Savitri Devi 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi and Dr. Kabir to shift to Jaya’s house

Savitri Devi 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishri coming back home crying and comes to inhouse temple. She blames herself for not having any intelligence even after growing to be an adult. She says why did I take food to him and haven’t left it in the hospital when he asked me to keep it there. She slaps herself. Gayatri comes and asks what happened? Mishri hugs her and tells everything. She says everyone was laughing because of me, nothing can happen, I will be illiterate always and shall go from here. Gayatri thinks if she leaves then my plan will be ruined. She asks her to learn the nuance of city and leaves village habits. She says she will teach her and asks her to go and rest. She thinks what to do else Veer will kick her out.

Kusum gets a letter and is tensed. Dr. Kabir comes there. Kusum says owner has sold this house, where we will go. Dr. Kabir says I was thinking to buy a new house. And till then we will stay in hotel. Sanchi says we will stay in Maa’s (Jaya) house. Dr. Kabir refuses. Sanchi says it is your and my house now. Kusum agrees and convinces her son. Dr. Kabir and Sanchi smiles.

Mishri apologizes to Veer when he comes home. Veer refuses to see her face and asks her to go. She says I can’t go until you forgive me and I couldn’t get sleep also. She says I shall be punished for the mistake and says until you forgive me, I will stand here on one foot. Veer asks her to do whatever she wants. He goes to change his clothes and then comes back, asks her to stop it. She asks him to forgive her else she will stand there. Veer asks her to stand and lie down on bed to sleep. Mishri thinks if he doesn’t forgive me then I have to stand here all night, and thinks he is not that cruel. Veer gets up and asks her to go and sleep, says I have forgiven you. Mishri goes to sleep.

In the morning, Mishri comes to Gayatri and asks did you call me. Gayatri introduces Mr. Savoy to her. She asks him to groom Mishri. Savoy says he has groomed many people. He tells her that he will show her how to greet others. Mishri says she knows and shows how she greets others. Savoy shows her how they greet each other in high society, but Mishri slaps him for touching her. Savoy refuses to teach her. Gayatri requests him. Savoy agrees to teach her and asks her to sit in certain posture. He then takes her to dining table to show her how she shall eat food.

Sanchi and Dr. Kabir come to Jaya’s house. Sanchi prays to the idol there and tells Dr. Kabir that her childhood is spent here. Dr. Kabir calls laborers to clean the house, but nobody is free. Sanchi says she will clean the house and is tired of sitting idle at home. Dr. Kabir says ok and goes to hospital. Sanchi talks to her father’s pic and says she is starting her new life.

Savoy teacher table etiquette to Mishri. Mishri’s friends come to meet her. Mishri gets happy seeing Rekha and Seema. She greets them and asks how are you? They say fine. Mishri asks Savoy to come tomorrow and says she will learn tomorrow. Rekha says house is big. They ask about Veer. Mishra thinks about Veer and tells that he is really good. They insist to meet Veer. Mishri says he is in the hospital and is very busy. Gayatri says he is busy. Seema says jija ji will feel bad. Rekha says we shall go to hospital. Mishri thinks if I take them then Veer will get angry and her friends will know about her relation truth.

Dr. Kabir and Sanchi come to the hospital. Veer sees a stretcher moving towards Sanchi and runs to save her, but before he could reach her, Dr. Kabir saves Sanchi and she falls in his arms. Veer looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. ????? stupidity ki had hai abhi tak Dr. Kabir k paas apana ghar hi nahi tha.

    1. The most illogical thing is kabir is ceo n 51 pet stock holder of manothra mansion n no house can’t belive lagta hai production ke paas pasie katam hogaye

    2. Exactly I was thinking the same. CEO of sdcah, owner of an American company with which merger of sdcah took place and India’s best surgeon don’t have his own house. Completely illogical.

