1st Epi – Nimki Mukhiya 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Nimki is Smitten by Babbu Singh

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Scene 1
Nimki starts song larki beautiful and gets ready. She wears nice dress and comes out on street. All guys’ jaw drop seeing her beauty. Nimki dances in her society. Nimki comes down from stairs. A hero comes there and sits on his knees, he brings out diamond ring and is about to put it on her finger but… suddenly her father wakes her up, Nimki wakes up with a start and looks around, father says you left your book open and slept,see your siblings woke up too. Nimki’s brother Mono and sister Mauha offers her water and tea. Nimki says Emran Hashmi was about to put ring on my finger and you woke me up. Her sister says we thought you were studying and here she was dreaming about Emran. Nimki says I couldnt even see his face, her sister says to father that you made me get up and make tea for her but she is dreaming here. Nimki’s father says to her that tomorrow is your important exam, please be prepared for it, I will make breakfast, she nods.

Nimki comes to examination center with her family. Nimki’s cousin Tunee says to her that just tell me question and I will pass answer sheet to you. Nimki’s father says you gave her wrong answer sheet in last exam too, Tunee says I have brought right answers today. Nimki says great work Tunee. Bell rings, Nimki asks everyone to pray, she hugs her siblings and asks Tunee to send answers on time, she leaves.

Nimki is sitting in examination hall near window. She tries to look around for answers, she murmurs where is Tunee? Tunee climbs to window and gives her answer of a question, she tells him next question, he goes to find it. He is behind examination center and all have placed ladders there to cheat. Tunee comes to Nimki’s family and tries to tell next question but forgets what it was, father scolds him for not remembering. Tunee finally remembers it, he tells it, Nimki’s sister finds answer in the book and gives it to Tunee so he can give it to Nimki. Peon comes there and says invigilator is coming so runaway. In examination hall, examiner asks everyone to throw cheating papers, they all throw it away. Peon comes there and says everything is set, invigilator is going to leave after drinking colddrink, nothing to worry, examiner says okay and leaves everyone to cheat. Tunee climbs back and gives another cheating paper to Nimki, Nimki copies it, he smiles at her. Examination times ends, Nimki asks examiner to give her time, my cousin is bringing cheating paper, he says what will you not become collector passing this exam? Nimki says I have to get married in a nice house, nice education is demanded for wedding proposals these days, my father would have to give dowry if I dont pass this test, he says then keep writing, I will collect it after one week. Nimki says why dont you collect from boys first? one side government is doing so much for women empowerment and you are doing this? he gives her paper back and starts collecting from boys first. Tunee brings next cheating paper, she says there is no time to copy. She sticks cheating paper in her copy and writes message that examiner I couldnt get time to copy this answer so I am sticking it in the sheet, I would have copied it so its nothing different. Please pass me in this exam, I will pray for your kids and family, if you dont then you will get cancer… no not cancer but you will get dengue. She gives sheet to examiner.

Tunee is fighting with a seller for giving him ladder for cheating. Nimki comes out and says my fingers are hurting, I wrote so much, Mauha you should study well when your time comes out, cheating is a sin. Mauha says I study, I dont watch cinema daily like you. Nimki says its been twenty days since I watched cinema, Tunee says I am going to Patna, we can watch tomorrow. Nimki says we cant go tomorrow, collector have called everyone for panchayat, I have dance performance too, Tunee can watch that movie later too, he is a boy and can watch anytime, Tunee gets sad.

Nimki is going back to her house with family. Nimki says once I pass the test then I will get boy, she says to father that tell that groom I have gives exam now, father says he is already married, Nimki says I am like Deepika, I want to get married before my time passes up. Father says couples are made in heaven. They see minister’s son Babbu Singh’s photo on truck as campaign going on for him.

