It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( Change color of love and revenge ) chapter 17

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(“could it be so f**ked up ?SAMRAT !!!
i can’t beleive dad is sending me to study some DHS how could he!!! for blo*dyhell i was studying in Londonhigh school and now here india is some place called luckhnow !
it is my first day at school i enter in 9th class and everywhere thay dirty smell and all type of Yuckiest noise !! .but something made me happy more then anything .well dude i saw a girl licking her whole fingure with chocolate under the table but what saw made me at track ! Her eyes are so innocent and mostly her lips ready to be ravished ! She was seeing her back desk when i followed her gaze there was one boy kissing a girl cheek . India is turned modern samrat.progress in front of me . but when i saw kissed girls face my whole body shook in anger she is my cousin !!! Mira kapoor !!! I shouldn’t be standing their like that but i saw shocking look on that chocolate girl ! Teacher called me and introduced that teacher was so fatty!! And pulled my cheeks but i saw chocolate girl giggling which made me almost smile.but you know what dude that fatty ask me to sit beside chocolate girl making me to jump and hug that fatty but i stopped myself !! As i sat beside her she sounded angry i ignored well she look cute in her anger her ears turned red and her nose too much anger. I wanted to kiss her cheeks ! I tried to talk to her but she ignored me again this made me angry so i started irritating which made her to give attention. And i like it.

Whole three months i got to know so much about chocolate girl. She is daughter of dad’s friend omkar uncle and the boy who was kissing mira was her brother laksh malik. I wanted to punch the shit of his but i just warned Mira who silently nodded. Well i am too busy in irritating My desert rose – oh you should know today she was playing in rose garden making me totally blown away ! She was lookout all princess of my heart !!! God so innocent and cute really man.but now i wanted her to be friend with me but she is so stubborn. Oh yaa there is one girl who is my good friend Ragini . she is attracted to me i think i can see that but i avoid it . Ragini is nice and good in person. Ragini live with my desert rose in her palace .its so rocking !!! I took out all information from Ragini in any excause to know more about My desert rose . her dad have two wives well lucky bastard and then her mother is very sweet like my desert rose. And there is one more person who made me not at all happy . well my desert rose another brother “ARNAV malik ” very much moody and temper type always in anger . and a captain in football team very precious. He is arrogant ass amd angry Young teenager . his possession is his little sister – my desert rose . and many times he have warned me dude but you know i am not loser type . so who cares man.
One whole year and she didn’t take any friendship deal from me why man !!?! And you know surprising part that she started throwing disgust look towards me !!why??? And i have got shocking news that SARA malik – my desert rose step sister is boxing championship winner and going to play for National level !woah man. Well i joined the musical theatre to be close with my desert rose who played pianist and a good voice like goddess. Laksh and i involved in too much fight more than 100 times due to our own sisters and many times Ragini have to involved in it and Arnav .too . Sara just warned me to back off from nearing towards My desert rose otherwise !!! Why the hell my desert rose brothers and sister are hell bent to make me look my temper.
How dare she !??!!!!!!!!! MY DESERT ROSE is smiling and laughing with another boy !!!! From past two i am trying to be her friend and here she is laughing and having fun with that bastard -ARJUN !!! That chit of a boy . and seems like Arnav ,Sara and Ragini have same feeling. I can expected Arnav but why Sara and Ragini ? Lets see samrat Sara is step brother of My desert roae so i don’t think she have any type of good feeling towards my desert rose but why Ragini?.then that bastard is sitting beside my desert rose !!!

I fought with that bastard i mean Arjun but something unusal happened. Actually we were fighting on terrace of school and i was about to fall but bastard pulled me up and i just don’t know what happened to me but i hugged him and mutter thank and left but coming out i saw desert rose running towards terrace with pale look and tears streaming eyes .she don’t know but she have expressive eyes and i just got hate from those eyes and i back off . yes i just walk out from that place but this time not at all glancing her back . i felt broken too deep inside .and my eyes are not stopping tears.
Its completion of eleventh class and favourable party for seniors . its been eight months of that terrace incident and i have stopped irritating nor even glancing her . i am trying to get over of it . Ragini proposed me three months back and i said yes . i always knew she is attracted to me .so i thought to move on from that attraction but again my life can’t be simple but this time it was good . i saw my desert -sctrach it SWARA trying to make walk Sara towards car i walk to her and helped her silently putting Sara at back seat while driver ask Swara to sit . i know that she will avoid me and walk but shockingly she stopped me and said thanks and congratulated for me and Ragini new relationship .i nodded but said that can we become friend because i am your old irritating stalker ! She laughed first time and called DRACULA oh i supposed to tell you that she always call me that and i call her softy choco pie to irritate her . she agreed and left.
Freak f**k!!!! I just killed one man Samrat i swear it was accident. I never wanted to kill that man but circumstances made me . i was going to get medicine for my asthma when I saw that man pulling small girl in a van i just don’t know what to do i tried to talk to him and ask what the hell he is doing and it was deserted area no one was there. .my eyes fall on bear bottle and i smashed it on his head making him lied down but few minutes he deid.i saw small girl shivering in fear i walk to her and take her out from the van i was myself still panicking when i felt someone behind as i turned to saw ARJUN there with bread packet his eyes are shocked as he step forward .i fall on my knees and explained him everything i thought he will judge me and screamed the hell out but he silently make me eat bread and small girl. He wiped the bear bottle with his hanky and clear the blood stain of mine from that mans hand .he came back to me ask me to forget everything then he asked small girl for adress she told that she live in orphan and was coming back from school when that died man kidnapped her .Arjun dropped her to orphan and took me with him and we sat near the cliff outside of Lucknow i never saw this place. He talked calmly and said to me that i don’t do anything wrong because i safe one life from that man who could have anything to that small girl.i just nodded but i was still panicking .today Arjun is staying with and he is now in washroom. I will talk to you sometimes later.

