Humko Pyaar Hua – SS By AngelAshu (Part-7) (Last Part)

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Hello friends..

Am here with my SS last Part..

I know am not giving regular.. hope u guyz will understand my busy days..

And ur response also making me irregular..

Finally I reached last episode of my ss..

Guyz.. response chahe jaisa bhi ho.. This is my one Of the special SS..

Any way.. many people commenting.. thanx a lot to u guyzz for supporting me..

Recap: Swasan haldi, Swasan Shadi, Swasan suhagrat..

Lets Starts Part-7 (last part) Of #Humko_Pyaar_Hua

Sanskar Turned another page of album..

There Swasan Pic present with Arti Plate..

With some lines..

Sanskar: (teasing) swara.. Who..?

Swara: what u mean..

Sanskar: special person..?

Swara: (making faces) ofcourse u..

Sanskar: really..? U never told me na

Swara: actually my husband said.. Some words not need to express.. We can feel by heart.. Thatz enough..

Sanskar: smart husband na..

Swara: I know..

***Flash Back Starts***

The next morning..

Swasan both did arti in front of god Ramji ki idol at their house..

She wore red coloured saree with simple jewellery and loose straight long hairs..

She wore pallu on her head..

Sanskar wore white jeans with red T-shirt..

Arti done..

She gives prashad to him silently..

He took and eats with smile..

(actually after Special Night.. Swara blushing more and more.. She not able to face him properly.. He trying best to make her free with him..)

She stepped to dining table.. Places arti taali on table..

He calls her..

She turned..

He coming near to her..

She feelings nervous.. And stepping back..

Her back crushed to wall..

He came to her.. (Little close hi samjo yaaro)

Sanskar: (cool voice) where r u escaping haan..?

Swara: (cutting voice) woo.. WO I have work in kitchen…

Sanskar: (moved little close) mjse bhi zyada IMP hai..??

Swara feeling happy in his close but blushing hard..

Swara: Jane do plzzzzz..

Sanskar: answer me sweetheart…

He can easily understand her blushing by her expressions..

Sanskar: answer me na..

Swara softly placed her palms on his chest.. He smiles..

She suddenly pushed him and about to run..

He cached her wrist and dragged her back..

He crushed his back to wall..

She falls on his chest..

Swara: (trying to free herself) Sanskar.. Leave me na.. (Avoiding eye contact)

Sanskar: acha.. Ye sab chodo.. Ek chota sa game khelte h..

Swara: (un believable look) nowww..?

Sanskar: yeah..

Swara: no.. Am going.. I have work..

Sanskar: (holds her tightly) I will not let u go na.. (Naughty smirk)

Swara: but kounsi game..

Sanskar: am here to told u na.. Let me tell u..

Swara: hmm..

Sanskar: in this game.. U r playing Sanskar Role.. And am playing Swara Role..

Swara: what kind of game is this..

(Still blushing due to his closeness.. But better than first)

Sanskar: Very Interesting one na.. I know..

Swara: Sanskarrrr..

Sanskar: okk now u Sanskar.. Am swara..

He start blushing like her..

She smiled to see him..

Sanskar: (like Swara) Sanskar leave me na.. I have work..

She took long breath.. She wraps her arms around his neck..

Swara: (Like Sanskar) no baby.. I can’t.. I will not let u escape this time..

Suddenly Sanskar rolled her..

Her back crushing wall now.. He blocks her way by holding her by waist..

Sanskar: (in his voice) I know baby..

Swara: Sanskarrrrr.. Kya kar raha ho.. It’s cheating..

She about to take her hands back..

Sanskar: khabharrdaarrr.. Haat nikhali tohhh..

Swara pouted..

He peaks her pout..

Her eyes became more big..

Sanskar: (romantic voice) subh se dek raha hu.. Y r u escaping haan..?

She became silent..

Sanskar: apna husband k liye waqt nhi hai..? Bolo..

Swara: (blushing tone) sanssskkaaarrrr.. Leave me na..

Sanskar: (pulls her on him) life long mera sath rehna h madam.. Ab toh Blushing band karo.. Tumhari hi to hu my..

She felling really happy..

