Love birds (part-12)

The next morning bihaan goes to thapki room.he sees thapki is sleeping.he says to her,gajab…still you are sleeping.wakeup now thapki.she coughs.he goes to her.he touches her forehead and neck.he feels her skin is in so heat.she gets fever.bihaan gets upset.bihaan calls everyone.he says to them,thapki got fever.see…her skin.its so heat…
vasu looks at him.poonam says to him,don’t worry beta.its just will cure very soon.bihaan says to her,no aunty.I saw news paper today.dengue,malaria is spreading in our city now a days.I am so worried about my thapki.she is like baby for me.vasu says to bihaan,don’t worry beta.she will get well will take care of thapki.everyone goes from there.bihaan calls doctor to house. then bihaan goes from her room.he takes hot water and white cloth.he keeps cloth In water.then take out.he keeps cloth in her forehead.thapki eyes are gets tears.he sees her .he wipes tears from her eyes.he comes closes to her.he kisses her in forehead.he says to that thapki,don’t worry thapki I am always with you.

doctor comes to bihaan.bihaan says to him,doctor…she gets high fever.I am so scared if anything happend to her I won’t live in checks says to that bihaan,be relax its just a fever.don’t talk like this bihaan ji.I will give will give it to her regularly. but before that I have to give one injection to her.then only this fever will get clear.thapki hears this information. she gets takes out injection.he tooks medicine in in that…she sees comes to her for keep injection.she wakeup suddenly.she says to him,doctor I don’t want injection. pls give some tablet.he says to her,no thapki ji.injection is must for you.she runs out from there.bihaan says to doctor,sorry can wait here.I will come with her.he goes from there.he says to her,thapki dont run…..she says to him,no I won’t come there.then doctor will put injection to me.she runs from there.he runs behind thapki.she runs to downstairs. he runs to catches her.but he couldn’t.he hides somewhere. thapki searches bihaan.he slowly comes behind thapki.bihaan catches her.she screams.she says,leave me bihaan pls don’t put will give pain pls….pls….but he holds her tightly.he lifts her in his arms.she tries to jump from him.bihaan holds her tightly.he reaches her room.docter comes to goes to thapki to put injection.she screams… leave me bihaan.she tries to go from there.he hugs her from behind very tightly. he shows her arms to doctor.he puts injection to her.she screams in pain.she gets teary eyes.bihaan sees her goes from there.she cries..bihaan wipes her eyes.he rubbs her arms.she gets angry on bihaan.he says to serving to brought food for thapki.serving bring food for her.he goes from there.bihaan feeds food for her.but she turns her face from him.he says to her,pls I am sorry.injection is so I done this first.she says to him,don’t want this food.I feel like vomiting.he says to that thapki,its OK you will take vomit on me.I will wash it.pls eat this thapki.she nods at him.bihaan feeds food to thapki.she eats slowly.she coughs.bihaan makes her to drink water.he makes her to eat tablet.then he makes her to lying on bed.he covers her in bed sheet.he says to that thapki,take rest.I will be back within 3 hrs.she nods at him.she closes her eyes.bihaan goes from there.dhruv sees them.he gets angry.

dhruv goes to his room.he gets upset.Sankara tells to him what happen.why are you looking very sad.he explained everything to her.he says to Sankara,I want to impress my thapki.then only I will get her.Sankara says to him,I have an nice keep banana skin on floor while thapki is coming to there.she keeps her step.when you sees her falls down you suddenly holds her.she gets love on you immediately. dhruv says to Sankara,nice idea..but it looks very old idea.Sankara says to him,but old is gold dhruv ji.he gets happy.he imagines about thapki.

thapki wakesup from bed.she goes to kitchen.dhruv sees her.he goes behind of her.he keeps banana skin on floor.he waits for thapki.vasu asks to her,how you fee now beta..she says to that vasu,I am fine aunty now.vasu gives milk to thapki.thapki drinks milk.thapki goes from there.dhruv gets call from office.he talks in phone.he turns to another side.he speaks to them.thapki keeps her foot in banana skin…she screams…she goes to falls down.dhruv sees her.he comes to holds her.but before that bihaan comes and holds her from falling on floor.thapki sees him.he sees thapki smiles.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays…….)

dhruv gets angry.he goes from there.bihaan checks thapki about fever.he says to her,now you just good.but you has to take medicine regularly. its afternoon time.did you take medicine.thapki says to him,no bihaan.I am actually no need hereafter
he says to her,no no no….oh…upu are trying to escape from eating medicine.I am b for bihaan you can’t escape baby…he holds her hands.he goes to upstairs with her.

dhruv goes to his room.he gets tension.Sankara sees him.she says to him,your face is looking so bright.I think my idea is works to you.don’t worry thapki is for you.
dhruv looks at her angrily.he shouts Sankara.he says to that Sankara,yes I am sooooo happy.see my face brightness is equals for 1000 bulbs.thapki says I love you to me.. Sankara says to dhruv, wow super dhruv ji.then surely I will get she propose to you…dhruv can’t controls his anger.he sclods her.he says to that Sankara,are you mad…I am in heavy tension.don’t make me angry.your idea is waste.she gets impressed by bihaan.he holds her in his ruined my life…
Sankara says to him,shut up don’t talk like are also not ruined my life.I lost my bihaan because of you.dhruv and Shankar fights each other.then dhruv says to her,I don’t like to see your face.go to hell…he goes from there very angrily.Sankara gets teary eyes.

bihaan asks to thapki,did you had lunch. she says to him yes bihaan.bihaan comes to her with tablets.he says to thapki,these tablets are you have to eat now.she sees the medicines.its looking very big size tablets.she gets sad.bihaan sees her face is turning so sad.bihaan says to thapki,but you can’t escape from me.take this.he gives tablet to her.thapki says to him,bihaan it looks very big.I am so scared pls.he says to her,OK give to me.I will break this like small pieces. she says to him,its OK I will manage.she takes that medicine. she feels uncomfortable. bihaan asks to her, what happened thapki are you fine….he comes close to her.suddenly she tooks vomit on his t shirt.she says to him,sorry bihaan…I am so sorry….he says OK be relax.I will wash it and comes.he goes to washroom. he washes his t shirt.he comes out in waist.thapki sees him.he holds her slowly.he goes to washroom with her.he makes her to wash.they comes out from wash room.thapki phone was rings.she goes to pick mobile.her hair was struck in his wrist band.bihaan takes out her hair from his wrist band.she sees his eyes.they looks at each other…bihaan comes closes to thapki.he walks forward to her.she goes backward from him.he holds her hands tightly in wall.she closes her eyes.he goes closes to her.she feels something is there on her shoulder.she opens her eyes.bihaan tries to kiss her.she sees cock roach in her shoulder.but she screams.she runs from there.bihaan asks to her,why are you running from me..she shows coak roach.he smiles at her.he takes coakroach in his hand.he goes to thapki.she says to him,no bihaan don’t come to me.throw that insect…pls…. he doesn’t agrees to her.bihaan goes closes to her.she screams and closes her eyes.bihaan throw that insect from window.he asks her to open eyes.she doesn’t agrees.then he says to her i throws that insect.believe me promise…she opens her eyes.she slaps him in her arms.he laughs.he hugs her…they looks at each other(ranjhnaa plays……)

precap: thapki cooks halwa for bihaan.Sankara adds salts in that sweet.dhruv and Sankara laughs.bihaan gifts necklace for thapki.

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