  2. I hope this is new chance for sachi and kabir to focus building they marriage and move past beer’s drama. I can’t wait to see the new and educate mishri

  3. veer is idiot ..hating his character

  4. I am Eagerly waiting to see the love story between misveer and kanchi………..

  5. ex-sanveer-now-veer fan

    Kabeer ‘s character proves that you can break a relationship and still find happiness with the woman whose relationship he broke. I truly wish veer razes their worlds (Kanchis ) completely.They (Kanchi) truly deserve every pain in the world.

    1. My dear who told you kabir is happy. When a husband’s wife continuously thinks about her lover infront of her husband it is very painful. And yes the pain that veer is feeling is already felt by kabir. When the person whom you love and trust alot ditch you this pain is already faced by kabir. First sanchi ditched kabir for veer and now she ditched veer for kabir. Same phase faced by both boys. So don’t say that kabir has never felt pain. If u want to wish anything for veer then just wish him to move on .

    2. Ex-Sanveer-Now-Veer Fan

      Imagine seeing your wife with the guy who is responsible for the demise of your relationship with the said wife….Maybe Saanchi is suffering from stockholm syndrome…If wife stealing is to be glorified , I will not take part in it.if you think losing ones wife is same as what happened to Kabir …then i cant say anything…because that is some warped way of equating things that are not equal.
      The thing is not that Saanchi moved on …it is the part where she moves on with the guy who destroyed her and Veers relation…
      Kabir felt pain …but he did not lose his wife to the guy who broke their relationship…I hope Veer never moves on and does destroy their life for destroying his…They deserve all the hell …I just cannot decide whether it is Kabir or Saanchi who deserve it more…both are married to one another so package deal.

    3. Ex-Sanveer-Now-Veer Fan

      Oh and dont worry about Kabir…The showrunners are going to spin the situation in such a way that Veer has to apologise….Now only i see it in the show poor poor kabir helping veer after completely decimating his life…poor poor kabir indeed

    4. My dear more than kabir its sanchi’s fault. U r right kabir snatched veer’s wife. But how just bcoz of the lady who one side says she truly loves her husband but don’t trust him at all. Sanchi has many chances to tell the truth to veer if not in hospital I think they use to share the same bedroom. Kabir has not put cameras in her bedroom but this stupid lady didn’t tell veer anything. So tell me if she doesn’t trust veer at all how can she say she loves veer truly. More than love in any relationship trust is more important. And don’t blame kabir he did wrong but he admitted it also and gave chance to sanchi to go back to veer but the lady was not ready to go. You all sanveer fans r crying we want sanveer back but my dear if they will come back together again their relation will break why? Bcoz they don’t trust each other and it’s been visible since beginning. Sanveer relationship can’t exist without pragya and isha’s support. Any one can easily break them. If sanchi don’t trust veer so there is no fault of kabir agar kabir nahi inaka relation break kata to koi aur kar deta. And yes veer can love mishri again and move on with her. But it’s not easy for kabir to move on with sanchi bcoz first he will always live with guilt that he snatched sanchi from veer and he also know it very well that sanchi will be his wife but can’t love him ever. So my dear Kabir’s life is more painful.sanchi herself will give pain to him bcoz this lady can’t be loyal to anyone.

    5. 100 ten% true palak.

  6. Ex-Sanveer-Now-Veer Fan

    @Palak …I blamed saanchitoo…but that does not mean Kabir is not to blame.If someone elese had broken them up then i would have blamed them too…Kabir did it in the story so i blame him…Kabir will not live life long in this guilt…CVs will not dare to do that.Kabirs life is painful because he is with the one who he loves…oh such suffering…why couldnt Veer suffer like how Kabir is suffering….ypu have a odd definition of least one which i do not subsribe to

