Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 28

Abhi was still carrying Pragya all the way from the hostel to where he parked his car outside the hostel. Pragya “At least now u can leave me down! It’s so embarrassing when all others are giggling at us!” Abhi “I don’t care about others! I have to carry my life not them!” Pragya, Oh god! What’s with him and why is he nowadays telling so much of filmy dialogues!

Abhi made her sit on the car’s front seat and he too sat down beside her. Abhi “Ok let’s leave!” Pragya “Huh? Wait! Wait!” Abhi “Why?” Pragya “I need to talk to u now!” Abhi “We can talk on the way too…” Pragya “No! I want to talk to u now!” Abhi “Alright….what’s the matter?” Pragya “I can’t and won’t leave….” Abhi thought for a while and Pragya tapped his shoulder and he came back to senses. Abhi “Why?” Pragya “I told u before right I just want to be alone for a while….” Abhi was looking straight and never turned to see her. Pragya “I am telling u something and why are u not responding?” Abhi “If I responded will u come back with me?” Pragya “No but….” Abhi “Then why do I have to respond?”
Pragya, Oh no! Now he is angry with me ah? Now what do I do?
Abhi “If that’s the case then let me give a solution for this…..” Pragya “What’s that?”. Abhi “Ok u can leave but….” Pragya “But?” Abhi “You have to…..” Pragya “I have to….?” Abhi “Choose…..” Pragya was getting impatient now and shouted “Can u just complete your sentence and tell me what I have to do?” Abhi “It’s not what u have to do but what u have to do for me!” Pragya placing her hands on head gave a very big sigh. Pragya “Ok tell me…” Abhi “I will come to your hostel every day! You have to somehow make that happen!” Pragya “What??? It’s a ladies hostel! Not hotel! How can I make that happen?” Abhi “I don’t know but if u agree to this then I will let u leave! If not u have to come with me to my house!”
Pragya looked completely confused on how to convince the hostel warden and other staff regarding this. Abhi, Now she have no choice but have to come with me!
Pragya “I will go and talk to them and will come back to inform u!” Abhi “Are u crazy? How can they agree for this?” Pragya with a smirk “Who do u think I am? I can do anything and that too convincingly!” By saying that Pragya got down from the car leaving Abhi puzzled.
Abhi, Why did I never thought that she always do crazy things like this! And now I too came up with something like that! Will she be able to convince them?
After about half an hour, Pragya came out of the hostel smiling broadly. She ran towards his car and seeing that Abhi got down from the car. Abhi “What happened?” Pragya “They agreed to it! But one condition! You can only come and see me from 7 am to 9 am!” Abhi “WHAT?? How is this possible? Why did they agree?” Pragya “You want this only right?” Abhi in frustration said “Haan but….” Pragya “Bye! See you tomorrow!” Abhi was about to tell something but she just turned away and ran back to the hostel…..

