“That Unknown Feeling”- Chapter 7: Getting Deeper

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The next morning, Sayyam nonchalantly walked into the Kitchen and pushed himself up onto the counter, watching Krishna cook.

“Hey Girnewali, what’s up?”

“I’m skydiving,” she said sarcastically.

“Oh yeah? Where’s your parachute?” Sayyam played along.

“It’s here!” Krishna held up a knife, pointing it in Sayyam’s direction, but he remained unfazed.

“Girnewali, I think while falling so many times, you’ve dropped your brains somewhere. What you’re holding is a knife.”

“Khadoos,” she huffed, while Sayyam just shook his head. He grabbed an apple off the counter and began to toss it in the air.

“Woah!” Krishna grabbed the apple mid-air, “Food is not to be played with.”

“Then why don’t you keep me busy?” he said suggestively, leaning forward.

“Excuse me?” Krishna’s eyebrows shot up, sensing Sayyam move closer to her.

“Nothing ya,” he ran his hand through his hair, hopping off the counter, “What are you making?”

“Kheer, you want some?” she responded, focusing all of her attention on the pan sitting on the stove.

“Kheer?” Sayyam’s eyes lit up, “I love kheer!” Krishna smiled slightly at his enthusiasm. “You know?” he said wistfully, “In the orphanage I used to-” he hesitated to continue, his eyes glazing over.

Krishna faced the stove again, unable to look into his eyes, she wondered how someone could go through so much in life and endure it all. His eyes held so many secrets, so much pain. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“For what?” he looked at her, puzzled.

“For Yuvaan…what he said yesterday, it must’ve hurt-“

“I’m fine,” Sayyam said coldly, “I’ve dealt with worse.” He turned away stiffly and began to walk out of the kitchen. Watching him leave, Krishna dejectedly reached down for the spoon, when suddenly, she hissed in pain. She looked down and realized she had taken hold of the knife blade instead of the spoon. Sayyam heard her and turned back, his eyes becoming wide as saucers.

“Bewakoof ladki!” he rushed to Krishna and grabbed her hand, examining the cut on Krishna’s palm. “Have you gone mad?”

Krishna squeezed her eyes shut, a tear leaking out of her eyes. Sayyam put a hand around her waist and dragged her to the sink, scolding her the whole time. He switched on the tap and rinsed her hand, occasionally blowing on the wound to lessen the pain. “Pagal. What was the need to do this?” He grabbed the first aid kit from the shelf and began to apply some ointment on her hand, worry evident in his eyes.

She stood motionless as he leaned closer, gently blowing on the cut. She looked up, and for a second, she almost stopped breathing. Those eyes. They were even more enthralling up close. Those deep pools of dark-cinnamon swirls seized the depth and heaviness of one thousand untold stories. Time around them seemed to stop. Then – he looked up at her, their eyes met, and she knew she was trapped, drowning in his eyes for what seemed like eternity.

Sayyam tilted his head and tapped her shoulder, pulling her away from the allure of his chestnut orbs.“You okay?” he asked worriedly.

Krishna slowly nodded, looking at her hand which was enclosed in his. “Thank you,” she whispered, slowly withdrawing her hand.

“Don’t worry about it,” he shook his head, smirking slightly, “just don’t do dumb things anymore.”

Krishna opened her mouth to retort, but by the time she had come up with a smart response, he’d left the kitchen, leaving her to her own thoughts.
So there’s definitely something going on from Krishna’s side, but will it last for long?

Until next time guys, Love you all! 😉
Shreya <3

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  1. Dinu

    Nice epi dr .loved it.I tnk Krishna is fallen 4 sayyam. He hee jst a guess. Bye dr keep writing. Tc

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thanx Dinu? Krishna’s falling but you never know what will happen next??

  2. so amazingly written shreya❤i loved it?

  3. Loved it..!! Amazing chapters.. so many different feelings to encounter!! Waiting for the next part!! ??

  4. Prethiga

    I have fallen in love with your writing… you write so well…i never imagined that someone could describe someone’s eyes so well… while reading this i can actually feel the emotions… i have a suggestion you can actually write books and i am sure they will become best-sellers… by the way if you do write pls inform me so that i too can read them…and abt the chapter i expect sayyam also to feel the same way as krishna… waiting for the next chapter…pls post soon…

    1. Fanficwriter

      Oh gosh, you’re too sweet…I honestly don’t think of myself as that good of a writer, but thank you!??
      If I ever in the future find myself writing a book, I’ll definitely give you a heads up??
      Thank you again! You honestly made my day??

  5. Amazing

  6. really…a very nyc ff…loved it truly

  7. AnahitaAnnie

    I have a crush on ur writing skills…girl u always nail ur episodes..ur dialogues and descriptive sentences are comprised of fine writing and amazing talent…ur extensive knowledge on writing is clearly evident in ur article..when I read it I can feel like I am reading an novel written by an amazing professional writer…i truly adore ur writing talent…keep going..❤❤

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thank you annie? you’re too sweet??

  8. Infatuations had never been so beautiful ever before….
    The episode cast a spell upon me and helped me delve into a utopian world where I could clearly visualise every nuance and intricate detail of each scene. The words which floated out from the lips of them protagonists were surely comparable to the music created for the young-eyed cherubins. All the actions were artistically depicted and meticulously described. The episode was sure to bring a smile upon the faces of all its readers. Truly poignant and magical…

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thank you Shivani?

  9. Superb yaar…loving it !!!sorry I am so late to call comment I have v.classes so…keep writing Dr..loving ur style of writing..?

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thanks Isha, you’re not late at all???

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