I see love in your eyes (Kaira)-epi 5(final episode)

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Guys, thanks for all ur support….it was my privilege to entertain u with my fiction n u did make me happy by ur unending support…thnx for ur time, love u all…

Karthik,Naira and Mishti reaches the party site….a really big house, more like a mansion is completely well lit in LEDs….there is a stage on one side n people are called one by one to perform their talents… Naira and karthik makes an eyelock….mishti smiles and shoves them to reality saying ” bhaiya,deedi now let’s enjoy the part….save romance for later…..” Karthik pats mishtis shoulders and naira strokes her hair…

Karthik and naira enters the stage next…..mishti watches them….(akhon me Teri,… Plays) they dance merrily…. Karthik tries his best to keep up with nairas excellent n quick moves….the dance ends followed by a sudden round of applauces….karthik and naira exits the stage and finds mishti missing….they are shocked n finally see mishti behind a wall nearby exclusively decorated with flower bouquets…. She is trying to get one of the bouquets and gets one….karthik and naira scolds mishti for running away…. They all go inside the house…there are well dressed people inside, people of all ages and genders from different walks of life….among them,one man smiles at karthik n he introduces naira to him saying “hey aman, meet my would-be Naira and this is mishti” and naira “this is a man, my relative and a longtime friend” “nice to meet u both, naira and mishti n karthik, have u seen ur paopa, he’s here….” Asks aman and karthik refuses to answer but gives a smile…

Karthik,naira and mishti are enjoying a feast….n naira feeds karthik in between without mishti noticing n smiles….after dinner, they watch the night stars, mishti asks “heyy bff, can u answer whatever I ask u?” Expecting nothing problematic karthik just moves his head like yes…she asks “can u tell me, how many stars are there in the sky? U told me ull answer juz anything I ask…” Karthik now looks confused n now smiles saying ” mishti, to how much can u count now? ” mishti answers “1000”….”then there are 1000 stars in the sky” n mishti beats on karthiks leg “u liar….u juz cheated”

They are suddenly approached by an old gentleman in a suit who asks “who is with u, my future daughter-in-law? She is really beautiful,… My son is not so bad after all in selection of his ladylove after all” “dad, what do u want? She maybe my wife,gf or anything,its got nothing to do with u…. But if I have a woman, it’ll be only her who’ll ever come in my life n no other woman will take refuge in my mind till death n dats so unlike u, so stay away” says karthik “I know, I still regret not spending much time with u or ur mother, for I was too busy focussing on only business and money that I forgot to care for ur mother… She died only coz I nvr took time to get her to a Dr n ensure the treatment, u were then still young….I left u behind n remarried….she left me n den I realized ur mom was d best n money can’t buy love” “if u plz xcuz me, we’ve no time to waste for u”says karthik trying best to manage his anger …naira n mishti r stunned n follows karthik…. Naira asks ” was that ur dad?juz forgive him, he’s ur dad after all ” “he literally killed my mom with his carelessness and selfishness…. I can’t forgive him…I hate him” mishti again goes missing n now they see her running towards naman n they r shocked….they approach him n r surrounded by several men….they are taken inside a car….mishti calls “papa save them…” Naman says “sorry dear but I can’t” n leaves mishti n gets into the car….the car leaves….mishti cries, karthiks papa sees lonely mishti crying n asks where karthik n naira is , mishti describes everything including the car colour…. Karthiks papa informs the police n they tell, they’ll take care of that….

Meanwhile karthik n naira r taken to a lonely warehouse n bound with ropes….n naman glares at naira…. “Did u think u could stop me by getting me arrested? How dare u? Did u think u would live happily while I’m suffering my life in prison? Now its time for my payback…” Naman leaves….karthik looks at naira….naira cries…they both struggle hard to break the ropes but its tied too tight

By morning, the police gets info of a car entering a restricted area….they inform karthiks father abt dis n ensures its the same car mishti mentioned….police surrounds the warehouse catching all culprits read handed n naman is also ready to go back to jail….karthiks father also arrives at the warehouse with mishti n finds karthik n naira at the warehouse n frees dem…. Karthik looks now at his dad….dad extends his arms n karthik now hugs him tight….naira is happy seeing them together mishti comes n hugs her leg saying “my papa is bad na?” Naira answers her saying ” ur papa is not bad….he will be better next time we meet him”

A new day has started, the singhania house is decorated n naksh is running errands…. Two brides are sitting with veils covering their faces….their grooms r welcomed….two marriages happen….n akshara thanks kanha for getting things right… The brides n grooms reveal their faces to each other….a music plays n everybody dances….naira n karthik finally married r really happy n dances…. Vivan n gayu r d other 2 couples….karthik looks naira in the eyes n says “I always wanted to make u mine n now that u r, let’s start our new life together, I really madly love u my frog princess….” Naira n karthik now kisses for the first time…. Its a liplock…. Akshara cries when both gayu n naira r abt to leave….naira n gayu also cries….naitik hugs them….karthiks papa calls them saying its time to go….they leave….

Real romance begins now onwards but my fiction ends here….thanks to all for reading my works….

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  1. Vrushy

    Do write another fan fiction. U write very well !!

  2. AnjanaRahul

    Thank u so much vrushy…yes I’ll begin another soon….

  3. Sethidisha002

    plz continue dont stop

  4. AnjanaRahul

    Thnx for ur continued support sethi….I won’t stop, I promise that I’ll be back with another fictional series on kaira….

  5. Ishram


  6. AnjanaRahul

    Guys, I’ve begun with the next series, keep supporting me n I hope ull love it….u can find me @anjanarahul6 on twitter for more updates….

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