl so he hugged Mahira only to make Madhu jealous. Madhu says oh my God. Vishal says what are you saying? Paras says your truth has come out. Paras tells Madhu that she is right in her thoughts about him. Sana is right that he is not on any side, he is not a friend of anyone. Vishal says you know me? Get lost. I never expected this thing from you. Paras says stop talking in potty English. Vishal says get lost and sits back. Paras tells Asim that Mahira gave the letter to you and you said you owe her but you destroyed your personality by destroying her letter. Asim says she played a game. Paras says Mahira has eaten you, I am giving you a message. Asim says delete it, I don’t need it. Paras says Vikas Gupta is the new captain. All clap for him. Paras hugs him and says Mahira was very helpful to me.

7 PM
Vishal tells Asim that if I have wrong intentions then Mahira would know. He is talking shit on the national TV about me and Mahira. He knows about my complicated relationship with Madhurima and me. Asim says I want to become the captain and he is saying that I have fallen off from my game and all that. This is the first day again for me.
Paras hugs Mahira. Asim asks Paras if he made Shefali tear her letter? Paras says no, Bigg Boss made her do that. Asim says so Bigg Boss must have fallen in your eyes too, he doesn’t care about emotions. Paras tells Vikas that what you did was too good. Asim says Vikas must have fallen in your eyes too. Paras says no, only you are rat here, you didn’t have anyone to fight with.

7:30 PM
Paras asks Mahira if she wants to live easily here? Mahira says I will end that thing. Paras says why would do that if I am not here? I know your intentions but it doesn’t look nice on TV, I felt it was wrong. Vishal comes there. Paras says you have broken my heart. Vishal says you know what you said today? You shouldn’t have said it. Paras says you asked Madhu to sleep on your bed and then in the morning, you go and hug Mahira. It didn’t look nice. Vishal says my intentions towards Mahira was not wrong. I was just cheering her up. Paras says Vishal also said that if Madhu comes in the show then he will become powerful and will win the show. Madhu says yes he said that. Paras says Vishal is a *****. Madhu says he is saying that I will become jealous? Paras says to leave it.
Rashami asks Arhaan what he talked about her wealth to Bagga, Paras is right that he shouldn’t talk to others about it. Arhaan says he won’t tell me, I know about your respect. Rashami says you have a genuine heart but you don’t talk about it, I know you were not wrong and I told that to Paras so he calmed down.

8:30 PM
Bagga asks Sana that isn’t it wrong that you get the chance to save Mahira from the nominations then you also get the chance to choose the captain. This is one-sided. Sana says Mahira is his first priority, it’s his game. Bagga says then don’t sit with him. Sana says you play your game. You know I thought the public didn’t save me because I was not entertaining and I thought the audience saved Mahira but now I am content that it was not the audience but Paras who saved Mahira from the nominations. Rashami says you cared for Mahira so much when he was not here and now? Sana says it’s okay. Rashami says I don’t understand if I should praise you or scold you. Sana says Paras said that he will talk to me. I want to talk to him but Mahira said I don’t need to sit alone with him. Rashami says you are okay with it? Sana says it’s fine.

9 PM
Shefali Zari reads the task. Vikas has become the captain, he has got other things also. Many of the inmates are professionals and like to have spas, hair-styling and other stuff. You people have the chance to get the grooming time from a brand. You people can get a massage, hair-cut and foot massage. Vikas will get this chance along with 5 other inmates. Vikas will choose those people. Paras requests Vikas. Shefali says other inmates will be servants of Vikas, he can choose two inmates at a time, he can give orders to him. Vikas chooses a few people who helped me in the task. Vikas says Sana, Rashami, Asim, Shefali Zari, and Bagga. If they want to give their place to Paras and Mahira then they can. Bagga asks Mahira to go in her place if she wants. Sana says you can go in my place also. Paras asks Sana and Mahira to go. Vikas says then Mahira is going in Bagga’s place. Mahira thanks Bagga.

9:30 PM
Vikas goes to an activity area with Rashami, Shefali Zari, Sana, Asim and Mahira. The workers are there. Vikas asks Paras and Arhaan to come as the servants. They go inside. Arhaan asks for the tea. Arhaan asks Paras to make the tea. Paras says I can’t. The salon workers start working. Mahira says call Vishal and Madhu as servants next.

9:45 PM
Sana asks Vishal to say rubbish. Vishal says can we steal the hair oil from here? Sana laughs and says don’t destroy Bigg Boss’ name. Vishal says they are professionals, if we had this task then we would have broken the feet here. Rashami gets a new haircut. Vikas says she is looking Rani Mukharjee from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Vishal looks at the products. Arti likes Asim’s haircut. Mahira asks Arti to bring water for them.

10:30 PM
Mahira says why didn’t they bring tea till now? Madhu brings tea. Mahira asks Vishal to give her a water bottle. Asim says I didn’t get tea. Vikas asks Madhu to bring tea for him. Madhu asks Arhaan to give tea to Asim. Arhaan says you asked me to make 4 cups, you can take my teacup, don’t shout at me. Madhu says I don’t have a problem with making tea again. He leaves. Madhu says Arhaan is a drama, I entered with him so he is joking with me.