Friendship can make you overcome from all the things and thats what happened with me SOFTY and Arjii are now everything for me .Arjun never told anyone about that incident but i started getting inside all the blo*dy things . i can’t tolerate all these nonsense when Arjun told me about his own mother raped by Ragini it make me shocked to the core and somewhere i started respecting Arjun that he don’t take life negative. Its been two years we three are freinds for life . and Ragini is best girlfriend anyone could have but i didn’t told her about me being friends with Softy and Arjun. Ragini don’t like Arjun .i tried to make everything clear that it is not good and he is her brother why she is so negative about him?but she confess that at the last moment of her life Ragini Mom was asking for Arjun not for which she can never forget. And i too not force her .I heard many things about Sharmistha Auntie from Arjun who told how she meet him daily at orphanage and always spent time with him .he loved her and she ask him to take care of Ragini after her which he promised.i too adore her because Softy tell me Manny things about her .
London I am back dude but don’t know where are you !! Well you see i am here to complete my college and Dad said to be here .i am really wanted shout out loud that i don’t want to do but he is last person i wanted to do this.i love him bits .Ragini is upset and Softy was crying well i never thought that she would cry for me as she was my desert rose and i just!! Oh freak where i am going. I should stopped thinking about her like that again she is my best friend and my desert rose anymore!! That’s it.I can’t cheat Ragini!!!.
I got trapped!! I killed one man name “Harry James” one of powerful Don of underworld!! He was killing helpless man with knife brutally i pushed him but in all that for my self defense i have to fire on his head and then i am just running . from his man!!! I am feeling like i am gone this time!!

There is no more going back i became what i am today Samrat A gangster !! I killed his mens and many to save my life and label as “KING” . i can’t back to normal what i will do now !!i am trapped deadly!!!

Dad called me Sanskar for Aadarsh bhai engagement. My brother and i didn’t met past twelve years just some phones call same with Dad. He is asking me to come to india directly to one know about me being Gangster other then Ragini. She was the one who take me as i am and told me she is always with me . i am feeling light but still guilty.!! And panicked and because of all this my asthma gotten worst. I didn’t told Ragini about it. Well its going to be surprise because i didn’t met softy past six months .well i gone to just meet her six months before where i confess my crimes to Ragini and Arjun .they both know all about me .i didn’t told Softy not wanting to see the same hate which i have saw five years before on that terrace of school.Arjun ask me to stay quite for a while.well no one have saw me clearly only name is there “KING” that’s it.but it is still can shook the hell out of anyone and realized it.

f**k Dad made me engaged with Sara without even hearding any explanation from my side.about me being in relationship with Ragini. Ragini is totally in anger but Softy is supported me and ask me not to panicked everything will be alright and i don’t know why but it calm me.well she is now engaged with Aadarsh bhai .i am happy for her but the little twinch about her being someone else still pain it .well forget it .i am trying to talk with dad .!!

