SwaSan! I Love You!!{Episode-13}

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Swasan were standing facing eachother in the bus… Sanskar was smiling looking at her ….while swara was just staring him
The bus starts …swara falls on sanskar by the sudden movement of bus …due to thz Her eyes was closed in fear
He smiles and was staring her lovingly ….her cute beautiful face ……her nose on which there will be always anger was making him more crazy abt her … But something was disturbing him to take a view of his lady love .. It is her hairs strands which is floating on her face …he smiles and tucks it behind her ears

{Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyaar hai ..BG plays }

She feels his touch on her soft and immediately opens her eyes
…..looks at him who was looking at her so deeply and lovingly
She avoids the eye contact and takes off her hand which was clutching his shirt tightly

Swara:wo…mmmmm …haan
(Looks around) where is rags
Sanskar: she might be with shlok on the other side of bus (smiles)
Swara:hmm okay
Sanskar: (smiles teasingly) waise u and me àre standing so close to each other ….aren’t u feeling something something sweetheart ??
Swara:? don’t u have better work rather than irritating me
Sanskar: i have …u don’t know darling how much work do I have … I’m planning so many things for our future …our marriage our first night our kids …??
Swara:?arrrggg it is waste to talk with u …idiot
Sanskar: (smiles) yes I am but only urs idiot??

She turns looking at him angrily
He smiles seeing her anger coz he always love to irritate her only to see anger on her cute nose
Now swara’s back was facing Sanskar ….there was slight blush on her face hearing his talks which she doesn’t wanted to show him …so turned

Swara:(mind) pagal …(smiles)



Ragini is busy chatting with laksh on her mobile ….where as shlok was staring a aunty continuously … The aunty notices thz and looks at him in anger
But he was still staring her
She gets irritated yet angry by his behavior…. Goes towards him and slaps him hard …
He holds his cheeks in pain and ragini looks at them

Aunty: ?don’t u have manners
Shlok:wat did I do??
Aunty: ?don’t keep thz innocent faces huh! …chii I’m ur mothers age …and u r staring me have some shame …..jobless fellow

She leaves from there ….

Ragini: wat happen bhai …y tat anuty was scolding u ?
Shlok:??? raguuuuu (hugs her) my mouth was watering seeing tat aunty’s tiffin box …so I was staring it …but tat aunty aaahhhhh all r sooo bad aaaaa?????

Ragini chuckles …


Sanskar was staring swara continuously from side with a cute smile….she feels it and gets irritate

Swara:??stop staring me

He smiles and pulls her by her waist …her back crushes his hard tone chest ….he goes closer to her ear leaving his hot breath on her soft shoulder and whisphers in her ears

Sanskar: my wish darling
I’m staring my property only ??

She looks at him from side … He winks at her …she gets angry and struggles to frees herself from his grip …but he smiles and tightens his grip on her

Swara:? leave me ..
Sanskar: no never in my life I will u my wifey ??

Sanskar smiles and places his hand on her milky bare belly which is visible as she was wearing a crop top ….. Her eyes widen ? in shock ….as she felt a current passed through her body …
He smiles naughtily and caresses her milky belly passionately
She breaths heavily closing her eyes feeling his touch. … He makes circles on her belly button with a naughty smile while she bites her lower lip to control her moans ….he smiles teasingly and pinches her belly hardly ..takes off his hand back ….she immediately opens her eyes ?
Sanskar chuckles and pulls her cheeks… She looks at him angrily ?? …

A man was standing behind Sanskar he was staring swara lustily

Man:(to Sanskar) hello ..

He taps Sanskar’s shoulder … He turns and looks at the man confusedly ….the man smiles like a lusty devil & whisphers to him

Man: (points swara lustily) maal mast hai …(keeps hands on his shoulder) dekh bhai still now u were standing behind her and was enjoying her ….now it’s my turn …u come here …let me stand in ur place and enjoy tat s*xy girl (lustily looking at swara)

Sanskar eyes turned red hearing him … Anger was clearly visible in his eyes …he cluthed his fist tightly in anger and shouts

Sanskar: (shouts in anger)? stopppppppppppp

The bus stops immediately … He holds the man’s collar

Man:ayy ayy leave me ..

He shows him a finger to keep quite with anger ….and takes his mobile …dails a number …
Raglok also comes there by his shout ….swaraginilok was looking at him in confuse

*on call*

Sanskar: (anger yet bossy tone) Aman send a car at xyz place immediately
Aman: okay sir

*call ends*

Sanskar looks at the man with a blood shot eyes …and drags him outside the bus ….pushes him ….
He falls on the floor ..all people who were in the bus comes out along with swaraginilok

Ragini: sanky bhai … Wat r u doing
Shlok:wat happen to u sanky all of a sudden koi bhoot chadgya hai kya ?

