Tera mera pyaar: Ishq ka gumar (edkv) (epi 1)

Hello everyone. I m here with first epi I have thought 2 make it of 10 epis coz my story will be completed in 10-12 epis only.so this ff will be short but a ff.
Soo I hope u all r with me and OK with my decision…
Let’s begin.
Marriage is going on.pandit is speaking mantars and the groom is making wear the bride mangalsootor.the bride and groom r none other than our shraman.
Shravan now puts sindoor in sumo’s mang.shravan and sumo starts taking phere.they complete seven rounds.
Pandit:shadi sampan hoyi..
Shravan and sumo looks at each other.
They both take blessing from their parents.
Bidaai time….
Sumo:mama papa love uu..
Priya hugs sumo.
Sumo is crying…
Raj:suman I m always with u my baby.
Sumo hugs his dad.
Sumo sits in the car and goes.sumo and shravo just look at each other but didn’t talk the whole way.
Sumo reaches her sasuraal.
Nirmala starts ghriya parvesh ceremony.she applies tilak to both of them.
She do ritual.she places the kalash filled with rice in front of sumo.
Sumo kicks it.sumo enters home and put her legs in the red liquid alta (yaar English mei kya kehte hai sorryyy let’s continue)
She enters house ..

Shristy(shravo sis):bhabhi aur bhaiya now its time 2 play ring game.
Samar(shravo brother)aap dono ko pta hi hai jo ring nikhalega woh aapne sathi ko zyada pyaar krta hai.
Shristy:yesss…so bring the bowl.
Samar brings the bowl.
Samar:both ready.
They both were hesitating but shristy and samar agree them.
Sumo and shravo put their hand.they both were finding the ring.inside the bowl in the process of finding ring shravo mistakenly hold sumo hand.sumo feels it.she looks towards shravan.they both were shying then shravo leaves her hand.shravo found the ring but he didn’t take it out and leave it in the bowl seeing sumo.sumo now got that and take out.
Shristy:I know bhabhi will win.
Sumo:but the real winner is..
Sumo:ur brother(as sumo was confused whether she should take his name or not)
Shristy:what?bhaiya really.
Samar:ohh u bhai left the ring for bhabhi..ohhh
Shriaty:so cute bhaiya…
Shravo was shying and said.
Shravo:wohh glti se chot gyi ring(first dialogue of shravo)
Samar:glti se chot gyi ki jan kr chod di.
Shravo: can u both please close ur chatterboxes.hr samay chatter chatter.I m going to sleep.
Shristy:nooooo bhaiya pehle bhabhi jayegi..
Samar:bhai u come with me let bhabhi go first.
Shristy takes sumo to shravo bedroom.
Shristy:see bhabhi ur new room.
Sumo:u r really naughty.
Shristy:yes I m.
Sumo:aacha room is beautiful.
Shristy:noo the bride is more beautiful.
Sumo:haan woh toh hai noo actually bride’s sister in law is more beautiful.
Shristy:aw thanks bhabhi..now I should leave.byee.jldi soh Jana.
She goes.

Samar brings shravo to room.
Samar:bhabhi aapki amanat..
Samar whispers something in sumo ear:bhabhi bhai ko time lagega but ek baar ghul jayenge than u will always be happy
Sumo:OK for ur precious advice.
Samar also leaves.
Sumo:sooo shravan ji aur what.
Shravo:u can call me shravan no jii.
Sumo:u can call me sumo.
Sumo fronts her hands.
Sumo:friends.coz in we can a gud couple only if we r gud friends.
Shravo just say friends.
Shravo:so u sleep on bed I can sleep on couch.
Sumo:nooo I can.
Shravn picks the pillow and blanket and sleep on couch.
Sumo stands there sadly.
Sumo:(thinking)how will I be with him but I will GIve my best shravan promise.
She goes and sleep on bed little upset.

Precap:sumo will build nice relations with family and give best to make shravo feel comfortable…

How was this??
Hope I was on ur expectations.?
Love u

  1. Arre meri prettypreeti this was amazingamazing, I hope u will post next episode asapasap,I can’t wait.

  2. Very well

  3. Awww this was so cute….
    Awesome. Just loved it.
    Pls post next part ASAP.
    Pleaaaaaasssseeee. Waiting eagerly!!!!!

  4. Plz update the nxt episode asap

  5. Plz update the nxt episode asap

  6. IME

    SOooooooooooo sweetttttttttttt…………fantastic yrr update nxt aspa
    love u

  7. Hey Preeti its awesome yaar..
    the episode was too good
    it was sooo cute…
    please post next one soon….
    lots of love….

  8. _pari_alisha

    Hello nyc one preetiiiii….

    It was amazing would love to read how will sumo win the heart of mr sharvan post soon

    but pari here with new account

  9. post the next one soon preetooo…
    loved the plot and love you tooo
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    Post the next episode ASAP.
    Much love ?

  11. Ariana

    Cuppy sry sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for a late comment. I read earlier but had to rush for my classes so couldn’t comment. But now here I am…
    It was wonderful!!! I love how u showed Shravan being more shy…a new look
    Really hopeful for their relationship. But only 10 shots? Pls make them loooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggg
    Ik u always give me swwwwweeeeettt cupcake treats but uk I’m being spoiled nd more greedy. Want morrreee!
    take care n post soooooooooooon
    love u

  12. Alina

    Hey preeti.. It’s nice
    Sumo’s bro in law n sis in law r too cute..loved them n episode..
    Waiting for next part..
    Post soon..love u loads my choti sis <3

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