Sanskar: move with me freely sweetheart.. I like to be with u..

Swara: even i.. (Slow tone)

Sanskar: say again..

She smiled..

He start caressing her hairs..

Sanskar: u r looking more beautiful in my fav colour saree.. U r making me impatient.. (Romantically)

Swara: Sanskar.. U r getting late to office..

Sanskar: may be u forget this truth.. Today is Sunday..

Swara: (in mind) oopsss.. In his closeness I forget all world..

Sanskar: today full mine.. (Little loudly) today Sanskar Maheshwari’s Day.. I will spend my full day with my sweetheart..

Swara blushing again..

He start caressing her cheeks which is turned into red in shy, with his palms..

He came more close to her..

He smells her hairs..

His hot breath touching her neck..

She closes her eyes tightly.. And gripping his collar with her palm..

Slowly he leaves a soft peak on her neck..

She feeling his closeness..

He slowly comes to her lips..

Both about to meet lips..

Suddenly Doorbell ranged..

Both came in scene..

Swara pushed him and asked to Cheak who came..

Sanskar hardly moved..

*** Flash Back Ends ***

Sanskar Gazing her romantically..

She became a red tomato in blush..

He placed his left arm around her shoulder (from back like a side hug)

She places her face at his chest..

Both shares a sweet side hug..

He turns another page (the last page of album) of album..

Swasan Hug pic present there..

With some lines..

Sanskar- ohh god swara.. That day I was shocked to see ur behaviour..

Swara- but I full drawn in a bigggg confusion..

Sanskar- (naughtily) but I cleared when I got to know na..

Swara smiles and hits his chest playfully..

He smiles..

*** Flash Back Starts ***

The next day swasan went honeymoon for 7dayz and enjoyed a lot..

They came to home..

The next day..

Sanskar – Swaraaa..

Swara- haa..

Sanskar: today I have imp meeting at afternoon..

She feeds MishtiDoi (DhahiShakkar) to him..

Swara- all the best..

He kisses her forehead..

They share a hug and sanskar went office..

Swara doing her work at home..

Suddenly she someone came and hugs her from back..

She turned..

Swara: Sannnssskkaarrrrr… u didn’t go..??

Suddenly Sanskar disapered..

Swara: (hitting her forehead with her palm and smiling) ohhoo swara.. bahar ajao aapke patidev ke sapnon se.. wo gaya hai office..

She again fallen in work..

After one hour.. she went to her room.. reading some novel written by AngelAshu..

Swara turne back.. she noticed sanskaar closing room door..

Swara: (going to him) sansskaarrr.. when u came.. u have meeting na..

She non stop bak baking..

He coming close to her and holds her by her waist..

Swara: sanskaarr.. choddoo na…

he about to kiss her… she pushes him..

Sanskaar got disappear..

Swara: ohhoo.. swara.. pagalpan also have limits may be.. ur dreams are too much..

From morning… swara with Sanskar dreams..

Like he came and kissed her, hugged her, he came from office.. he eating.. he drinking juice…

Jaha bhi dkhe swara ko Sanskar hi nazar aaraha hai….

She having lunch..

Sanskar came and askes her to feed him..

At that time another Sanskar came and askes her to eat first..

She start coughing..

At that time another Sanskar came and gives her Water..

Swara not getting anything..

(guyzz don’t confuse.. these all are sanskar’s dream of swara.. she missing him.. so)

Swara: (holding her forehead) ohh god what to do now.. itne saaree sanskar’s.. subh sw dek rahi hu.. Sanskar hi Sanskar nazar aarahaa hai.. kya karu.. meri pyaar ki had hogayi mere pyaar ki.. now Sanskar aaya to kya sochega meri bare me.. (smiling little)

Swara watching TV..

Sanskar came and seated beside her..

Sanskar: Swara.. give me some water..

She went kitchen.. when she came sanskar is not there..

Swara: huhhh ye sanskaar bhi na.. dream me bhi ek jagah nahi rehtaa..

She going back to kitchen.. Sanskar stops her..

Sanskar: give me..

She passing.. at that time another Sanskar came and askes her juice..

Swara stood there at confusion look..

Both sanskar’s asking her to give them water and juice..

