Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 12

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Abhi: Pragya! I guess you should stay at home!
Pragya wiping the chin of Prabhi  looked at him surprisingly.
Pragya: What do you mean?
Abhi: Pragya…see for yourself how happy they look with you by their side.

Pragya looked at Abhigya and Prabhi smiling and looking up in the restaurant as the lights are very colorful.

Pragya: I am their Mummy na so they are happy with me!
Abhi: I know…and I think it’s high time that you should stop working and take care our kids!
Pragya: But…
She said by looking a pitiful face.
Abhi: How long can Dadi and Dasi take care of them? They are also getting old Pragya. We can’t bother them to take care of our kids. And most importantly it will not be the same way when a mother takes care of their kids. I personally know how it feels being deprived of mother’s love and I don’t want my kids to face it. Yes I know they are still too young to understand all this but I want you to be with them always to take care of them. Don’t think I am trying to stop you from working, I know you like to be independent by working but please try to understand that our kids need your dependency. At least for me please consider this…
Pragya in return smiled widely and looked at her kids who were keep on looking at Abhi with their eyes widely opened as Abhi is talking a lot.

Pragya: They are shocked as you rocked!
Abhi: Be serious Pragya…
Pragya: Well, if my Boss says then it should be right…
Abhi gasped and asked: So you are ok with what I said?
Pragya: Boss! You are saying it for our kids and how can I say no?
Abhi: But…the only period u never worked much was during your last months of pregnancy and do u feel sad that now I am asking you to stop working?
He asked worriedly.

Pragya: I know if you need any help you would surely bring that to house and spending time with our kids is as fun as working, in that case I don’t think I will feel sad…

Abhi sighed and said: I was so scared to tell you this but didn’t expect u to take it lightly.
Pragya: I do feel sad about something.
Abhi: What’s that?
Pragya: I will spend less time with you na…
Abhi: Oh ya…
Pragya: But no problem! Video call is there to see you!
Abhi smiled and said: Ya…but why not I shift my office to our house?
Pragya: Very funny Boss!
Abhi: Work from home Pragya…
Pragya: When you are at home, you never work…you only play with us! That makes it a very bad idea Boss!
Abhi: You got a point there, what to do I am a playboy from young…
He said with a proud smile.

Pragya: Ya ya
She said in a sarcastic way.

Abhigya and Prabhi hearing that also said “Ya ya!”

Abhi in disbelief: What? They picked up this words now!
Pragya ruffling the hairs of Abhigya and Prabhi: Oh my cute kiddos! You two always follow me! Be like that as it’s safe!

They squealed in happiness seeing Pragya praising them.

Abhi: So they can’t follow me ah?
Pragya: It’s safe if they never follow you…
Abhi: What do u mean safe? I am their father!
Pragya: Yes but you are a funny father….

Abhigya and Prabhi were practising the words “Ya ya” and just then they told it loudly making Abhi shocked.

Abhi: How bad all of u are!!!
Pragya: Cool Boss! I was kidding and they were telling that as they are liking it.

The kids were repeating those words loudly  making Abhi and Pragya embarrassed as those who were in the restaurant were looking at them.

Abhi gestured to her it’s time to leave and after paying the bill quickly both managed to leave from the restaurant with their kids.

Pragya seeing him pushing the pram with the two kids in it: Anyways you are not a funny father
Abhi: Then what? Funky Father ah?
Pragya: No! No! Fabulous Father!
She said and looked away by smiling widely.
Abhi: Thank you! It makes me feel proud!
Pragya: Wait! I think they are fighting!
Abhi: How do u know?
Pragya never replied to him and bent down to see what the kids were doing.

Pragya: Oh god! She is violent! She had been beating Prabhi…
She quickly unfastened the belt and carried Prabhi who was crying badly.

Pragya was cajoling her and Abhi bent down to see Abhigya who was holding onto the soft ball close to her and looking at it.

Abhi: For a ball they fight ah?
Pragya: That’s why I said they should be placed in separate prams, now u see they fight with each other!

Abhi: How would I know they would have a fight?
Pragya: They are like us Boss! They too fight with each other as much they care for each other.
Abhi: But why are you crying for her being beaten?
Pragya: I don’t know! She is hurt and is so scared! Leave us alone!
Abhi in shock: What alone? I can’t take care of her!
He said by looking at Abhigya.
Pragya walked ahead with Prabhi and Abhi pushing the pram was trying to catch up with her.

As this was happening, new staff was thinking of the way Purab told him story.

New staff, He is a cute boy but not as cute as me.

She thinking that was choosing the dress to wear the next day for work.

Abhi reaching home felt like collapsing on the bed when Pragya ordered him to get changed first!

Abhi: Too much Boss!
Pragya: What too much? You are sweating profusely and it’s unhygienic to lie on the bed like this! Especially to our kids!
She said in an authoritative tone.

