Ishqbaaz FF-Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 23

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There was an uncomfortable silence between then as his phone rang.
He picked up his phone from the table and stared at it for a while.
Seeing the caller ID his expression changed.
He looked at Anika and then back at the phone as if he was fighting an internal battle, a confused Anika took that as a sign that he wanted to take the call but didn’t want her to be present.

He answered the call and put the near his ear.
After he ended the call, Shivaay said coldly to Anika, “I’m going to a meeting.”
“I don’t know when I will be back” he walked out, ignoring her response as he past her.
His sudden cold attitude stunned her, “who could have upset Shivaay that much.” Anika thought.
She started to work on the files she had brought from work as she didn’t like to have unfinished filing.

Later that day
The decision Anika had to make was subconsciously driving her insane but the rest of the day went smoothly and Anika soon let that thought wander to the back of her mind.

On the one hand she loved the freedom she had here and the opportunity to further her career.
Anika had started to prepare dinner and some snacks as she knew Sahil would be home in a few minute and would most likely want something to eat.
“Did Shivaay really want me to stay here?” Anika thought pausing as she tried to get her head around his words.
She was doing just fine and then suddenly it all hit her.
“What am I going to do?” “An invisible voice screamed back at her.
“Whatever happened to the plan of getting making a name for yourself in the business?” Anika thought.
All that her mind focused on was her unknown future.
“Anika!” She recognized the familiar voice.
Her hand flew to her cheeks as she wiped a stray tear tear away.
“Sahil” she said as she managed to compose herself turning around.
She walked over to him and grabbed him by the shoulders, pulling him to her in a tight hug.
“You are hurting me, Anika di” an out of breath Sahil said.
“I..I’m…so… Sorry, Sahil.” she barely whispered.
The normal routine kicked in and Sahil, eat some of the snack she prepared for him and their usual watching of his favourite cartoon.
Anika checked her phone for any message when as she came to sit next to Sahil on the couch.
Five missed calls and 3 messages all from Shivaay.
She decided to phone him back in her room and quickly got up to go to her room.
Closing the bedroom door she went to sit on the edge of the bed.
He brought new emotions or rather old ones she thought she had forgotten.
She didn’t know what to do.
Shivaay wasn’t his usual domination self, instead he of exhibiting power, force and anger on her, he was almost meek in his request for her to choose
Why was she getting nervous to call him back?

Her fingers dialled his number waiting for him to answer but he didn’t pickup.
This was so unlike Shivaay and Anika decided to phone again, this time he answered.
“Shivaay” She barely whispered.
“Shivaay”, she said again in a low voice.
Anika hoped that she didn’t disturb him as he is still working.
“Excuse me, Mrs Oberio?” An unknown voice came from the other side.
“I am not Mrs Oberio?”Anika said as her brows furrowed questioningly.
“Are you not Anika Shivaay Singh Oberio?” the man on the other side asked.
Anika was dumbfounded; she was never before called by that.
Anika opened her mouth to reply but the person on the other side interjected.
“Mr Oberio has been in an accident and he is in the Wockhardt NUSI Hospital he was transferred from the Apollo Victor Hospital.” After hearing this, numbness got over Anika and her phone dropped out of her hand as she sunk to the floor.
Breathing rapidly Anika gathered the strength to get up and making her way towards the bedroom door.
Her shivering hands opened the door only to stumble out as her mind told her to hurry but her body didn’t quite get the message yet.
She made a dash to get out of the house grabbing her bag.
“Anika di, where are you going? “ Sahil asked.
“Billu ji” Anika said as she turned around looking at Sahil with tear filled eyes.
After he saw Shivaay earlier he knew something fishy was going on.
“I’m coming with” he said as he could see that now wasn’t the time to ask questions but rather to be there for her as she needed support.
Anika just nodded that was ok.
In that moment nothing mattered except Shivaay .
Her Shivaay.
Her Billu ji.
She didn’t care about anything other than his well-being.

Precap: “What is she doing here?” Pink asked aloud.
At once everyone looked over to the door.
“Mrs Oberio!” this way to the waiting area the doctor will be with you shortly.

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