At that time another Sanskar came there.. (he is in white jeans and blue shirt, normal attire)

He came to her and askes water…

Swara: (shouted little in frustration) water chahiyee….?? Bolo ab my tumko du.. ya tumko.. (pointing 3 sanskar’s)

2 sanskar’s smirking and one looking at her with confused face

Swara: bolo.. y r u guyzz silent..??

Sanskar: swara.. kisse baat kar rahi ho tu..??

Swara: huhhhh…

He came close to her and askes..

Sanskar: swaraaa.. what happennn.. r u okk..??

Swara went from there with disgusted look..

Sanskar: what happened with her.. kuch to gad bad hai..

He went to swara to ask reason..

Sanskar: Swarraaa… swaraaaaa…

She seated on sofa by holding her forehead with her palm..

Sanskar came and seated beside her..

Swara: had hogayi meri pagalpan ki.. maanti hu u loves him a lot.. but its not fair…

She looks at him..

Suddenly 2 sanskar’s disapered one Sanskar seated beside her..

Suddenly Sanskar places his palm on her shoulder..

she can feel his touch..

Swara: Sanskaaaarrrrrr…

Sanskar: hmmm..

Swara: By the way.. why will Sanskar come to home now.. and her have meeting also na..

She about to stand.. he holds her hand and stops her..

He holds her shoulders.. jerking her..

Sanskar: swara… what happen with u haan..?? I thought I came home early and u will became happy.. but y r u behaving like this..???

Swara: (like came to scenes) sanskaarrr… ?(touching his face with her palm) tum sach me aagaya ho..??

Sanskar: sach me matlap..?? am infront of ur eyes na..

Swara: no… no… u also my dream only.. waise bhi.. my Sanskar must be in office costume na.. he is in normal dress..

Sanskar: (not getting anything) swara… I came and asked u water na.. and I went to change.. but what r u talking.. am not getting anything..

Swara: (realized what he said) but ur meeting..??

Sanskar: actually my partner have anither meeting.. so, morning hogayi..

Swara: it means… tum sach me aagaya ho.. (changing face expressions)

She went little far from him.. rubbing her palms like she is in tension..

Sanskar: (went to her) can u tell me.. what happen with u.. ?

Swara: sanssskaarr… (tension voice) wo actually.. subh se.. iii.. i.. mean.. when u went office na…

Sanskar: haaa

Swara: tab see.. woo.. woo… u are near to me only.. I.. i.. I mean.. u coming near to me and disapering.. Iam in sooooooooooooooooooooo confusion.. i.. I thought u also in my dream.. but uu.. u came really.. woo.. woo.. am soorrryyy.. actually all sanskar’s are looking like same.. I don’t get any clue to find original Sanskar..

She slowly turns to him..

He stood with a bright smile on his face..

He came to her and pulls her cheeks..

Her face became pouted..

Sanskar: thank god.. u said me this.. otherwise I will became mad by getting u and ur talks.. hahahhaa..

Swara: (hits his chest playfully) sannssskkaarrr…. i thought u will get angry.. and u laughinggg..

He holds her from back..

Sanskar: y I will get angry haan..? its common in love..

Swara: what u mean..??

Sanskar: when we loves some one badly.. jaha bhi dekhe , wohi nazar aata hai.. its common.. mere sath bhi aisa hota hai aksar..

She turns with exited voice..

Swara: really..??

Sanskar: hmm..

Sanskar: so, my wife missed me today..??

Swara: no..

Sanskar: y..??

Swara: (with smile) when u went away from me haan..?? u with me only na..

Sanskar smiles and hugs her.. she hugs back..

BG Plays..

Kare dil ne todi siii bemaaniyaann..

Di hai koob soratt si pareshaaniyaan..

Humko Pyaar Huaa..

Puri hue dua..

Humko Pyaar Huaa..

Puri hue dua..

*** Flash Back Ends ***

Swara: u know what Sanskar.. now also sometimes its happening with me..

Sanskar: even with me too..

He rubbed her nose with his nose..

He turned another page of album..

No pic is there only some lines present there..

It’s a page and end of album..

Sanskar closed album with care..

