Why me? Chapter 11: Part 2

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Chapter 11: Special part 2

Halima’s pov
“Wherever I go I see people romancing like Malika with TK or Crazy with AK, I hope the others aren’t romancing anyone, no they can’t cause the others are cooking or showering.” “Aahh, I heard someone screaming so I went upstairs and was shocked, cause I saw……”
End of her pov

Jazzy’s pov
“I was in the shower when suddenly someone came in, I wore my bathrobe and went to see who it is, I screamed and he screamed as well and it was RK! “What are you doing here?” I asked him and he answered back: “I’m washing my hands, my cute Jazzy!” “Don’t call me cute!” “Oh sorry you look s*xy in that bathrobe.” He said huskilly.” “Get out now!” I shouted. “What’s going on here!” Halima, my saviour shouted.
End of her pov

Astha’s pov
I was cutting the vegetables, while someone hugged me from behind, I wasn’t shocked at all, cause I knew this touch, so I knew who it was. “My sweety, I didn’t know that you can cook!” VK said. “You don’t have any rights to touch me.” I told him a little bit to loudly. “Hahaha, bro bhabhi is angry at you!” SK and AK laughed at my cute VK, but I have to be strong in front of him, the boys went and we were alone again. “Astha, I’m sorry for what I did to you!” “I allready forgave, but I’m not ready to accept your love!” After I said his face fell. “Wherever I go, I see you boys and girls with eachother romancing.” Halima said to us and then she went like a villain goes away.
End of her pov

Ashnoor’s pov
I was in the garden looking at the beautiful roses, someone came took my hand and kissed it, I knew it was my ShK, cause he always kisses my hand and I asked him: “what are you doing ShK?” “I’m just kissing my loves hand!” “Don’t ShK, just don’t!” “Why?” “Cause I am not your girl anymore!” “Yes, you are my girl and only mine!” He said, then Halima came and said: “oh god what’s happening, I only see romance or fight, cause of these stupid K bros and Masked angels.”
End of her pov

Sinzo’s pov
I was walking around the house and was pulled by someone. “Heya, my darling Sinzu, you are looking very hot today.” TiK flirted with me, then the boys came and said: “oho bro you can’t flirt with bhabhi infront of your brothers like that.” VK, AK and SK said and then they went before TiK could say anything to them. “Hahahaaha, your brothers are right TiK, learn something from AK!” I told him, before I went.”
End of Sinzu’s pov

Nidhi’s pov
I called my friend Diya, to talk about our plan against MT, but before she could come someone else came, it was Mr. Imran Khurana and he said: “we will help you guys as well!” “No, you won’t and please stay away from me!” I said. “No, I won’t!” “Why?” “Cause you are my earth.” “Just stop your drama IK.” I said and went away, but before I could he held my hand and said: “I’m not doing any drama, I really love you!”
End of Nidhi’s pov

Fizoo’d pov
I was waiting for Crazy, but she didn’t come, instead of her SK came. “My beautiful moon are you waiting for me?” A flirty SK asked me.” “No, I’m waiting for Crazy!” I said coldly. “Oh, she’s busy with AK!” He said with a smile. “She won’t forgive him that easilly.” “I think, she will!” “No, she won’t!” “Why?” “Cause he hurt her to much.” “Like you hurted me and I won’t forgive you so easilly.” “We will see, my beautiful angel.” He said with a smirk, I really like, but I won’t be easy to crack, he has to do so many things for me, till I forgive him.”
End of her pov

DiKiFaiHalCut and Anjali’s convo
“I hope NiMran, SinGer, ArSam, FizHarth, VaStha, ShaNoor, JazBhir and MalVeer’s love should blossom again.” Cutie said. “I agree,I want to have my brothers married soon.” Anjali said. “Yeah, me too.” DiKiFai said. “It will take long till this stubborn people are together.” Halima said.” “I hope not, something should happen soon or we will do something to get them closer again.” Our baby doll Anjali said.
End of their convo

The next morning the masked angels locked the guys in their room and went to punish MT. Soon the guys sprang out of the window and went to MT’s house too.

K bros pov
We reached MT’s mansion and saw, how our girls were fighting with his goons, one of them was going to hit Fizoo from behind, so SK went hurriedly and hit that man very hardly. MT was going to hit Crazy, so AK went and kicked him very hardly that MT stumbled and fell on top of Nidhi, he was looking at her lustfully, but she was saved by IK, before MT could do anything, he got kicked by them both, while they were holding hands, which is cute. The jungli bili Ashnoor was fighting very well until some tried to punch her, but ShK saved her and said: “it’s not good to hit a woman!” So everyone of us got the chance to save our ladies, fight with the baddies, then we took the girls to our place to tend their wounds.

