Udaan 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Bhaiya ji kills Chakor

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Udaan 28th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suraj feeling restless when goons attack Chakor. Mahiya…..plays…. Chakor says Suraj…….. Chakor gets unconscious. Bhaiya ji removes the mask off his face, along with his goons. They laugh that Chakor finally died. Bhaiya ji says you have lost, what did I tell you, I will win some day, I have won. He laughs and says you have cheated me and death many times, this time I have settled the scores.

He asks goons to throw the dead body in river. They drag Chakor. Bhaiya ji says Lord give peace to her soul. Imli comes there and gets socked. She asks did you kill Chakor. Suraj says why do I feel Chakor is in problem and calling me, she would be finding me. Imli asks how could you kill Chakor. She cries and recalls their childhood moments. Udaan hai….plays…. Bhaiya ji says I have killed your sister, my biggest enemy is dead. He points gun at her and says you won’t be saved as you have seen everything which you shouldn’t have, will you go to Chakor, I will send you there, go and cry with her. Imli asks how can you kill me. He asks why, who can stop me. She recalls Vivaan’s words and thinks I will lose my life because of Chakor, she has put me in problem even when she died.

Suraj says its fun that life has ups and downs, but where is Chakor, did she fail to find me. He calls haveli and asks Tejaswini did Chakor come to haveli. Tejaswini says yes, she came and went to your room. He thinks Chakor is going right. He says fine I just had to ask this. He ends call. She says today’s children are strange and smiles. Suraj checks arrangements. He says I should not trouble her much, what’s the need to take her love test, I know she loves me a lot. The goons throw Chakor in the river. Suraj says Chakor will never leave me.

Imli asks Bhaiya ji will he do big mistake. He asks what. She says you killed Chakor, and now you want to kill me, I know you made big plan so that none doubts on me, what will you answer about my death, if both of us disappear, Suraj will come to you, what do you think Suraj will leave you after knowing you killed his love. He says how will I leave you, you will run to Suraj and tell him everything. She aims gun at him. She says I was there standing far when you killed Chakor, I could have stopped you if I wanted, there would be some reason right, its good you killed Chakor. He gets shocked. She says if I say, I didn’t see anything then… He says clever girl, you are clever Chakor’s sister, you will go and tell Suraj. She says no, I will tell Suraj that Chakor left him as she didn’t wish to marry him.

Suraj asks did she leave me again and run away, no why will she run, why is she joking with me. Imli says I want to stay alive. Bhaiya ji asks do you think I m fool, you will not leave me, why are you happy on her death, I have to kill you. He shoots at her hand and gun falls. She stops him. She asks him to listen. She says its true I loved Chakor a lot, she cheated me, she is very selfish, I was following her and thought Suraj will be here, how did you reach here. He says I changed last clue of Suraj’s puzzle, Chakor reached here. FB shows Bhaiya ji changing Suraj’s sign.

Imli folds hands and says I m thankful that you saved me from this sin, I also wanted to kill her, its good you killed Chakor. He looks on shocked. She says I hate her a lot, I regret that she is gone, but I can’t get her back to fulfill my revenge, I won’t get happiness to send you to jail, we should help each other, when I tell Suraj that Chakor has left him, you have to decide, shoot me or hold my hand. She asks him about the deal. He gets thinking.

Imli cries and tells Suraj that Chakor said she will not stay in marriage trap, she has to fly, so she has gone forever. Imli burns Chakor’s belongings and says its your love funeral.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/BYV7EKnFdvx/?hl=en
    Link to new toi spoliers obvious disgusting imli joins kamal cant believe she burns chakor clothes and suraj is not dumb to believe chakor ran away once vivaan gains consciousness her game will be over as he will tell suraj that this mental imli is behind all this

  2. Thanks for the update Amina
    Chakor isn’t dead guys, just unconscious. Imli is the worst.
    Currently I’m skipping the episodes, I can’t take it.