Abhi: Fine! I am going! I don’t have energy to argue with you!

He said that and went to freshen up himself.

Abhi, Never knew my Sunday would be draining off my energy persuading these girls in my life. Why do they always expect a man to persuade them?

He had no answers to the question and was taking his time lazily to freshen up himself.

A few days later,

New staff was acting normal but within her she was missing Purab. He was not there in the office for 3 days.

New staff, What happened to him? Why is here still not back to work? Pragya mam is also not here at work. Did anything happened to him?

She was thinking in all possible ways that she could.

New staff, I can call him but what if he thinks I am desperate!

Just as she was thinking that, a colleague of her was talking with another person.

Colleague “ Did u know that Purab sir met with an accident?”

New staff panicked hearing that but tried not to show it on her face.

She continued to hear their conversation.

Colleague “But u know what is the sad thing, he have no one to take care of…haan Pragya mam is his relative but u know right she have twin babies to take care of….On top of that Purab sir doesn’t like help from others…” She said sadly and walked away.

New staff, He met with accident? And he never bothered to tell me…How is he now?

She was filled with worries unable to concentrate on her work.

At around 6 pm,

Purab heard doorbells and door knocking sounds continuously.

Purab, Who is that crazily pressing the doorbell and knocking the door at the same time?

He opened the door and pleasantly surprised to see her with bouquet and a paper bag.

New staff: Sir…how are u?
She asked with concern.
Purab with a smirk: Until now I am fine…
New staff scanned him from top to bottom and saw him having a bandage on his left hand.

New staff: May I come in Sir?
Purab moved away for her to come in.
She looked around and saw how neat his place was.
New staff: I didn’t expect it to be so tidy Sir..
Purab: It’s all my darling who maintains this..
New staff in shock: What? Me?
Purab: No! It’s my Mum! She went to pilgrimage trip for a month and I don’t really mess up my house…I’ll try to maintain it as much as possible…

New staff: Oh…
Purab: That means u thought that u are my only Darling?
New staff frowned at him.

Purab: You see my mum is my first darling and I want to have another darling who is as doting as her. When I see u l, I felt that way and that’s why I proposed u…

New staff looked away and felt speechless of how he can relate her to his mum.

Purab: But nevermind….I can’t force you in anyway too…

He said with disappointment.

New staff, Oh…he is sad…

Purab: So what makes u here?
New staff: Heard about your accident and thought of wishing u to get well soon!
Purab lightly chuckled seeing her pass the bouquet to him and was trying to figure out of how to pass the bag when his other hand was injured.

Purab: You can place it there.
He said by pointing at the table.

She placed that and looked at him.
Purab: Is there anything else?
New staff: Hmm…how’s your hand now?
Purab: It’s better but didn’t expect u to visit me…Come sit here!

He gestured her to sit opposite to her and she too sat.

New staff: How did this happened?
Purab: I am tired of telling the same thing for the past few days…
New staff: Oh…then tell me what u should have done to make sure it didn’t happen?
Purab hearing that laughed making her frown.

Purab: Sorry…I didn’t expected this though..
New staff looked away.
Purab: Ok I will tell you…It’s actually I shouldn’t have thought about you…
New staff gasped hearing that.

Purab: Don’t think I am telling like this…but  I was really thinking of u when driving…I was thinking how lovely it would be if you are with me for a long ride and unfortunately never saw I was approaching a tree! Then ya eventually my car hit against the tree and I got my hand injured…I can’t remember how I got injured though…

New staff hearing that, What is happening? He met with an accident thinking about me??

She thought by not blinking her eyes and looking at him in shock.

Purab: It’s nothing to be shocked as you know this are side effects of love. I guess they have shown a lot in kumkum bhagya itself right.

New staff nodded her head and was about to stand up when he said: Don’t worry, I will be in my limits and won’t take advantage of you…

New staff: I know Sir…
Purab with curiosity: How do u know?
New staff standing up: It’s just an impression of you in my mind.

Purab, Seems like she is having a good impression of me in her mind. This is also good.

New staff: Sir?
He came back to senses and he said: You are leaving?
New staff: Yes sir…it’s getting late..
Purab: Let me drop you then!
New staff: No! You should be resting Sir..
Purab: First of all I am doing that since past few days! The more I do that, the more I look like a sick child!

New staff chuckled hearing his misery being at house and resting.

Purab: Trust me! I will just drop u at your house!
New staff with a gentle smile: I do trust you…

Purab could feel how gentle and soothing her voice was, as if it’s trying to convey that she loves him.

There was a silence maintained in the car between both of them and she was rejoicing it. Mostly because he was seeing her through the rear mirror as she smiled. Then the thought of having a long ride with him was not at all a bad idea. Now she regretted of sitting at the back seat. She soon realized her house was reaching as he was slowing down the speed of the car.

