Sadda Haq 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Agarwal says to anju are you out of your mind? you think you can interfere in my decision. Anju says I just wanted to.. agarwal says we have talked about it already, if you say a word i will be worst. Anju says to lawyer you said papers can’t be transferred until we all agree. There are still some problems. We can’t name it yet. Lawyer leaves. Agarwal says you think you can rule this house? sanyu says don’t take sanyu’s right from her. You know reality is that sanyu can lead factory better than ankit. He is about to slap her but leaves in anger.

Sanyu says finally i took a shower. Vidushi says what is happening, they are concealing something. sanyu says i think there is some problem at my home too.

Anju serves the food. she says the food is ready you are mad at me. don’t punish the food. Agarwal ignores her and leaves. sanyu calls anju and asks is everything okay at home? anju says yes, sanyu says what would happen here? She is in tears. sanyu says are you crying? Anju says i was just coughing, i was cooking i will talk to you later.

Scene 2
Next morning sanyu wonders what is happening in my house. she is walking in basket ball ground. Randhir screams sanyu move, she is about to slip randhir holds her. radnhir says couldn’t you listen? Sanyu says why did you confuse me? randhir says yes i confused you? sanyu says why are you concerned about me and my life problems? he says what problem? is your dad planning your wedding again? sanyu says i will give you card do come, she leaves.

All the students wonder why there are no classes. They see eklavia talking to someone. randhir says lets go and ask him. They all go to his cabin. randhir says what is the problem? there are no lectures, no water no electricity. Parth says we see all teachers talking on phone. EKlavia says this is all part of endurance test. to check if you can handle in extreme situations. sahil says why there are no lectures. Eklavia says teachers are busy with something. that is enough for you to know, now go and study.

sanyu calls ankit. He says why have you called me early in the morning? sanyu says i wanted to thank you. He says for what? sanyu says for the way you are handling everything, home, papa’s stress, work. he says you could say that later. sanyu says i was so happy to think about all this. Everything is set. He says there is one problem only, you. maa is fighting with papa because of you. she wants him to give you share in factory. She has spoken in front of papa for first time and he is mad at her. Snayu says i am coming home. he says you don’t need to. Papa will be bugged to see you. sanyu hangs up, she says maa didn’t tell me anything.

Parth says did you guys got anything? randhir says he was not clear. Yoyo says forget it all lets go for movie. they all agree. Vidushi gets dressed and says sanyu lets go for the movie. sanyu says i don’t wanna go. Vidushi says what will you do here alone? sanyu says i don’t wanna go. Vidushi says its upto you then, come when you want.
They all gather. randhir says is everyone here? Vidushi says sanyu isn’t she said she wasn’t in mood to. Randhir pretends like he has got a call. He says i can’t come for movie, there is some important work. i took online assignment, he wants it in 1 hour. parth says okay do your work. randhir says what is her silly stupid reason now? Randhir goes and clambers in her room. Randhir says give me my assignment back. you took it 4 weeks ago. sanyu says i don’t have any assignment. Sanyu says i know why you are doing this but i don’t have strength to fight? He says what shock is not letting you end this melo drama? sanyu hugs her in tears. He says there is no problem of water, you can supply them water. sanyu tells him everything. He says you wont go home and confront the problem, you will stay here and keep crying. he goes out.

they all come back from movie. Parth says you were watching romantic scene with so much interest? Vidushi says the hero was so handsome that i wanted to eat. He says i have muscles too. Vidushi says he is hero you are normal. she says you look hotter in jealousy. He says but you are not hotter that the heroin. Vidshui grabs him by collar and says shut up.

Agarwal is not well. Anju says please eat something. He is coughing. Ankit gives her medicine. Agarwal calls his mom and says i can’t handle this anymore. no one is here to take care of me. my daughter was out f my hands already and now my wife is also standing for everything. come and handle me i don’t have any daughter or wife. sanyu comes in anju is shocked to see her.


Precap-sanyu says papa was our relationship so weak that you forgot it so easily? and maa? she did everything for this house. when she can fight for me i can handle her responsibility as well.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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