The next day:
Abhi, So early and that too at 7 am! I had to wake up at 5 am just to get ready! This Pragya just made my life miserable of making my sleep to be lost! How can she even do like that? She is totally unpredictable!!
After mumbling to himself, he drove off to the hostel and entered the place sleepily. He smiled at the receptionist but she stared at him in anger. Abhi just walked off from there, and was wandering why she stared like that! While walking towards Pragya’s room, he saw the hostel warden who gave a disgusting look towards him.
Abhi, What is this? I am smiling at these people but they are giving all kinds of unpleasant looks! Are they trying to spoil my mood and that too early in the morning!!
He was about to knock on the door when the hostel warden came beside him. Abhi “Good morning mam!” Hostel warden “I was trying to restrict myself but I couldn’t! How can u even do like this?” Abhi “What did I do?” Hostel warden “Like all men u are also asking the same question! Thank god! At least now Pragya came here and can live peacefully!” Abhi in confusion asked “What do u mean?” Hostel warden “Don’t try to act! Pragya had told us everything that u are angry at her and she was scared of your torture to her! How can u do like this to her when she is pregnant? I just can’t tolerate men like u who always torture women and that too when they are weak physically! But let me tell u it’s just physically they are weak but not mentally!” By saying that she walked off from there and Abhi was gritting his teeth in anger.
Abhi knocked the door hardly and Pragya opened the door. Abhi stormed inside. He just closed the door and locked it. Pragya “What are u doing?” Abhi “How can u say I tortured u?” Pragya “Oh so u know that?” Abhi pulled her forcefully and made her lie on the bed as for Abhi was lying on top of her. Pragya “Move away!” Abhi “Do I even like a person who torture anyone? And that too if someone is pregnant?” Pragya “I had no idea other than that!” She couldn’t look into his fury eyes and she was keep on looking away from him. Abhi was still on top of Pragya and asked “How can u even accuse falsely someone whom u love?” Pragya “Maybe now I never love u that’s why I can accuse u easily!” Abhi held her face harshly making sure that she faces him. Abhi “What did u say?” Pragya “I am telling u that I don’t love u anymore!” Abhi “Liar!” Pragya “No! I am telling the truth!” Abhi “Really?” Pragya “Yes!” Abhi “Then since I love u, I shall do what u want me to do!” Pragya “What do u mean?” Abhi “Make u pregnant and give u torture through that!” Pragya “What?? How can u?” Abhi “Let me make your accusations of me to be true! I just want to torture u my love!” Abhi moved even closer to Pragya and she tried to move away but in vain. Abhi looked at how nervous was Pragya and he smirked. Pragya “I love u!” Abhi “This is just to escape from my torture! Let me do the torture first! Then u have to love me only!” Pragya “No! I was out of my mind just now and now I am fine!” Abhi cupped her face and asked “How is that possible?” Pragya “I…was just…..” Abhi “Why are u not completing your sentence?” Pragya was lost in his closeness and was breathing heavily like never before. Abhi suddenly moved away from her and stood up. Pragya sat up on the bed and looked puzzled of his sudden actions. Abhi “Remember Pragya! I know very well why u are doing all this! But trust me that I will show u the way to solve all your problems! And don’t even dare to say that I will torture you! It is a torture to me to even hear something like that!” Pragya “I am sorry….” Abhi “I will never torture my loved ones! I would like to be tortured for my loved ones….I know u just did it for fun or may be for me to hate u! But I can’t accept that Pragya! I am again telling u if u want to leave me then it’s not easy now….as I can’t leave from u! It’s the same for u too! Why can’t u understand that?” Pragya went behind and hugged Abhi from back. Pragya “I am sorry…I am really sorry….I was just trying to…..” Abhi “Never even try to leave me!” Pragya “I won’t but….” Abhi slowly removed her hands from the hug and turned to face her. Abhi “Just wait Pragya! I will settle everything!” Pragya just hugged and stayed in his hug hearing his heart beat. It sounded to her like as if his heart beating for her love…..Abhi “You are just trying to complicate things when I am here to simplify them…..” He hugged her closely to him and felt like not leaving her from his hug…..
Pragya, I just did it for fun but deep inside my heart I knew it would hurt you….and I thought that would cause you to hate me! But whatever is happening is all in the opposite way that I thought of! I thought you would leave me for hurting u! In the end, u are hurting me with your love! How can I leave u without hurting u? I hope I can find a solution for this……

It’s not about being together but it’s about being altogether filled with love in our lives….

I know u all could feel why Pragya is like this and Abhi is not telling how he would settle her problems! And ya so what is Pragya’s problem in the first place? U all will know…just wait for it as very soon it will be revealed!

Thank u once again for playing game with me and glad to know of so many places! I had great time googling, some just recalling and guessing! Now I can add all those places on my travel list! So thanks for that too! I have replied everyone in the previous updates! Do check for my answers and get back to me whenever u all are free and no hurries guys!

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