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Hope u guys didn’t forget this story.
Recap: abhi a khadoos falls in love with his secret admirer,later finds out it was pragya.

Now onto the story…..

Pragya went home dejectedly. She went home n saw her mom cooking food n hugged her.pragyas mom turned off the stove n asked what happened beti. Pragya said nothing love u maa n went.pragyas mom was feeling g worried when she got a call,the caller explained something, sarla said I’m happy if my daughter is happy,beta.the call ended.
Pragya was in her room ,she was tightly clutching her bedsheets n crying why god see my abhi no no from now Janus abhi he’s asking me to accompany him to see her.I love him truly ,his happiness is mine.just now riya asked sorry then janu came.

Here abhi was clutching his pillow n dancing with it.he said pragya soon ull be my better half .I love you n fell on bed.

Both abhi n pragya faces r shown.sanam re plays……

Next morning abhi got ready n went to pick up his Lady love pragya. He saw her descending stairs wearing a blue saree with black blouse golden border n flower embroidery with a simple pearl chain n earring n bracelet. She was looking like an angel but her eyes were red signifying that she cried whole night.abhi promised himself that he won’t ever let any tear fall from her eyes,she was first n last one to melt his stone heart..
Both sat in car n abhi drove off to place,it was a beautiful garden.pragya saw petal path was about to walk on it then went in other way remembering it was for janu.abhi saw it n said come on pragya try walking on this .pragya said no Sir. Abhi dragged her.she walked on petals ,the soft petals under her feet, she closed her eyes n walked,her face glowed,abhi smiled seeing her antics.

Both were walking beside when a girl hit pragya n hugged abhi.abhi too hugged her saying janu.pragya now was extremely angry n pulled girl apart n removed veil n was shocked,it was …it was purabbb indeed(many of u guys guessed it right).

Purab went from there giving them privacy. Abhi held pragyas hand n asked where EU going madam,n why u opened veil like that.pragya said I was eager to see her face that’s why,abhi came more closer n asked in a husky voice is it so???pragya shakingly replied yes sirr rrr.abhi came near her earlobe n said do u love me pragya said yes nnooooo.abhi said truth pragya said yes what can I do?abhi said love me back. Pragya was surprised abhi said yes I love you my secret admirer. Pragya said I love u took.wait what how when u know that I was secret admirer.
Abhi explained how he found note n purabs question n her angry face when he told that he found his love.

Abhi said pragya do u believe in me??pragya replied hmm abhi tied her eyes n made her stand on platform,it slowly went up n stopped.pragya opened her eyes n was awestruck to see beautiful decorations.the platform was decorated with white roses,while at its end was a tent,decorated so beautifully, it was not less than a Paradise. She saw abhi coming up by elevated square piece,he kneeled down n asked do u love me will u marry me ,I love u n forwarded a rose with a ring in its centre.pragya smiled n said yes I love you n love to be ur wife n took rose while he put ring on her finger.people who witnessed it said lovely couple let them stay like this happy ever.abhi took pragya to tent.a candle light dinner was arranged,both ate it n were dancing happily not to a romantic song but to a rock song.

Abhi took pragya out n in night under moonlight abhi showed pragya something, she was so was written I love u my secret admirer. Abhi said pragya yesterday I was reason of ur tears but today I’m reason n will be forever for ur smile.both sat down n pragya rested her head on abhis shoulders.

Both of their love story starts here,but story ends here.

Story ends,…..but love never ends……life may end but love exists….

I think many of u wanted to know what happened to riya na let’s go….

A camera is shown ,a girl is holding a Mike in her hand n said hi guys I’m princess
krisha I’m here to enquire wat happened to miss riya……I’m new reporter of tu secret admirer…

Princesskrisha : hi ms riya why RU limping what happened to ur beautiful face ,its swollen???

Riya: oh its a sad story n looks towards sky

Princess: guys let’s look up into her fb….

Riya went to abhis office n told him that she was his secret admirer, n badmouthed pragya,abhi who knew truth hit her she flew n fell away flying n leg fracture.

Princess controlling her laugh: oh I feel sad for u ms riya nn u may to camera guys it’s funny na haha.

Okk see u all soon with a new dazzling ff till then its a good day for all,its princess krisha signing off from ur fav show my secret admirer bye bye…


My hearty thanks to sowji di , adhya, abiya, sethidisha choti, nivetha di, sangi, di, prathu di , Akiman A, Dennis mbugi, reshma pradeep(reshu di), priyanka di, b.k.maha di ,honey, abhigya, Lopez Dr, sugan for ur lovely comment n support.

Keep supporting me meet u all in my another ff.

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  1. Superb ending and lovely update superb final scene was superb and awesome with you.

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks abhigya for ur lovely comment happy u liked it

  2. nice n miss u

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks my pyari d

  3. Reshma_Pradeep


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      Thanks reshu di

  4. Prathi

    Superb ending princess loved it….

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks my Dr prathi di

  5. Sowji

    Excellent. Neat love story

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks sowji di

  6. Monesha

    awesome darling

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks darling monesha di

  7. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrr…. Thank u for mentioning my name…

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks maha di no thanks di bcos will u thank ur sis???

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