    1. Terrible episode

    2. Same here. It’s terrible .

  3. Poor chakor?i cant believe they did that to her piyal thank u for toi spoliers imli is the worst most disgusting sister in the world suraj knows chakor better suraj wont beleive her nonsense accroding to toi the people find chakor on Friday why so late i hate this imli cheap loser what is she doing around suraj most likely chakor will have memory loss i think chakor will return for her revenge agianst kamal naryan and will have a comebk in a new avtaar it will be same chakor but in a new format whilst kamal and imli will be shocked as they will think chakor is dead i hate imli disgusting i honestly cant wait wen she goes jail i hate her in toi she is mostly doing scenes wirh suraj i hope suraj ignores her and concentrates finding chakor i wont br happy if cvs show suraj believes imli….as sukor love is stronger than cheap imli instigating looks like suraj will only get clues but wont find chakor as othet people help chakor will chakor body be reported to the police will ajay return and help chakor…but please cvs i cant stand cheap imli only reason cvs brought kamal to stab imli is so that somewhat she looks pure atleast kamal is the villian but imli is no devi cvs i dont care she is evil i hate her

  4. Sukorian

    what a b*t*h this Imli ?????? wanna give her a tight slap n kill her instead of Chakor she should have died stabbed

  5. When suraj goes near da lakeside he may find some clue about chakor. Hope he doesn’t beleive dat b*t*h

  6. I’m announcing in advance that if suraj believes imli at one point or even starts having slightest doubt on chakor,i swear i’ll bash here his character as much as possible.

  7. Imli is the worst sister .Charlie has done lot for her happiness but what the hell she is doing with Charlie. Hope Vivan won’t forgive imli for her sin

  8. Shreya.

    Feeling very bad for my sukor…..am literally crying ????????? don’t know how to overcome ?? i know our chakor is alive bt still ????? nd suraj his worries for chakor nd he said na ‘what’s d need to take her love test’ nd d way he checks d arrangements na place d chair properly nd touch d spoons ???? feeling very bad for suraj… He don’t know what happened to his chakor..nd chakor she says Suraj na before going unconscious state ??????????? feeling very bad for my chakor ?????

    I just want to kill tat stupid idiot Kn ji, Imli nd d goons shikhu ??????????????????????????? want to slap in their faces continuously ???????????????

  9. Means this whole week we cnt see chakor n should tolerate this imli drama..no no no ..means inthis wk trp wl be 0
    Not interested in serial udaan after watching this track

  10. i will only watch thursday and friday epsiode as they will be about chakor cant wait to see what will happen hopefully chakor survives will cvs carry on the same day becoz this will mean chakor was left in the lake for atleast 3 days before the local people discover her so it wont make sense if chakor some how survives as she was also stabbed…becoz no1 can survive being drowened for a long time imli cheap disgusting she fakes her and vivaan accident and asks suraj for help somehow i feel she will want suraj bk once vivaan runs for his life from her until thrusday i cannot watch these epsidoes based on this imli she is worst sister anyone can wish for i want suraj to scream at imli if she tries insitgating suraj against chakor i hate imli the only way this suraj will strangle this imli or kamal is if vivaan gains conciouness and tells suraj everything since vivaan was also hit in the head twice and chakor also injured will vivaan and chakor forget thier memory and remember that they once loved each other …could this be possible…i can so see cvs wanna vimli big remaarige with sukor im sorry i will not be able to watch that plot at all trp udaan stands at 13 meaning its making its way bk but thanks to imli i will be suprised if it lasts in top 20 this week

  11. Felt like crying today seeing sukor. I think suraj will believe imli because he trusts imli as a good friend until vivan tells the truth and moreover Chakor s things will not be seen at her house. He does not know imli is changed. He knows imli loves chakor.

  12. Feel so bad for chakor on Friday epsiode we will finally get know what happenes to poor chakor imli is so evil how can she burn chakor things she is so selfish even after chakor got stabbed she made herself look like the victim suraj knows him nd chakor are married already so its dumb for suraj to beleive imli suraj also knows that chakor was worried for vimli i cant believe no1 in rajvnashi family doubts what happened to vivaan if wen vivaan went mad he did tell some1 his feelings wen he was impotent he told chakor he expressed his heart to ragini and he informed suraj about kamal plan against chakor i cant beleive no1 is taking imli word for everything even that he left his mobile this imli so cheap i also think vivaan life is in danger he is weak been locked up for ages and been hit on the head twice what if vivaan loses his memory i wont be able to watch if suraj starts to even believe imli but suraj will find clues and he may doubt imli.