    1. I don’t understand what is the problem of sanveer fans. Veer make lots of mistake he insulted and humiliating sachi lots of time .he ditched sachi after engament vo ring nikalke dhakkha marke .and everytime he make PUPPY fave and say sorry and everytime sachi forgive him .Thats time all veer fans happy .but when kabir make mistake in anger or harted after kidney theft false blame .Sachi forgive him then Sanveer veer fans bla bla kar rahe hai .Veer ko hundred galtiya maaf karo to sahi kabir first and last ek galati ko sachi ne maaf ki and move on then its wrong. All know what was sanveer relationship they have always trust issue everytime pragya esha forcfully patch up them .but after marriage one night cv and writers change veer character in good husband and he more trust on sachi .but ab kabir realized his mistake and become good again then all have problem how he become good. Kyu after realising his mistake vo mafi mange kar achha nahi ho sakta?? .agar veer 10 baar apni galti ke liye mafi mil sakti hai to kabir ko kyu nahi .??? Aur kabir sath rahene faisala sachi ka hai .last time in mandap she choose love over kartyva and ditched kabir .This time she choose kartyva over love and ditched veer . But this ppl is selfish they only want their fav happy and everything happen fir their fav side ???.but they forget its dailysoap yaha kab kya ho no one know everything depends on trp or for story move on ahead.

    2. Absolutely right. Sanveer fans r biased. And yes ho sakta hai sanchi ne veer se pyaar kiya hoga par usane veer ko nikamma nalayak samjha tabhi to sach nahi bataya. And aajkal veer Jo kar raha hai usase to yahi lagta hai ki usane sanchi se kabhi pyaar kiya hi nahi sanchi sirf usaki zid thi jab bacche ki zid Puri ho gai to baccha khush good boy ban gaya aur jab zid nahi puri hui to bacche ko gussa aa gaya. Aur aisa starting se dikhai de raha hai. And yes veer sanchi ko characterless bolke next day puppy face banale to sanchi use maaf kar di aur agar kabir ne pahali and aakhiri galati ki and use realise kiya sanchi ne use maaf Kiya to inn sanveer fans se bardasht nahi ho raha. Aur haan veer kabir ko barbad kare na kare khud ko jaroor barbad kar Lega.

    3. Ex-Sanveer-Now-Veer Fan

      I am not here to discuss fans … If you want to…well you will.

    4. Aur ye VEER fans usske behaviour ko justify kar rahe vo jo kar raha hai sahi ??? sachi ki vajahse uske sath bura hua to kya iska matalab ye hua tum mishry jaise masoom ladki ki jindgise ke sath khelo . Phir kya difference hai kabir ke kiye me aur veer me .Bade uchi aawaj me kaha tha mai apni kismat khud likhunga .mai apna har kartayva nibhayunga .jo bola vo karna to aata nahi dusroko blame karna aata hai .Hospital me aaya to kabir ko kahata hai mai aapke kahane par nahi apnae hak ke liye maa ka naam hospital ko hai isliye aaya hu .Bada roshan kar raha maa ka naam logo se fight karke operation me galtiya karke .Galat to kabir ke sath bhi hua tha par usne uska effect apne kaam par nahi hone diya . Aur kabir jo kiya uss vaqt kabir married nahi tha par ab to veer bhi married hai mishry se Aur sachi bhi phir bhi sachi ke peeche pada hai ab vo married women nahi hai kya ???

  7. My dear I m not saying kabir is innocent but more than kabir its sanchi’s fault.

    1. Ex-Sanveer-Now-Veer Fan

      I do not .Kabir is the wife stealer…so i dont see anything which makes it less than what Sanchi did…he played on Sanchis weakness…

    2. Tum log bhi to bahot khush hue the na jab tumhare selfish veer and sanchi ne kabir k sath galat kiya that tumhe to sirf iss bat ki Khushi thi ki tumhe tumhara favorite pair mil gaya kabir k sath galat hua usase tum log ko koi matlab nahi tha usi tarah hame hamara kanchi mil gaya usase tumhara veer ro raha to roye wo to waise bhi hai hi rondu baby. Tumhe jo sochana hai socho hum to khush Hain.

  8. Ex-Sanveer-Now-Veer Fan

    @Shivi…Oh a mind reader I entertaining.You do not know me or my thoughts ..but if you feel you know

    1. Bura logon ki fitrat log jaldi samjh jaate hein isi liye vo bhi aap ki fitrat samjh gyi??

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