PRECAP- Bigg Boss tells Sid that because of his health, the doctors have asked us to keep you in the hospital so you will leave for the house for some time. Sid leaves.
The inmates blame Vishal for playing the dirty game. Mahira says Vishal is not loyal to anyone here. Vishal says I don’t need friends like you. Bhau blames Asim for not being loyal. Sana says Madhu and Vishal should be in jail. Asim says Arti should go to jail. I was taking a stand for her but she sent me to jail. Arhaan takes Vishal’s name for saying wrong words about Rashami. Vishal says I didn’t say anything wrong. Rashami says you said that I was totally close to Sid in the video and was enjoying it. Vishal says it was my perception, you have a topic to talk now? Rashami shouts you, idiot.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. arhaan what a f**king cheet he is ….. like feel so sorry for rashmi
    sab se bara dogla bhau and paras … what shit
    i felt as though asima nd rashmi should have been captain

    1. Best decision by sid. When he had the chance asim didn’t want aid to become and asim told Sefali to make Himanshi the captain . It’s pay back time. What goes will come back.
      And dude … no one plays fair in bb

  2. Team Sid/Paras get all benefits. Its not fair
    Paras is the last person to call anyone a rat when he backbites all the time

  3. I Don’t like arti

  4. And there is this person here
    Who starts there msg with
    Gm did haters and supporters

    What are you his PR ?

  5. Felt bad for Sid for the first time as he looked really sick. People say that Rashmi is one who targets Sid but it is other way round as Rashmi was good in captaincy task and was entertaining too….but Sid made it a point to not make her captain. Today Sana seemed genuine when she said that Paras has feelings for Mahira and she will be his first choice and she cant change it. This girl is intelligent, acts dumb but for her benefit….good untill then. But I don’t understand why she wants to be second to Sid or Paras…..she has potentials and has winner quality. Cute bankar bus Salman se kaam chahiye ishe but she can get both kaam aur trophy.

  6. When someone boasts about oneself on ITV then that person can’t be trusted…surely arhaan would have helped her but the way he was saying all that clearly showed that he did favor on her for his benefit..shakal se hi langoor lgta hai????I have seen so many dreamy couple, they have always thanked their spouse in public or in any other way..that u completed my life, u stood by my side and r always seen praising them ..who boasts about this that I’ve helped come from roads…u r also her just bcoz she’s here…and BB thought that we will see their romance ND enjoy…it looks like they r faking ND once out they will break up…plz Rashmi we all can sense danger..u won’t get happiness but only taunts of your own failure ????????

  7. They declared Paras safe when he has to go for his so called finger surgery…so that he doesn’t get evicted ND himanshi is out…but they didn’t declare Sid safe if he has to go out for treatment…just bcoz it’s a punishment…yeh baat Toh yeh log bhi jante hai ki sid kahin nhi jayega.. satisfaction ke liye two weeks ka nomination???Asim hota toh bhi yehi kehti so plz Sid ke crazy fans faltu ka comment naa pass kre???

  8. I feel there is no need of tasks for captiancy and person to be saved…just ask Sid n paras… what’s the point of people’s hard work..when it’s already decided that they will choose their dear ones..
    Reshmi and Asim performed the captiancy task very well…but what’s the use…even Paras once felt Asim worked hard…but Sid…he didn’t want Asim to be captian.. mahira performed the footage task pathetically…yet they love mahira…so mahira gets saved…. biased show…
    Please keep mahira n paras out of nomination list till top 6…
    The puppet task seemed more like paras n Sid taking revenge to their enemies…BB just gave them a chance to do whatever you want in the name of task and save Ur dear ones…
    Bashing their enemies, doing chaplusi N saying sorry to Sana mahira….
    Bathroom part was the only entertainment..
    Hope Sid gets better at health..
    Paras performed well as a contestant in BB secret room..Sid was not much in it coz of his health… watching and continuously commenting…and discussing main points with Sid n involving him somehow…well done paras…
    I don’t understand how paras can yell at Vishal for mahira matter.. Vishal does that coz she let her do that…if she felt bad, she should have stopped him…
    Who are you to judge Vishal Madhurima matter? He said how can you hug n kiss mahira hurting Ur gf…do u have rights to say that?…when u tarnish Ur gf akanksha and hug n kiss mahira…Out of frustration, akanksha had to release their personal chats to prove that she is not clinging on to him and they are very much in relation…
    I donno anything about arhaan n reshmi..but if she is backing him on this, means that man has done something huge for her…plus in poker face she admitted that she was bankrupt.
    Vikas selected correct people for the special treatment…the ones who performed with him (Shefali, reshmi n Asim) and ones who helped him in task…bagga exchanging it with mahira is good coz she came just now…

    1. exactly, saa** saara bhao sid n paras ko hi dena hai toh biggboss bhibunko bana do

    2. Best comment
      Copy paste and post everywhere lol

  9. Parvathy Jayakumar

    Hehe everybody knows BB is a f**king biased show..

    1.paras was saved when he was nominated..

    2.then sid and paras saved mahira

    3.then they made vikas captian…

    sid or paras ke alawa koi aur contestant KO aisa koi power Mila?.. f**king biased show bigboss…tell them to end the show and make sana paras mahira or sid winner directly rather than making audience and others fool

    Pehle mujhe sid bahut Pasand the…jab bhi rashmi sid fight hota tho..I always felt sid was right…but ah Sid paras ke sath Jo biased power use kar rahi shows his character..

    Anyway Asim is winner for me…he is the only playing game..with integrity..

  10. what the hell is wrong with Rashmi is she dumb or something how can she not be angry for what Arhaan did she needs a slap to wake up she can stand up for herself shes doesnt need Arhaan to support her or be with her what the hell is wrong with her

    1. yaar she is playing the game of being so innocent understanding blah blah in fact she is not dumb. in other cases she blasts everyone shows her anger but this time she knows how to play the inncoent victim which Icam sure she is not. lets see what anger bhai show on weekend ka vaar. we all know salman has this medical problem, so all of a sudden its affecting him because of his anger so is thinking of giving up hosting bb in future. you want to give it up then u should. it should not be for other reasons , i think the limelight you get and the exposure you will not. then again one cant conceive BB without SK so dont give up.

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