Purab: Are u silently upset that I didn’t tell story today?
New staff: No…This is also nice…
Purab being puzzled: What is nice?
New staff stammered: I… a ride..
Purab smiling inwardly said: Oh…

New staff hoped that he would never ask further questions.

Purab: But I thought of giving u a test!
New staff: Test?
Purab: Yes…I will tell u a line that one of the trio said and u have to guess it!
New staff: How would I know?
Purab: Just make a guess…so far you know roughly their characters…with that try to make a smart guess!
New staff: Okay..

Purab: So it starts like this…“What I have is only one heart that I can see is slowly separating from me to merge with your heart….I can see how badly my heart is beating to merge with your soul…”

New staff seeing the way Purab tells the line is stunned. She feels as if he is telling her genuinely.

Purab looking at her expression smile how she is reacting to his words with a soft smile on her face.

Purab: Hey! Guess who told that line?
New staff coming back to her senses thinks, It feels as if you are telling me.

New staff looked around and said: Bye! I got to go!
She said by quickly getting out from the car.

Purab smiled at her rushing off and knew she is affected by his words.

Purab before driving away reminisced his bonding with the trio.

Purab entered the cabin and saw Pragya arguing with Abhi.

Purab silently was standing there looking at their argument.

Abhi “ What are u thinking ah? As if you are the only girl in the whole world ah?” Pragya “ If that’s the case I will kill all men like you! How dare u ask me like that??” She said by looking at him furiously.

Abhi “ It was just a simple question! Why do u have to blow it up as if you are Cleopatra?”

Pragya took the pen on the table poked on his stomach. Abhi “ Ouch! What the hell is this?”

Abhi was about to push her when Purab interfered.

Purab moved Abhi away and asked Pragya to leave from there.

Pragya giving a deadly stare left from there.

Purab “ Sit first!” He said and tried to calm Abhi down by giving him glass of water.

Abhi “ I will go and kill her now!” He said by trying to stand up when Purab “ Bhai! What’s your problem?”

Abhi “ She is my problem!” He shouted loudly and Purab holding his shoulder “ Relax Bhai!”

Abhi remained silent and looked away.

Purab “ What happened?”

Abhi “ Ask her!” He said blatantly and closed his eyes.

Purab shook his head and left to the next cabin where Pragya was by sitting down with her eyes closed.

Purab “ Ms Pragya…” Pragya opened her eyes and smiled at him faintly as a gesture of him to come in.

Purab sat opposite to her and she “ I stand him Purab! Do u know what he asked me?”

Purab “ You don’t have to tell me if it’s irritating.” Pragya “ Of course it’s irritating but I will tell u so that u will make him understand!” Purab “ Sure carry on!” Pragya chided continuously of what Abhi asked her.

Purab “ I got you! Take a break now!” Pragya stopped and was breathing heavily.

Purab “ But it’s nothing in wrong in what he asked na…it’s just…” Pragya frowned at him and asked “ All men are like this….” Purab “ No Ms Pragya, don’t mistake me…” Pragya “ Get out from here Purab!” She said in a deafening sound.

Purab came back to senses when he realized his phone was ringing. .

New staff: You are not leaving?
Purab: Yes soon…
New staff: Then leave….
Purab looking at her through the car’s window smiled.
Purab: Leaving Darling!
New staff turned behind and hang up the call.

He started to drive and left from there.

As for Pragya she was calling Abhi and when he picked up the call: Pragya! Is anything important?
Pragya: Yes…
Abhi: Faster tell yaar, the meeting is going to start in 10 minutes…
Pragya softly: Suniye…
Abhi: Oh dear, you want something for sure when u call me “Suniye!”
Pragya pleadingly: Yes…
Abhi: You message me what you want!
Pragya: I will whatssapp u! Check that after meeting!
Abhi with a smile: Sure! Bye! I need to go now…

After his meeting he checked his phone and shook his head hearing the voice message.

Abhi, She is such a kiddo! Wants ice cream and for that she asks me pleadingly

New staff in shock: What?? They met with an accident!!!
Purab nodded his head.
New staff: Was there Memory loss?
Purab: Oh darling it’s not kumkum bhagya again!
New staff: Then what happened? Can u tell faster!
Purab: Ok from this point of the story, love begins slowly and gradually….love is the kind of cure for their accident….
New staff scratching her head: From accident to love ah?
Purab: Hmm..Can say so…
New staff: Faster tell man! I can’t wait!

Abhigya and Prabhigya: Pragya will call him Suniye but only in some situations and there is a reason why both of them call Boss each other. The reason is why I was able to extend these few shots. If you all notice, Abhi calls Pragya as Boss at not all situations. There is a reason for this in flashback too. So keep reading to know all the reasons!
Thank u everyone once again for the exciting comments.

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