  13. Imli is disgusting no1 can justify her behaviour before her supporters were saying it was a trauma for poor imli who losf her child she is just a jealous b*t*h who couldnt see chakor happy she is enjoying everymoment seeing sukor suffer the same sukor who done so much for her i cant believe she sed to kamal if u harm me suraj will kill u is she for real she still thinks suraj wants her and will protect her i hope suraj teaches her a lesson i wanma see her suffer so bad and i dont want no1 to help that b*t*h

  14. Cvs got what they want they got thier imli what they did to chakor is disgusting (guys i to want chakor to be alive)what i dont get is according to toi chakor will be found thursday and in pics suraj is in different colored clothes meaning chakor is drowning in that lake for atleast 3 days idk how cvs will try to make it possible for chakor to be alive becoz she was also stabbed amd it wont make any sense if chakor is still breathing after gettinh stasbed and shoved in a very deep lake i quit watching until ik if chakor is gone or not only mistake kamal made was not shooting imli even kamal stated that chakor loved imli more than herslef even in fb chakor always wanted her imlu happy whilst her imli wanted her dead so sad what a disgusting spit on the face that is for chakor 4everything chakor did 4 her…the big problem is suraj knows chakor main goal is to free azaadganj and will take any opportunity to free every1 in precap suraj gets angry but i think its becoz he trusts imli as a friend but later he will cool down and will remember that chakor camd in haveli after looking for him that was the purpose of tejswani phone call suraj finds it all unsusal and starts to look for chakor he promises bhavan and kaustri he will find chakor poor chakor we won’t see her until Thursday so i canf watch tommorw or wednesday episode i wont be happy if suraj listens to imli rathef then trusting his love this is a love tesf for suraj once again i felt like cryinh seeing chakor like that imli mean b*t*h she sed she dont care about kamal or what he did she only cares for herself vivaan is the only hope to see imli suffer i do think chakor stabbing will be revlead but she will get blame i hope she rots

  15. so sadwala epi.feel bad for sukor.they can’t complete their dreams being togather always and it is very sorrowful that suraj lost his DPji.plz suraj try to find chakor and slap imli hard.

  16. welcome back Shreya di?long time di!where u been ?Are u angry with us?then why don’t u comment here u all miss u badly.u are always active on IG than why not here?
    Your comment is very valuable here.plz try to comment her always.
    love u di.

  17. guys chakor has reached varanasi

    1. Thanks sharon, saw the clip. Chakor is found by a monk. Friday is worth watching not sure about Thursday.
      So the question now is will Chakor lose her memory or not and will she return with her real identity or a fake one.
      Vivaan’s fate is also a mystery, will he fall into coma or suffer partial memory loss.

      1. Sukorian

        oh f**k what the hell is going on with the serial hope they r not doing more confusion between them.

  18. guys one more this imli is become a LS for sukor as he is instigating suraj so much and she is forcing him to perform chakor last rites and our suraj also coming in her words

    please CV dont do this at least suraj should believe chakor that she did not cheat him

    friends we should all request CV to stop this

    becoz i cant see suraj hating chakor

    1. Where did she force him to do that? is there a new olv?

      Imli will try to turn them both against each other, this is her role in this track,

    2. If you mean serial gossip article. They’re always wrong, yesterday they said suraj and vivaan will save imli and chakor. they’ve a bad track record in udaan spoilers.

  19. guys one more update suraj has come in the words of imli and believing that chakor cheated him

    1. It is so hard to believe.I want to see the episode myself before judging.

  20. Episode – 860
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 29 Aug Set Alert
    More show timings
    Imli gets worried when Vivaan does not regain consciousness; Sooraj finds courage and goes to Kasturi and Bhuwan to tell them that Chakor will be back soon.
    Episode – 861
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 30 Aug Set Alert
    More show timings
    Kamal Narayan gets shocked when Imli informs him she is not pregnant. Later, Imli pretends to meet with an accident with Vivaan and calls Sooraj for help.
    Episode – 862
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 31 Aug Set Alert
    More show timings
    A group of people find Chakor’s body and decide to take her to the hospital; everyone get shocked when they learn that Imli has lost her child.

  21. Piyal

    New olv suraj believes chakor left him? chakor will lose memory and a new identity will be created for chakor as she will be part of monks this reminds of season 1 chakor were she stayed with different types of people wen she went mumbai cvs have done wrong showing suraj believing imli i think vivaan will suffer memory loss and i have a feeling imli will end up with suraj the way things r going

  22. http://tellyreviews.com/2017/08/29/imlis-madness-torment-vivaan-udaan/
    New olv Thursday nd Wednesday episode imli fakes an accident and says that how vivaan got injured and that’s how she lost her baby im sorry i wont be liking suraj in this track chakor already married him and he knew chakor life is still in danger as some1 wanted to kill her…only last week he wasnt ready to leave her alone in the making of this big seperation track cvs will ruin suraj yet again as he will believe imli word for word and he now thinks chakor left the baasti and him! Whilst thankfully chakor survives but she will have new identity…so in future chakor will somehow return to baasti but wont know any1 suraj will be pissedof and will start to go against chakor as he believes imli dont know what vivaan condition is kamal and imli will make every1 bundua again i so feel imli will go bk by suraj and she will try to be the rani of the haveli so in the end suraj character will get damaged as i will only support chakor whilst he forgot his love and only listening to imli?

