Bhaang Wala Holi -Shot 1 (Shraddha)

Hi ishqies & pkjs, this is Shraddha back with the Holi special story.
This will have all the 3 couples with equal space,the third one being RuVya coz my other FF has rumya. Sorry rumya fans??

I’m busy with my admission works so I’ll try to give a weekly update for sure, sorry for the delayed updates?

Hope you’ll like this,sorry for typo errors.Please do help me with ur criticisms & suggestions?

?Shivay was getting ready while he heard the sound of the band. As he buttoned his perfect white Kurta, he himself giggled on thinking about his beloved wife’s crazy ideas on bringing band to the OM on the Holi day & she here self wanted to play those big drums. She was practicing it last day in spite of the scoldings of his mom.

Suddenly his face fell off thinking about Mrs.Pinky Singh Oberoi who had bursted out a big fat lie to Anika to kick her out of the house. He remembered, all his holis had been started off by taking blessings from his “mom”. But this time , this time he didn’t even wanted to see the face of that lady who tried to snatch away his biggest happiness from him.

He was arranging his clothes kept on his bed while he raised up his eyes to see the reflection of Anika in the mirror, tip toeing towards him with handful of colour. Till now, he hadn’t let anyone to throw colours on him, except Dadi who just apply it on his cheek.He had heard his wife last day planning with gouri to bathe him in colours as a contrary to the usual holis.A small smile made his lips wide.

As Anika was about to put some colour on his Kurta, shivay turned back % pulled her towards him by keeping her hands on her back.
A: shivay….main….
S: mujhe pata …
A: kya??? how did you know that I was behind you.

He moved so close to her that her breathing became fast. He talked to her huskily.
S: because you are always there in my heart & I can very well see what year doing…( smiling)

He placed a kiss on her forehead while she closed her eyes enjoy. She had very well missed this warmth & feel for all these days.

Shivay slowly took her hand forward, while Anika kept on smiling with closed eyes, feeling him. He slowly took her hands & applied the colours in her hand on her cheek itself. Suddenly she opened her eyes & widened seeing him laughing.She frowned.
A: it’s bad shivay. My plan to colour you is…
S: Anika, tell me , when have your plan been successful? U planned a drama with Vikram & it failed miserably.You yourself was trapped in that & I had to rescue you finally.

Anika pushed herself away from him angrily.Shivay wanted to console her.
A: I had only one wish. I just wanted me to be the first person to apply colour on you & you being the first one to put on me. Is it such a big mistake? Why did you fail my wish?

He hugged her tightly to stop her blabbering.. She was smiling, but didn’t want to forgive him so soon.
S: if you wanted to put colour on me , you could have just did that. Why did u make plans to bathe me in colour? You know right I don’t like applying so much colour on my face, body & outfit, so….

Anika was sad & was about to go out, when he stopped her.
S: anyways your one wish is fulfilled right??I’ve applied colour on you, aren’t you happy.

Anika thought of a plan in her mind & smiled. She turned to him.
A: haan shivay , I’m happy. I understood what you’ve told me. I’ll be an obedient wife always & will never disappoint you.

Saying this she applied the colour on his cheek. Shivay was so happy that he pecked her on her cheek, making her blush, before going out of the room while she smirked.

A: if you are SSO, then I’m Mrs.SSO. I’ll show you how Mrs. Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi can work out her plans…
Just wait & watch….

?Gouri was praying to her Shankarji in the puja room.
G: hey Shankarji, I know this is a second chance for our rishta. I don’t know what I’m feeling right now, but on this special occasion I want to be the first one to apply the colour on Omkaraji. I can’t tell this to him directly because I’m afraid he might misunderstand me. I can’t say this to other family members too.

So Shankarji please help me to fulfill my wish. I really trust on you & I know you’ll help me. I only want Omkaraji & the family to be always happy without any issues or dangers. Aashiravad Dena Shankarji??

At the same time, Omkara was seeing all the colour filled bowls kept ready for the festival.

“O!!” called Rudra who was approaching Om with a hand full of colours.
R: happy holi Om, come Let me put colour on you like always.After that we’ll go to Bhaiyya.
O:( irritated) no rudra, don’t put on me.
R:( shocked) kyun?? I do this every year Na??
O:( angry) so this year let it be an exception.
R: why ? what’s the reason?
O: woh…woh…I don’t want colours on me this year. Like Shivay, I’ve also stopped celebrating holi with colours. So just go now, I’ll join you later.

Leaving a shocked Rudy behind,Om walked forward.
O:( thinking) I don’t know why, nowadays I’m lieing a lot. I’m sorry Ru, I want Gouri to put colour on me first.I know I can’t tell that to her. She’s not even giving me her face recently thinking that I hate her.She thinks that it’s coz of Dadi that I gave a second chance to our relation, but I really want to live my life with her.I want to know her in real; I want to talk to her about my feelings, my wishes, I want to apologize to her. But she’s never giving me a chance.

I don’t think she’ll apply colour on me, I shouldn’t wish for more. But, I want to be the first person to put colour on her. I don’t know how, but through this I’ll show her that I have feelings for her….Yes I will.

Making mental calculations , he walked forward, determining to catch the attention of his ziddy wife.

?Rudra was feeling Om’s behavior to be strange; he was confused.As he entered the room, a pistol caught his attention.That was when he thought about the dutiful cop of the OM.HE had been roaming around the mansion & still now haven’t seen Bhavya. He had found her with a serious face during his morning exercise session.He wondered if she had left the mansion without his knowledge, like she always did.She was unavailable when contacted & he rushed in to check the CCTV footage, only to find her walking out of the mansion at 8 am!!!!

Will Anika succeed on her plan to colour SSO?

Will Om & gouri fulfill their wishes on colouring each other first on this day?

Where is Bhavya on this special day & how can Rudra find her???

To find the answers, keep following the story. Will come back next week.

Please do drop in ur comments guys, it would encourage me to start writing the next soon?

take care….

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  5. Ufffff…… many unanswered questionz…….quite excitd……post asap…..bdw dis 1 was splendid….marvellous…..

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