Arnav and Laksh are gone for London exchange program and Softy is totally depressed. I know but i can’t get time to go and see her .i am busy in getting any appointment from dad to talk.Aadarsh bhai is busy in election and Sara is nice person she is busy in herself. Well joining political party of her dad .but she is too sweet for Softy which i don’t know why but i don’t like! Sujata auntie is superb and best mother of the world well i never got mom love and care.seeing Softy getting all love making me little jealous. I am not at all liking Sara mom and dadi they both are pathetic!! Seriously man!!finally dad signed me to come in his cabin.finally.)
“Khushi we have to pack!!” Khushi heard Aarohi irrigated voice as she look from the tab screen her eyes are wide and shocked. Reading all that .she still can’t believed what she read .
Aarohi look concerns seeing Khushi totally sweating and her hands shivering.
Aarohi concerns-Khush?
Khushi come back to sense and locked the tab while muttered – give me two minutes i am coming.
Aarohi narrowed her eyes but she know Khushi is hiding something. But she have more things then this. Khushi will come around.
Khushi splashed the cold water and look at her face in mirror. She read all the mails and there is nothing more !!
What happened with Sanskar when he talk with DP Maheshwari ? Is he agreed for marriage but i don’t think so then why will Sanskar and Ragini would be separated? And today Ragini walk in as Mrs Laksh Malik/Singh Raizada. So Sanskar never loved Ragini just relationship but understanding! And Sanskar was so much in love with Swara – his desert rose! Even now ..that white scarf is still there with him.and he never wanted to be Gangster ! He loved mystery queen mom then why he will kill her? And Arjun sir is so good friend of Sanskar Sir ! Then why Arjun sir helped me to steal the data from Sanskar room?why? And Arjun sir was raped by Ragini dad !!God how cruel!! And what with Arnavji he was so temper type that time also ?why this aloofness from him!!and where is MIRA KAPOOR sanskar sir cousin?? Is laksh sir broken with her ?and Sara malik is extra sweet!!hmm and mose important Swara malik was so full of life like glass primcess then what happened to her ? Soo confusion !!!!!!
.but she is determined to find out!!
So DESERT ROSE is SWARA MALIK. Sanskar first ever love .
She know whom to target !!
Misha walk inside the palace wearing shorts and simple top written ” f**k off ” and her hair are losen . Samrat was behind her on his heel well ge have to check Swara is alright or not.
Servant Robin stood infront them he recognized Samrat .so he smiled.
Misha snapped-stop with cheesy smile and tell me where is heartless monster room?
Servant Robin confused- huh?
Samrat immediately corrected- Swara mam room?
Servant Robin look horrified at Misha who just call daughter of thus palace heartless monster but the name suited het ,he thinks.
Servant Robin – let me take you two .
When Misha and Samrat arrived at room they would have expected a large room with beautiful pink or blue curtains even a large queen size bed like fairy tale .but when they saw the area the room was situated outermost side of palace in darkest place and there was so much dirt that they both started coughing continuously.but when they saw the room which was already open they were totally in disbelief !! There was simple a single bed and a table with a bathroom and whole room was totally in dirt while there was a cupboard and some type of old wooden plight !!WHAT THE HELL!!!
Samrat barked at servant- where the hell you brought us ??and where is Swara?
Servant Robin look down and said – Sir Swara mam is inside there at pool side area it have french door there(as he pointed) both Samrat and Misha walk towards that side in disbelief!
There Swara was sitting silently near pool and the pool was totally full of garbage and smelling like dead voice. Even Misha controlled her vomiting while Samrat eyes are went wide seeing all this.
Swara look up at both of them and order -wait for me in the room.
Samrat and Misha both silently went back in room with vomiting feeling while they still can’t believed that Swara who always lived in more crore hotel suite is sitting there ??!!!
Swara came inside and her tone went to business- those five will here in three days i don’t want any drama about it .drop them all to GOMTISADAN and security should be tight.i don’t want any careless because of you both act . and now go back to work.
Samrat just shook his muttering -seriously cant change!
Misha mocked under her breath “heartless monster”
Samrat said angrily- first tell me what the hell are you doing here!!!!
Swara move towards her bag and took out her clothes and didn’t say anything.
Samrat groan – fine !!!do what you want but i am coming here right next thing and i will not hear your any nonsense!!
Samrat walk out leaving misha to smile at his concern.
Swara coldly said – discussion is over and the door is open Miss Raichand.
Misha just ignored it and sat infront of her while this Swara to take two step back quickly which was noticed by Misha but she again ignored it.
Misha said calmly- boss is having good and fine time.his latest song is gone hit and soon another album’s will be launched and i have my best vacation in goa !! You see !!
Swara abruptly told her – Stop it Miss Raichand I am not your boss or anything. I don’t care and now leave and do what you are supposed to.
Misha just shrugged off and said – i will take of 3S ,Ria and pari but you take care.and yeah congratulations for upcoming divorce with today Happy Marriage Anniversary.
Swara moved towards cupboard ordering- LEAVE NOW!
And Misha already left .
Swara saw gift wrapped on bed she just took it kept in bag written “to Heartless monster ….from Misha the Raichand”
Swara saw her Mobile flashing the miscall of Mr Maheshwari.HE called her before entering in this palace which she disconnected. He knew her every breathe which no longer surprise her now.she silently went and walk inside the washroom to getca shower for much interested lunch .

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