Shubharambh 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Raja tells Dipen’s truth to Rani

Shubharambh 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja searches for Rani’s Facebook profile and sends a friendship request so he can tell her about Dipen. Rani gets his request but doesn’t accept it. Raja sees the shop in her profile picture and goes there. He leaves Rani’s sketch in the house.
Rani arrives at Raja’s house to meet Asha thinking she wants a food delivery request. Kirdada comes there and says you here? Rani says you? Kirdada says that was a mistake, you are not a thief, come inside. Rani says I came to meet Asha for work. Kirdada thinks that she doesn’t know Asha wants to marry her to Raja. She says I am sorry, I will tell you about the work. Rani goes with her to the kitchen.

Raja comes outside the shop and looks around for Rani. A man tells him about her house. Raja comes to Rani’s father. He is drunk and says this is my Rani, you are Dipen? We can go for a ride if you have your car. Raja thinks he is drunk, what to do?

Rani cooks the food in Kirdada’s house. Asha comes back home. Kirdada says your girl is cooking here. Rani comes there with the food. Asha smiles at her and thinks that this girl started working in my house. She eats the food and says it’s very good. Kirdada says this girl is very good. Asha asks Rani if her mother is coming? Rani says she was not feeling well so I came here. Kirdada asks Rani to take the food away. Rani says okay you can pay later. She leaves. Kirdada asks Asha to give her some shagun. Rani comes there. Asha gives 100rs to Rani. Rani says 100rs? I made the food, the rate starts from 500rs, we cook with hard work. Kirdada whispers to Asha that you can give her some more money. Kirdada gives 700rs to Rani for her work. Rani leaves. Asha is in shock. Kirdada laughs.

Asha comes to her room and cries. She looks at her husband’s photo and says I wanted to find a rich girl for Raja and I found a servant to work in this house?

Rani comes outside Raja’s house but doesn’t see him.

In the garba function, Raja is looking around for Rani. Rani comes there with Dipen. Dipen tells Rani that they will win the competition. Dipen’s shirt gets messed up and he goes to clean it. Raja comes there. Rani says I will not accept your friend request. Raja tells Rani that Dipen is lying to her, he just wants to marry her to get her money that she will earn. He just wants to use you. Rani says why should I listen to you? Raja says I am not lying, I just wanted to tell you, he leaves. Dipen comes back. The host says this is the final round. Dipen asks Rani to come. He brings her on stage. Rani looks at Raja. Rani thinks if he is saying the truth?

PRECAP- Rani asks Raja if he knows how to play garba? Raja says trust me once and then see my magic. They both play garba together. Raja lifts Rani in the air. She smiles at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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