Sanskar keeps quite … He was just standing with anger staring the man…
Just then a car comes … He looks at it ….swaragini also looks at the car

Sanskar: rags…swara sit in the car (calm tone)
Ragini :but bhai …
Sanskar:(cuts off) I asked u to get inside the car (calm tone)

Ragini nodes and gets inside the car

Swara:but I’m not…. Bus uncle start the bus …I’m getting late for clg

She was abt to get inside the bus but Sanskar holds her hand tightly not letting her to do so
And looks at her

Sanskar: swara u can …show ur anger afterwards….but not now(calm tone)

He drags her towards the car
Swara looks at his angry eyes wondering

Swara:(wonders) wat happen to him suddenly …aisa kiyun react karaha hai yeh

He makes her sit in the car

Sanskar: (to drive) drop them to ABC Clg

Driver nodes and leaves from there

Sanskar looks back to the man …
Goes towards him with angry eyes.. The man gets up …and moves back seeing him coming forward

Man:ayy hero …wat….

Before he could complete he gives a hard punch to him … He falls ….many goons gathers

Man:ayyy beat him

The goons tries to beat Sanskar but themselves gets a kicks and punches ….he was beating them black and blue …. He punches the man continuously
Shlok gets tired of seeing thz and sits on a stone ….a lil boy comes towards him

Boy: (to shlok) do u know him bhaiya (points Sanskar)
Shlok: yes unluckily he is my frnd ….who is luckily making me thin from morning by his doings ??
Boy:ohh if u r his frnd ….then stop him …ask him not to beat thoz fellows …my mom says fighting is not good

Shlok looks at him from top to bottom

Shlok:don’t u want to see me alive …(mocks) stop him stop him
Boy: (confuse) wat
Shlok: nothing …

He looks at the lolly pop in the boys hand ..he snatches from his hand ….unwraps it and keeps in his mouth immediately …
Boy starts crying ……

All goons were tried of getting beating from Sanskar …
Whereas Sanskar wasn’t getting tried of beating them … He was continuously beating the man ..
Black and blue

Man:ayy ..ayy …stop kar bhai
…wat did ..I do …I just tat girl ….
Sanskar: ?(cuts off) the girl abt whom u were talking is my girl … U *****

He punches him
He keeps on beating him showing all his anger,possessiveness to him …
For talking rubbish abt his love

Man:aay …save me ..save me

All goons comes and holds Sanskar’s leg …

Goons: plzzz leave him … We r sorry …

He looks at the goons and then man ….Sanskar kicks him in his part
He screams in pain …all closes their ears ….

Sanskar: shlok …let’s leave

Shlok nodes …both leaves from there

The man and goons were looking at him. …just then the man gets a call …

Man: ayyy take my Mobile from my pocket and keep it on speaker …aaaah it’s paining

They takes his mobile and keeps on speaker

* on call *

Other side:ayyyy briju …
Man:(paining) …y…e..s …bhayaji
Bhaiyaji:I will send tat boy’s pic abt whom u have to collect information ….see it
Man:okay bhaiya ji

* call ends*

He looks at his mobile … Bhaiya ji sended a pic ….he click’s it …. The pic loads …and finally the pic was clear to him …..he was shock to see the pic …..as it was sanskar’s pic

Briju:ayyyy he is same boy …..oh god ….(to goons) ayyy come let’s go ….we have to collect his information


How was the epi guys Hope u all liked it …and thank u all for ur comment
Love u ???

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    fab wonder why he wants sanky’s information …
    love the cliff hanger and can’t wait for some revelation loved it and update soon.xx

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    Shlok stop thinking about food
    Sanskar be careful

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    sanskar is so possessive
    take care

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  10. Abirsha

    Awesome…. Sanskar is bery naughty plus very arrogant when it comes to his swara

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  12. Arshaanya

    Loved it…
    Sanskaraz anger possessiveness love ?
    N whuz dis new villian in dere life??

  13. Simi

    Possessive sansakr

  14. Vyshu10

    Awesome…bus scene…OMG.

    Why r they after sanky? Upload soon

  15. I think this bhaiyaji is that disgusting sahil
    .BTW nice episode.

    update soon

  16. Chanu

    Awwwwwww. I rly lv sankys possessiveness!! :-* soo sweet.. gv that goons few mor punches 4m me too..
    nw who is dat!!??!! Ohh god!!! A villan!!! Dnt tell me its sahil.. haww..
    and naughty sanky.. heee hee.. always romancing. 😉
    Hee hee shlok ws awsome.. evry1 slap him.. lols..
    Eagalry waiting 4 nxt part..
    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv you

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    But thank. U all soo much for ur lovely comments
    Love u all???

  25. Wonderful

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