Scene 2
Minister Tettar Singh’s house is shown. Tettar says no one can Mai’s place, Mai is Devi. Son in law says to Diamond (young boy) that dont you see how father in law’s (Tettar) hands become tied infront of grandma. Mother in law/Tettar’s wife Rani/Mai scolds her son, she says to elder lady that you have spoilt him, if you talk to in loud tone again then I will shoot you. Head of house says Rani I am trying to explain. Rani says then make him explain. One daughter in law (CT) says he is spoiled. Other daughter in law says he is becoming young and falling in love. Some followers come there with Babbu’s poster. Head says to CT that see brother in law’s poster have come. Mai says CT your brother is looking hero in this poster. CT asks Diamond to bring grandma. Head Tettar Singh says they all follower forgot me. Tettar asks grandma to see her grandson’s photo. Grandma says once my grandson becomes minister then I will be in peace. Tettar says to follower that put his posters all over the place, he asks where is Babbu? CT says he went to cinema with his friends, Tettar is stunned.

Nimki is enjoying Ajay Devgan’s movie in the cinema, suddenly movie is stopped, all start making mess to start it again. One man comes inside cinema, they bring couch. Man announce Babbu to come inside, Babbu comes there in style. Nimki stares at him, all stand up seeing him, Nimki stands up too. He points everyone to sit down. Nimki’s father tells that he is minister’s son Babbu Singh. Babbu sits on couch, one man brings colddrink for him. Nimki says he entered more in style than hero of movie, just see his style. They start movie again. Babbu is enjoying movie. Nimki glances at him and likes his style. Mono asks her to focus on movie. Babbu’s phone rings, CT calls him and says Tettar father is in anger, come soon. Babbu leaves cinema in style. Nimki is impressed.

Babbu arrives home. Tettar says we are trying to make him the minister and he is enjoying movies? One daughter in law says that he doesnt want to become minister, she asks her husband Dablo to stand for the position, he says I am busy in my business. Tettar says he is useless. Mai says to Tettar that why you keep scolding Babbu? Son in law says we have to make his image for the win, he shouldnt be watching movies and spoiling his image. Babbu says I have my image built, everyone stood up when I entered cinema, Babbu’s guard says that manager brought colddrink for him too. Tettar slaps him and says you people are busy in doing cheap antics, I will beat you to pulp. Babbu asks Tettar to not worry, everyone will clap for me tomorrow. Son in law says everything will be cleared in tomorrow’s function, we should meet Sunil today, he is collector’s office, we should talk to him about MLA’s ticket for this campaign. Babbu says to Tettar that I am ready, you just have to change your clothes, Tettar glares at him.

Nimki is going back to her homewith her family, she says the best part of movie was Babbu’s entry, Father says who can stop minister’s son. Nimki says power should be like this. Mauha says what kind of power is this? he stopped movie for everyone, Nimki says its called style.

Babbu shows his poster to grandma and says I am more smart than your son, Mai says she wont praise it infront of me. Babbu says to grandma that you must want to shoot her, he gives her gun, she shoots near Mai, everyone laughs, Mai glares at Tettar.

Father says to Nimki that I will drop you all and go to pick up a fare from Patna airport, I couldnt work these days because of your studies, Mauha says she wanted to go in car for exam, she didnt want to go from bus. Nimki says thats why I have father with car. Someone stops father’s car, he says sir’s car has broken down. Nimki sees big car, Tettar and Babbu are inside car. Nimki says such big car broke? our car is better than it, Babbu’s guard asks father to drop the fare here, father says they are my family, he says so what? drop them here, they can take the tractor, boss is going to use this car. Family gets tensed.

PRECAP- Babbu’s man clears Nimki’s father’s car. She sprinkles pious water in car like it was dirty. Nimki’s family stands on road, Nimki’s father tries to greet Tettar but he dismisses him. Babbu sits in car and says to guard that bus is coming, stop it and ask conductor to not take money from this family. Nimki goes to bus, she is about to sit inside but changes her mind. She comes infront of her car and stops Babbu and Tettar from leaving in their car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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