Service Wali Bahu 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Service Wali Bahu 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gulkan telling Jogeshwar she will give him some time to arrange back her dowry, else she will come and take it herself. Jogeshwar says he told her he will return after some days, else he will go back to his hut. Gulkan asks not to make drama and takes car with her. Jogeshwar irks, but Jaiswal asks him to calm down as bahu/Gulkan is gone at last.

Jogeshwar reaches with Guddan, Rajath and Indu just then. Jogeshwar and Santoshi greet them in and Santoshi asks to have snacks. Indu says they will have it after tilak ritual. Santoshi whisphers in Guddi’s ear to check what gifts they brought. Dev stops her. Bhuvaneshwar starts tilak ceremony and gives gift boxes. Jogeshwar says he will not accept gifts. Indu asks Santoshi to explain Jogeshwar. Santoshi takes him to a corner and asks him to grab whatever they brought. Jogeshwar says she is very cunning and says he will kill her, then she can go up with these gifts. He says she should think big and thing of bringing service wali bahu soon. She says he is right.

Neelu says Payal though she is a service wali bahu, she should take leave for her honeymoon. Payal says she cannot. Neelu says she at least extend her marriage leaves and says she should go to Kashmir, agra, Shimla, Kerala, then says she will pack her tiffin, she and inju can go to nearby Tata Jubilee park. Alka who is hearing their conversation laughs.

Guddan asks Jogeshwar at least to take some gifts, but Jogeshwar says no. Servant brings tea. Rajath drops tea on his clothes by mistake and goes with servant basanti to clean himself. He sees Jogeshwar’s pic and asks Basanti why Dev’s brother and sister-in-law not stay here, what is the problem. Jogeshwar comes there and asks him to ask him instead of servant and says he did not hide anything from them. Bhuvaneshwar and Guddan come and ask what is he asking. Jogeshwar says Rajath is asking servant about his elder son and daughter-in-law instead of him. Bhuvaneshwar scolds Rajath. Jogeshwar says he will explain Rajath and says his son fought with him and left and he does not want to scratch his wound. Guddan says he already stopped Rajath, but he did not listen to him and asks to apologize Jogeshwar. Jogeshar says who is he to forgive and asks Bhuvaneshwar not to scold Rajath at home.

They all then come down. Santoshi asks what were they talking. Jogeshwar says it is men’s talk and he will tell her later. Dev gives Indu a gift to give it to Payal. Bhuvaneshwar says they will leave now and asks Jogeshwar again to accept gift. Jogeshwar picks a fruit and says he will keep it in pooja and asks servants to keep gifts back in Bhuvaneshwar’s car. Once they leaves, Jogeshwar and family relaxes. Guddi says he has to get a permanent solution for Gulkan.

Bhuvaneshwar reaches home with family and tells Indu about Rajath’s mistake. Rajath comes and she scolds him. Rajath apologizes. Payal asks dad to forgive Rajath as he is worried about her. Dad continues scolding. Rajath gives him money and says it is his gift for Payal’s marriage. Indu asks how did he get so much money. Rajath says he sold his and Alka’s jewelry. Everyone are shocked to hear this. Dad asks if he has gone mad and asks him to take back this money and bring jewelry back. Rajath says he wants to help him, but as he thinks, he is not capable, he just wants to help him in his sister’s marriage and he does not value jewelry and will buy it one day with his hard earned money. Dad gets emotional and hugs him.

Precap: Dev and Payal promote DID Super Moms serial. Jogeshwar hires bodyguards and asks him not to let Gulkan inside home. She slaps bodyguards and enters home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What a serial!!!!!!! Bodyguards to protect from their own daughter in law…………what a shame

  2. This soapy is like boring and silly

  3. Can someone who understands this soap explain it to me?Boredom,Boredom,Boredom!

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