Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Prem Goes Against His Family For Tejaswini

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 28th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejaswini informs Dharam’s family that she does not want to perform any pooja. Dharam says she should for Sarla and his sake. Tejaswini asks Prem to speak and tells their future depends on their deeds and she does not believe in superstition, she wants to start her new life without pure heart. Prem says she is right, they should not believe in superstition. Sarla gets angry and says without pooja, this marriage will not happen. Prem holds Tejaswini’s hand and says this marriage will happen with or without his parents. Family is shocked. Tejaswini says they will marry with elder’s blessings, else will not. She tells Dharam that she and Prem will not do anything which will hurt their feelings. Prem says he will marry only Tejaswini. Dharam asks Sarla to calm down and asks Tejaswini not to take any decision in a hurry. Even Tejaswini is right when he sees from her side, world has advanced so much and they should not believe in superstitions. Sarla gets angry.

Savita distressed tries to prepare food in kitchen. Priyal and Sunaina try to calm her down. Dharam comes and says it is a lovely climate, he needs pakoras. Sunaina and Priyal back him. Dharam takes Sarla aside. Sarla asks if he saw how Prem rejected her order and is ready to marry against family’s wish. Dharam says she did not see how Tejaswini did not approve him, it means she values family and is very sanskari.

Prem takes Tejaswini to a garden near sea shore. He says he is very happy that he is marrying her. They continue chatting. He gets romantic and tries to kiss her. She runs away shying and says not before marriage. He sprays water from pipe on her and drinks dipping water. She gets more shy and pushes him away. Ishq bulawa jaane kab aaye…song..plays in the background.

Tejaswini goes to kitchen and tells Sharda she will prepare food today. She cuts vegetables smiling. Sharda says whatever she thought happened today, Prem went against her family to marry her, soon she will be with Prem forever. Tejaswini says she will enter Dharam’s house and will destroy him and his family. She continues expelling her hatred for Dharam.

Precap: Tejaswini drops her papa’s slippers into water saying she stepped on her second goal. Preeti hears that and says she will not let her ruin Prem’s life and will not let he marry Prem. Tejawini says as a sister, she will drop he to mantap.

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  1. Hello Naz ,can you make out what is going on in Teja’s mind?if she doesn’t like to be intimate with Prem,what is she going to do in their private moments after marriage? As of now there is no indication of Teja having any soft corner for Prem…..Ofcourse once or twice she told her mother that her fight is not with Prem but with his father.That means whether she loves Prem or not ,it is clear that she wants to use Prem’s love as a pawn in her revenge game……What a callous attitude!Today’s episode has laid the foundations of a new strained relations between the ladies of Dharamsingh’s family and Teja ,It is but natural for Sarla to feel bad as, Prem for the first time ,disobeyed her for Teja .i think all the mothers take their young sons for granted and when the first shocker comes,we get disheartened.
    The precap seems to be interesting as Preeti at last comes to know that Teja is faking love and threatens to reveal everything ,but surprisingly,we see that Teja is least bothered….what a confidence!
    Naz. Manglic Dosha is a religious belief followed by Hindus irrespective of their backgrounds.Ofcourse,I don’t have all these beliefs,I gave complete freedom to my sons to marry girls of their choice. I haven’t seen whether they have Dosha or not in their horoscope.Naz ,sometimes I get doubts as to the origins of this belief because in olden days even royal families would give full freedom to their daughters to choose their ‘var’means bridegroom ,from among the princes invited to the ‘Swayamvar’.If they had followed horoscope matching,this practice of girls choosing their own life partner would n’t have been possible.So our ancestors were advanced enough to allow their daughters to choose their future husbands but we in the 21st century are so narrow minded to have all blind beliefs.