MalVeer convo
“Is your cheek hurting you?” “Yes it is.” “Then come with me, I have an special cream for your wound, which I made myself.” TK took Malika with him to his room, in that room there were many pictures of Malika and him and Malika smiled a little bit, while seeing the pictures. “You still have got this pictures, I thought you hated me!” Malika said. “I never hated you, cause if I would then it’s better to d….” “Never say that again.” She said angrilly. “I won’t my queen.” He started to tend her wounds and she did the same with him.” “Mali, will you marry me?” An very romantic TK asked her. “Yes, I will!” She said happily and he hugged her for a long time. “We won’t tell my cousins anything only my sisters and your brothers and sister will know about us, cause I want to Surprise RagSan and SwaLak.” “Ok, whatever you want my queen.”
End of their convo.

FizHarth convo
“Fizz I know you hate me , but I love you very much, I can’t live without you my heart and I know, that I’m very fast, but will you marry me?” SK asked a little bit scared. “No, I won’t!” Fizzo said, which made him sad, he started to cry lika an cute baby and then she said: “offcourse I will marry you dumbo, I was just acting, like I don’t want to marry you!” “What, now I don’t want to marry you dramabazz.” He said angrilly, he wanted to go, but Fizzo hugged him from behind and said: “if you don’t marry me, then I will kill.” “Mujhe haar punishment manzoor hai(I accept all the punishment).” He said.
End of their convo

ArSam convo
This time it was different then the other two convo’s
“AK, I was angry at you, but now, I’m not cause you are my hero, no you are my prince and I still love you, AK will you marry me?” “Wow, Crazy I wanted to propose you, but you are faster then a tubelight!” “What, I’m a tubelight?” An angry Crazy asked. “Yes!” He said and got punched by Crazy. “I hate you!” “No, you don’t, you can’t hate your prince Crazy, if you would hate me then you wouldn’t write this sad song.” He said, then he started to sing it:

Meri dil ki dua tu hai,
Meri maan ki baat tum hi to ho, Par tum ko kya paata,
Kabhi tum ne meri dil ki baat ko sunna

You are the prayers of my heart,
The words of my mind,
But you don’t know,
Did you try to listen to my heart

Sab kuch to khatam ho gaya,
Kya raha hai hum dono ke bich kuch to nahi, yeh dil toh kabse toota hai teri wajahse

Everything is finished,
What’s left between us nothing,
This heart is allready broken, because of you

“Yes Crazy, I want to marry you too.” He said smillingly and kissed her on the lips.
End of the convo, cause of the kiss

JazBhir convo
“Thanks RK for saving my life.” “Never say thanks to me, cause if something happend to my jaan, I wouldn’t be able to live.” “Oh, I’m still alive my cute bacha(my cute child).” “What, I’m a child to you.” An shocked RK asked. He started to cry and she said: “just joking my?.” “Oho, now I’m?.” He said angrilly. “I wanted to propose you Jazzy and you are making fun of me.” “Sorry yaar.” She said. “It’s ok!” “Jazzy my princess will you marry this idiot infront of you?” “Yes, I will my idiot.” After she said yes RK started to dance like an idoit and she did too.
End of Convo

So guys this was part 2 and you gussed it right there will be a part 3 too, I hope you guys like this Chapter, If you don’t then I’m sorry????

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  1. Amazing sammy dear .
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    1. AMkideewani

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      1. Astha

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      2. AMkideewani

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  4. I really loved it ?

    Thank you cute Jalebi ❤️

    It’s amazing… but your differences are coming to an end?

    Can’t wait till the next episode… take care ?

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks my pyaari villain jaan❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Some drama is still left and then it will be A day to remember part will come soon, I think chapter 12 will A day to remember, then the drame will be shown in Swaragini: You stole my heart???????

  5. Jazzy

    superb my dear sammy amazing episode

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    Omg hahahahah jazzzy u r romancng so much haaan!!!n gong to get married wohoo!!! Congo yaaar!! 😉 ..halima bechari lol 😛 ….oh my sweetheart sammy u r a romance queen yaaar…superb awesome amazng fabulous update dr…hatts off to u… u manage so many charecters n gve equal importance to all..rashmi sharma should learn smthng from u yaaar!!!lotz of love to u…waitng eagerly for nxt part…keeep rockng n sray blesssed sweeety 😉 😉 😉

    1. AMkideewani

      Aww, thank you very much fairy for the compliment and yaar I’m trying to maintain the importance of every character and their own lovestory❤️❤️❤️❤️

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