Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahilya dropping the prasas seeing Kavita’s insult. She sees Anjali there and gets angry. Anjali asks Kavita not to worry and talks to pandit, asking how can she stop her if she wants to do puja with devotion, problem can come in anyone’s life, we should support her. The pandit says she does not have mangalsutra and does not say her husband’s name, maybe she is lying and she is unmarried. Ahilya stares at Anjali’s mangalsutra. The pandit gives the things back to everyone after the puja. Anjali takes it and sees Kavita. Kavita gets sad and leaves from there.

Sid and Jyoti want to give the good news to Renuka. Renuka is at her rude style and Sid tells her that Jyoti is pregnant. Renuka smiles and gets glad. She asks Jyoti is she pregnant. Jyoti nods. Renuka thanks Bappa and asks why did they not say before, why are they saying now, you would have shown after baby’s birth. She scolds Sid for not sharing this and hiding it. Sid says I got to know three days back. Renuka gets annoyed. Sid says I wanted a good time to tell you. Renuka asks did you think my bad sight will affect Jyoti. He says don’t say bad. She cries and scolds Jyoti. She goes from there. Jyoti gets sad.

Shlok teaches the kids and Poornima looks on. She says not bad Ballu, your English is very good. He says I know a bit. Mishti says why are you lying, I heard you talking well in English. He gets Astha’s call and says I will come, till then kids study. He goes. She thinks whenever she tries to talk to her, she could not. Sid comes to Renuka and says she is misunderstanding, they told the good news to her first, new member is coming in our life and you are annoyed. She smiles and says it will be good when my grandson comes, Anaya is not our blood, now my heir will come. Sid says don’t think this, how can you do such biasing, so much happened with her, she never complains and you…. Jyoti comes and Renuka says own baby is own and others is others. Jyoti cries and leaves. Sid says she respects you and you always insult her, for me, both babies will be same.

Astha waits for Shlok. He brings tea and she shuts the door. She tells about Ankush’s marriage. He says its tomorrow. She says we need to buy a gift, I m his sister and you are his brother in law, and gives him money. He says he has money, and asks her to keep it. She asks how did he get money when he gives his salary to her. He says he saved. She says not bad, you learnt from Mumbai business, how will we go, I can’t take leave. He says his student Shontu will manage everything. She says her husband is very intelligent and smiles. He says indeed.

Ahilya and Kavita come home. She asks Kavita to listen to her and cries. Rashmi asks what happened to her. Ahilya says nothing and goes. Rashmi tells Pradeep don’t know whats going on. He says why should we think, let it be. Kavita comes to her room and gets sad recalling the ladies taunts in the temple. Ahilya comes to her and cries. She gets angry and asks did she see what did she get by having devotion to Lord, why does she do puja and have belief, he did not hear any of her prayers. She says where was the Lord when you were getting insulted, he was even silent years ago when you got insulted years ago, he did not do anything, but I m your mum and I can’t see this silently. She leaves.

Jyoticries and says she forgot that Maa can think this, then Sid will also think this one day that Anaya is not his blood, if he starts doing biasing with Anaya, no, I can’t let this happen, what should I do Bappa, I m in dilemma, I have happiness in one side and other side is worry. She says if anything happens to Anaya by the coming baby, how will I meet my eyes, today Sid is with me, what about tomorrow.

Niranjan comes home and asks Sojal about Anjali. She says she may be coming now. Anjali comes home and is sad. He asks what happened, you look worried, sit. She tells him about the lady whom she met in temple, she met even today when he went, bad happened with her, the ladies have insulted her, she was wishing to do her husband’s traiditons and she always looks scared, I think her husband left her, pandit ji refused to do puja for her and it was felt incomplete, as her husband could not come, I m worried for her. He gives her water and says her husband can have any reason for not coming.

Anjali says the lady is very nice, why did her husband not come, he has let his wife get insulted. He asks her to have water. Sojal says she forgot to say Varad got gifts for Mala and Ankush, and sarees for Kalindi, I did gift wrap without showing, worry. Anjali says you did well. He asks Niranjan not to worry, the day will come when he can buy his choice of gift for Ankush, as Shlok and Astha are working and everything wll be fine. He nods.

Sid asks Jyoti to have food and she refuses. She confronts him abiut Renuka and will he also love Anaya yes. He says how can she think this, she is the witness of our relation, I love her a lot, our baby will not bring any change, and holds her hand to pacify her. He says he loved Anaya more than her. She hugs him, and happily cries. Ahilya recalls Anjali and breaks things. Poornima runs to her and asks why is she angry. Shlok and Astha come there. Ahilya says she is very angry, Kavita got much insulted in temple and she could not do anything. Astha signs don’t know to Shlok. Poornima says I will call Indrajeet. Ahilya says no, lave me alone for sometime. She goes. Astha says who has done Kavita’s insult. Shlok says this is nothing, they have to cry blood tears once I get POA, don’t know what will she break then.

Ahilya tells Indrajeet that she wants Anjali’s mangalsutra in Kavita’s neck. Indrajeet says Anjali will not be in Niranjan’s life, the mangalsutra which changed Kavita’s life, I will bring and keep it in your hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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