  23. This b*t*h?hate her never liked her after season 2 leap even wen sje acted good it was all fake cvs wrecked suraj up during bundua track they made him stupid cux he blindly believed kamal they same guy that turned him bundua and now this b*t*h idk why cvs damaging suraj further! But some pics show suraj by the lake we all know suraj is hot headed as chakor always emphasised i think aftet cooling down suraj will remember the memories and will think chakor would never leave him like that many noticed suraj also had a longer beard so those pics are future scenes were suraj will start to find chakor slippers around the lake…and will start to realise somthing happened to chakor suraj also phoned tejswani and she told him that chskor did come to the roomonly problem is thst b*t*h broke the crystalball i hope after sukor reunite if she is still around it will be hard to watxh if cvs dont do that instead and show suraj believing imli i will stop watchinh? saw chakor interview chakor will have new identity name dresscode and life she will be same chakor but with memory loss chakor reaches banaras and will have a new life there she also said after some over dramatic scenes chakor survives but she says the reason for less olv and she only sed she wont reveal how she survives is so that it is suspenseful and viewrs r glued on to watch what happeens futher she also sed the storylines will change and there will be much more twists and different concepts to the show whixh r much diffrent to what was happening in current story…how can cvs justify suspence and aspect audince to stsy glued on to see imli no this will only damage trps and no one will stay glued on so for the next month we shall see 10 minutes of chakor new life and 15 mins of imli life and how she wanna rule azaadganj and how she insitgates suraj really cvs

    1. I meant suraj got wrecked up during buchua track for the b*t*h its obvious vivasn wont be around otherwise the b*t*hes drama would end in reality cvs separated sukor so we see more imli the storyline is about her and her revenge sukor will play sidelines to her story

  24. Typical suraj will believe imli chakor will have a new life suraj will return being negative after he feels that chakoe abounded him azaadganj will become slaves of kamal whilst kamal and imli will be the rulers suraj will turn evil again and will follow the rules of kamal whilst vivaan will be lcocked up or in a coma and imli will try getting suraj for power etc since chakor has lost memory and there’s limited that vivaan will tell truth its obvious imli will get closer to suraj as she also lost her child dont tell me cvs will actually plan imli to marry suraj as in buchua track she proposed to suraj

    1. I’ll believe it when i see it myself..whether suraj believed imli or not…if such thing happens,then ‘sukor’ will lose credibility as a couple.The strength and chemistry of a couple builds up on the foundation of mutual understanding,trust,not by showing scenes repeatedly where they keep falling on each other or are about to kiss.

      1. Piyal

        i agree with u sukor as a couple will lose credibility if suraj blindly trusts imli word for word suraj character will also lose charisma if suraj returns being evil and goes bk with kamal the main purpose of bundua track was for suraj redemention to turn positive it wont make sense after everything kamal did to sukor if suraj returns bk to chakor but azaadganj will become bunduas again as kamal sed that now chakor is gone his power is bk

  25. Sukorian

    I won’t watch this track for sure ???

  26. Sukorian


    I can’t believe this the memory lost is true

  27. Sukorian

    I have a feeling when they were out on camping Suraj held the gun in her n she trusted him he won’t shoot maybe this will be the clue for her to gain her memory back I just hope Suraj won’t believe in Imli

  28. Hi guys how r u all.after a long time do u all remember me?my exams r knocking at the door so I was preparing for that and also my cell phone has got damaged.anyways miss u all and welcome to all the newcomers.back to the current track of udaan nothing to talk about impi I just hope in real life god do not give such a cheap sister to anybody?? and about chakor I hope they will not replace Meera and chakor will back again and about surah omg such a big idiot he has become to come in the words of imli??.eagerly waiting for the next episodes and thanks amena di for the fast updates….

    1. @Madhu missed your comments!You are right.Nothing to talk about the current episodes..

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