Sanskar: the best gift in my life is u swara.. (peaks her fore head).. and this is best gift from u.. (pointing album)

He went to cupboard and placed album safely..

Swara also went to cupboard and took blanket.. Placed on bed..

Rain started outside..

She went to window and staring rain lovingly..

He smiles and went to her and hugs her from back..

Sanskar: I Love U…

Swara: (touching his arms which is holding her) I Love U Too..

Sanskar: I never expected this day in my life swara.. U came in my life.. U make my life colourful..

Swara: without u am nothing sanskar..

Her hairs dancing in air due to wind..

Suddenly Thunder (bijli) came in sky..

She afraid and holds him tightly..

Sanskar: (makes her turn and hugs her) hyyy.. Not need to fear.. Am with u na.. (With lots of care voice)

She smiles and Broke hug..

He kisses her forehead..

She closes her eyes..

Her hairs falling on her face..

He softly removing..

He kisses her eyes..

He kisses her nose..

He kisses her both cheeks..

He peaks her lips..

He kisses her neck..

He kisses SS locket…

She grips his shirt tightly.. And breathing heavily..

She opens her eyes..

He looking at her passionately..

She smiles.. Her smile making his feelings increase more and more..

And whether also making them impatient..

Raising their feelings for each other..

He ups her in bridal style..

Slowly stepping towards bed..

She wraps her arms around his neck..

He slowly places her on bed..

He leans on her..

He touched her nose tip with his nose tip..

She blushed and turns her face..

He makes her face straight.. And staring her passionately..

Both lost in each other passion..

He slowly placed his lips on her and kissing her passionately..

She too responding with equal passion..

After 10 min they broke kiss..

She not able to look at him in shy..

She hugs him tightly..

He too hugs back..

He slowly start removing her jewellery by placing soft kisses with love..

She blushing more and more..

He slowly removed her saree and all cloths..

She unbuttoned his shirt..

He removes his shirt..

He touching her whole body with his lips..

He caressing each and every part of her body with lots of love..

He came to her milky neck and kissing passionately..

She moaning in pleasure…

After some time swasan became naked..

He kissing her whole body by leaving love marks which indicates she is only him’s

They are only for each other..

He covers a duvet on them..

After sometime both again consummate their marriage..

Sanskar: (kissing her forehead) I Love U Swara.. More than anything..

Swara: I Love U More Sanskar..

Both hugs each other with lots of love..

They slept in each other warm embraces..

BG plays..

Humko Pyaar Hua..

Poori Hue Dua..

Humko Pyaar Hua..

Poori Hue Dua..

Humko Pyaar Hua..

Poori Hue Dua..


So, friends.. How was today epi…

Hope u all will like..

Sorry for late update.. Finally completed..

Its happy to share with u all..

I won award on my 4 Stories in wattpad.. (i.e., Worthy Of Relations, Pavitra Rishta, Diary Ne Bana Di Jodi, Mujhe Haq Hai)

Thanx for making me special..

Am really very much happy by this.

Follow me in wattpad @AshiSai

Thanx to all my lovely readers at Fb, TU, Watty..

Thanx for supporting me always..

So, finally this SS completed..

I will continue LMLB..

Just wait for my party (new TS & OS) of my success..

And SS also upcoming.. But it can take time..

Don’t worry.. Am not going anywhere.. Am here always for my lovely readers.. With different different stories..

Love Swasan Forever..

Hope Heva Back Soon..

Love u all..

Thank u soooooooo much again..

Without u all am nothing..

I will be regular..

Support me like this always..


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      Thank u #AngelAshu

    1. AshiSai

      Thank u #AngelAshu

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    Awesome ?

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    1. Mica

      something missing, i don’t understand hindi part 😛

    2. AshiSai

      Thanks a lot for ur comment.. Awww learn Hindi na.. U will enjoy.. And haa.. Yes coz of reading my Novels??.. Keep in touch.. Am coming with OS soon.. #AngelAshu

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      Thank u #AngelAshu

    1. AshiSai

      Thank u #AngelAshu

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      Thank u #AngelAshu

    1. AshiSai

      Thank u #AngelAshu

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    swara got imaginoromancophilia???

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