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Bulbul place her hands on abhis face..and look at him..no di..its all wont be a lie..because i can see his love from this tears and eyes…

Bulbul hugs abhi..abhi too..they too stay like this for a while..

Pr;hello..pyaari bhahi and sis..forget about me…

Bul;k bhabhi..then join with us

Pr;ohoo too fast .. and trio hugs…

All break their hug…

Suddenly bulbuls face get faden…

Pr;bulbul..i knew what are you thinking now..look me and your bhai is with you na..then why are you scare about others..we will be always with you no one will harm you…bulbul get teary eyed..

Ab;look you are my bubble..my bubble wont cry she has always smile in her face..i want that bubble only so from nowonwards dont cry …

Pr;we are going to take you with us..before going there you want to knew about yourself right..
Bulbul nods..(pragya explain everyone except purab..)

Pr;no go and tell everyone about you are leaving..bulbul goes..

Suddenly abhi make pragya turn towards him..

Ab;pragya..why do you hide purab from her…

Pr;i did that purposefully abhi…as while seeing purab we need to knew how she will respond ..that is i think by seeing purab she will herself ask us about him then only we will tell her about him..abhi..bulbul forget her past..her love for purab everything but for purab its not like that..i want to make them as before..their love as before…abhi hugs pragya…

Ab;fuggi..do you knew you are the best no one will get a person like you…

Pr;haa ..because iam with you na..

They both smiles…now my emotional baby come back to abhi..

Ab;what emotional baby..??

Pr;hàaa…you are crying like a baby dont you knew..abhi..one more thing..we are going to your home tomorrow..and when we reach there you have to fulfill my first wish…

Ab;anything for you..

Pr;you must talk with dad and mom and ask sorry for hurting them…


Pr,no abhi you must…

Ab;ha..meri maa i will do what people says is right na..


Ab;after marraige our freedom and controller will be wife..

Pragya look at abhi in anger…abhi smiles and gives a kiss at cheek..

Bulbul reach there by seeing it..

Bul;bhaiyya…romance that too here..

Ab;do you have any problem with it..

Bul,no you can as she is your wife na..

Pr,if you talk end can we go..

Bul;i think my bhabhi  at anger now..

Ab;its just some fuggism..


Ab;haa…when she get anger she look like a balloon so called fuggi and that action fuggism and laughs…

Pr;i have no mood for hearing jokes..abhi by pulling her close…whispers in ears..

Then do you have mood for some romance..bulbul who hear that just make a noise to distract them..

Screen shifted to abhis house..

Pu,where did they both have gone that too this much early..

Ar;anyway there is some suspense..

Pu;i too feel so.and turns sees abhi and pragya…

Pu;have you both reached..do you knew how much we are waiting for you..where have you gone…

Ab;nothing just near by place..you both are ready to go na..k then go..


Ab;haa..just leave…before going just look at there…abhi and pragya moves sees bulbul…
Purab get shocked and started to cry..ragini who was coming there with water in glass by seeing bulbul drop down the glass bulbul look at that direction…and moves forward..ragini..ragini place her hands on bulbuls face…

Bulbul..my daughter started to kiss all over her face .neil too enters and get teary eyes…

Bul;maa..dont cry and wipes tears..she hugs neil…papa..iam back…neil kiss her forehead…

She moves to dadi..bulbul my bachi..and hugs her..where were you these days..why you hide yourself from us..and kiss her..

Pr;maa..papa (pointing at sarla and shanker ) this is bulbul ..his sister…bulbul take their blessings..

Ar;iam happy bulbul…i always have a hope that you will come back..i always tell this purab to dont get upset she will come…

Bulbul look at purab and look at pragya..she again look at purab..he havent spoken anything all this while staring at her in teary eyes…

Ne;abhi…where is she all this time..

Pr;papa..she is here with me..in a convent…(pragya explain everything..she lost memory dont knew anything ..she get her as unconscious hide the truth of someone tried her to kill)

Abhi again look at fuggi…

Ab ( in mind )  fuggi…why you hide that someone tried to kill her..even though you hide i knew you are trying for something…

Da;abhi..pragya…bulbul..go and take rest..ragini take bulbul with her at that time too she look at purab..all dispersed except puraba and pragya…

Purab is sitting there..pragya sit beside  him..

Pragya place her hands on shoulder…purab hugs her and cry…pragya console him..

Di…thanks alot di..for take caring my bulbul..i thought that in my life i cant see her again..while i support abhi by saying nothing happened to her..but still i have fear in it..

Pr;purab …i knew you feel bad that she havent..

Pu,no di..not at all..she havent knew me na..but i have no problem..i can see her i can love her na..i can care her even if she have no feelings for you..

Pr;no purab ..i promise you i will give you your old bulbul..but i need sometime and some help too..

Pu;what helo you want di..i will do anything for her..

Pr;that i will tell you..tomorrow we are leaving to mumbai…

Pragya leaves…

Screen shifted to abhis room..bulbul pragya and abhi is there..talking about the events happened..

Bul;what i will call you di..or bhabhi..

Pr;anything  you wish..

Bul;when i feel more love i will call you di and otherwise bhabhi..

Pr,k ..


Pr;so now more love..then ask me your doubt bulbul…

Bul;how can you knew i have a doubt..

Ab;bubble..do you knew your bhabhi akka di have studied human psychology she will read our mind..

Bul;anyway my bhaiyya is lucky to have her..

Ab;no bubble..she is lucky to have me..

Pr;ohoo..bulbul tell me first whom you love most me or him..

Ab;tell bulbul its me..

Bul;look bhaiyya and bhabi..you both want to fight then do it by yourself dont include me in it..i want to knew who is purab…

Pr;why..did he disturbs you..


Ab;then why are you asking..

Bul;you introduce everyone not him..

Ab;he is my friend…

Bul;just friend..

Pr;did you feel more..
Bulbul remained silent..tell me bulbul..

Bul;haa di..when he look at me i feel something different..the tears in his eyes says me that he miss me alot ..when he look at me..i feel that he needs me badly..why i feel that only looking at him..

Pr;because you both are in love…



Episode ends…

Precap;;abhi..i knew you behind all this..

What? How you find it..who is he ???

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