Sethji 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Pragati finds out drugs are being given to Sethji

Sethji 28th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pragati smells the med and says I need to find out whats in it. She gives it to a biker and says can you get it checked from lab? He takes it. She goes to ambrat.
Bhao is angry. He says I dont’ know how these stupids got Gauri back. His phone’s battery is dead too.
Pragati comes to nagesh’s house and sneaks in. Rita sees her. She says Pragati where were you? Do you know what happened? She says I know papa nad ambi are arrested. I went to temple to pray for them. i went to police station. I should go to Pune to talk to home commissioner and ask him to release them. Rita says yes please. Pragati takes laptop and leaves.

Pragati calls doctor. He says I tested your meds. This is a heavy dose of drugs. I don’t know how she has survived. If you stop them suddenly she might get violent. You will have to keep an eye on her. Pragati says she takes herbs. He says call me if those don’t work out.
Baji is sitting worried. Pragati comes there. He says my mom is here. Come let me take you to her. He says mom see bunti brother. He isn’t from Devus but he saved our Gauri. Mai are you listening? He holds her hand and cries.

Pragati asks vaidh ji to give her meds for her mother. SHe says when I go back I will give those meds to my mom. I have heard you are magical. He says okay tell me her case. She says some people gave my mom drugs. I want some med that cuts those drugs. He makes meds for her. He says if she gains consciousness in one day think that this med is working. Massage her with this oil too. She says thank you so much.

Scene 2
bhao says to gaur you are eating home food after so long? Where did you find her? Raghu says Ambi had locked her in a house outside. Bhao says how you saved her? wasu says leave it. Gauri is already upset. We should be happy that she is back home. Bhao says eat.

Pragati says sethji you have get up now and fight for all of us. She gives sethji the new meds.
Wasu comes in. She says to sethji nothing has happened to sethji. Change her sari. She doesn’t have any epidemic disease. This is all a big game.

Nages comes home. Rita says you came back. Where is ambi? Nagesh says in jail. She says you left him alone? He says I am out for two hours too. he says I have to do something. No one can do this to nagesh. He says there is someone playing a game with me.

Precap-Nagesh says is bhao doing all this.
Nagesh meets Bahao outsside devsu. He says i kept you with me for 16 years. Bhao says shut up. Pragati is recording them. THey hear her phone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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