    1. Lakshmi, Teja is playing with Prem’s adoration, trust and love and it’s so unfortunate. She has found such a loving man who is spontaneous, accommodating, conscious of her well being and genuinely has fallen in love with her but she is so blinded by hatred, she can’t see Prem’s love for her and when the damage eventually unfolds ,she’ll have to pay dearly for it. Lakshmi, don’t you think it’s rather too morbid that Sharda has kept so much momentos of her late husband, for the sole purpose of exacting revenge? She has kept his blood soaked shirt in which the blood looks so fresh, for heavens sake..who does that?? That’s a lot of baggage to carry for so many years and instead of teaching her daughter to forgive, even though she’s involved with the son of her husband’s murderer, she telling her in not too many words, to exact the score….albeit her vehemence that Prem loves her daughter, I think she has unconsciously goaded Teja to take the step she has taken…but then this is the story, right!! This brings a memory to me… My father was involved in a vehicular accident 21 yrs ago. The driver of the opposing vehicle, fell asleep on the steering wheel and ploughed in with much force and my father died the next day. I was so young and never had to deal with worrisome issues such as this before. Being the eldest child, everything fell ony shoulders, my mother in no condition to handle the devastating news of his death… The vehicle was owned by a
      company and they tried to bribe me but I had a level head and I refused their help. The matter had reached High Court and it was bribe all the way but I consoled myself back then that whatever has to happen, did happen. That’s how he was supposed to leave this earth. I did forgive the driver even though he had taken my father away from us, my mother slowly relented…but God does work in mysterious ways and karma is definite.. 10 yrs ago, his own son bludgeoned him to death in his home in a bitter dispute over property. I’m not glorifying murder or this man’s demise in any way but this goes to show that we shouldn’t take matters pertaining to God’s decisions ,in our own hands. People do pay for their sins, and Sharda should have taught her daughter to not get even… Now Teja is fortunate to find love with a devilishly handsome man who adores her, she should love him instead, if she wans to get even with Dharam Singh Rathore’s family, Prem’s love should be cherished, not trampled upon
      due to her hatred.


    I hope last me bride swap na ho jaaye… anyway show is getting totally surprising…

  3. Don’t change bride please let the marriage happen first it’s gud

  4. Bas last moment mein preeti SE shaadi na ho jaaye kyonki ab tak yeah show ki storyline bahut hi unpredictable rhi hai……uske baad to shayad I’ll never watch this show……coz is show ki USP hi prem-teja hai

  5. Sorry for typo errors…

  6. Naz,I am very sorry about your father ,but as you said the almighty make everyone pay for their sins .No amount of money could have brought back your father and a bribe will always weigh heavy on one’s conscience ,you did the right thing by forgiving the driver.Ofcourse his account was settled by God later on.
    Yes,Sharda ,keeping her husband’s things as momentos particularly that blood soaked shirt all these years is very repulsive and showing them to her daughter shows that in her heart of hearts ,Sharda wants to take her revenge through her daughter.If that has been her aim in life ,she herself should have taken revenge in whatever way she felt like after handing over Teja’s responsibility to her brother(Mamaji).She says that she had to work very hard to bring up Teja and give her a decent education.For what? To spoil her life like this?We know that Sharda is capable of reacting very strongly if required or if she doesn’t like something like when she saw Teja in Dharamsingh ‘s house and later in the college function,,,,,but now when her daughter is going to take such a drastic step,,,,no anger,no hysterical shouting and crying and no promises,,,,just lukewarm advise,,,,if you want ,take it or carry on.
    Naz,I i am really disappointed with The transformation in Teja’s character,no femininity at all….cold ,insensitive and indifferent.In fact I don’t feel like seeing also ,,not our idea of
    Dewangi,.But there is nothing to watch also..

  7. Sorry for any ty.po errors

  8. I realy like this serial because i like prem & teja ki aisi Deewangi teja love to prem

  9. You are right Monika,Tejaswani is quite unpredictable ,no one can say what she does and when, We never know Preeti might get married to Prem,but how,I won’t bother to guess also as the writers can make everything possible.

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