Kunj thoughts 

She is so close to me, I can feel her breath, her touch and her. She tried hiding herself from me, but I already trapped her in between my arms. I was so close to her that I can hear her breaths and her heart beats. She was making me go crazy, her blushing face and wet body was making me lose my control. 

I was closing the gaps between us by leaning my face into hers. Our nose touched and I can feel the shiver ran down my body. I felt her also shivering like the first time. The mere touch of mine can make her shy as this was the first time I was touching her. 

She squeezed the towel more tightly. I felt like she was not holding the towel but the towel was holding her. She was getting nervous as if it was our first time, we have done this before or maybe she was right in front of me in bare, just covered in towel. But the surrounding was so romantic and I now I love her shyness also when I touch her. 

I am actually amused to see her face right now. She is holding her breath and anytime she can choke over the nervousness that has been created between us. 

I kissed her left eye and then her right eye and waited them to open. She opened her eye but she was not looking at me but down. I then kissed her cheeks which were tomato red because of blushing and embarrassment. I then leaned to kiss her to which she turned right giving me access to kiss below her left ear and over her neck I sprinkled kisses on bare neck, on her chin and then slide down to her throat and continued kissing her. 

Finally, I left her to breath which I forgot to take while kissing her neck so passionately.  

Kunjjjj….. I…. You… pleas….ummm– Twinkle was trying to say something when Kunj closed the distance between then and kissed her passionately. Kunj was nibbling her upper lips and trying to enter her mouth. After biting on her lower lip Twinkle opened her mouth as she gasped and Kunj started exploring her each and every corner of her mouth which he was craving for. 

She dropped her towel as I took both her hand above her head. I kept one of my hand on her lower waist and with other hand was behind her head making my fingers entangled in her long silky hair. I closed all the possible space and was busy pouring my love on her. I was exploring her mouth and neck and she was also encouraging me by her moans. 

I took….. 

Ahhhh!!!! Gosh!! This alarm, has to ring at this time only when I was thinking about her, my love, my life. 

Twinkle, you left me two year ago, without talking to me, without even telling me what was my mistake that you left me. I have still not lost hope. I am still confident that I will be able to search you and make you understand what ever issues you had with me. I already have lost each and everything in my life and now I have to bring you back in my life. 

Kunj was in his thoughts when there was a beep on his phone. The message he received was from his personal assistant Lisa, who told her his days schedule for the day. 

Kunj got out of his thoughts got ready and reached on his time.  

Author’s POV 

Kunj was not the same Kunj now who was once a jovial and fun-loving man. He was a kind of good and lenient boss at office. At home he was only a husband who loves to spend time with his lovely wife, tease her and make love with her but after few days everything changed. He lost a major contract due to which he had to work really hard to recover the losses and because of this he was really stressed. He kept it to himself and didn’t wanted to share with others and give them stress too. But after Twinkle left him without any reason or you can say the reason was only known to Twinkle, he was a changed man, a very changed man. Now Kunj was considered a very strict and arrogant boss. His employees were afraid to talk to him. His copartners were afraid of him. In these two years he has become a very big business tycoon with more wealth and his company size has also increased a lot more. He has opened a lot of business brands with new names too, but as a person he had nothing. He was a beggar. His wife left him, his best friend left him, his family his father and surjeet chachu were no more. He was all alone in his life. 

End of Author’s POV. 

Kunj has become more punctual after that night. He reached home late that night when he reached home. His house was empty with no Twinkle. Only divorce papers were left by Twinkle on their bed. Her wardrobe was empty. All her belongings were missing. 

Kunj asked everyone, his parents, Twinkle’s parents, Mahi, everyone but no one had no idea where she went. Her social media accounts, mobile phone, email accounts, everything was blocked by her. He was ruined that night without knowing the reason. He was unaware of his mistake and Twinkle without talking to him or giving any kind of explanation to him just walked out of their marriage which was one and a half years old. 

Kunj Sarna the multi-millionaire, who has become the richest man in the world has actually nothing in his life except money. He just wants his Twinkle back in his life.  

Every day he dreams of her. He has been finding her from two years but has not lost his hopes. Every day he gets up with a new hope that he can find his love his Twinkle or maybe he will get a clue about her any day and can get her back in his life.  

After reaching office Kunj went directly to his conference room for the meeting. It was an important meeting with the collaboration with the other company called Eureka industries. If this collaboration happens, then it will be really profitable for TK’s industries (new company opened by Kunj on his and Twinkle’s name and it was a textile industry. 

The meeting ended and the decision was made that Kunj needs to meet Eurekas board members for the collaborations. 

On the other side 

Kunj- Get up from my bed. 

Twinkle- Kunj…… what are you saying? 

Kunj- Whatever I am saying, just do it. 

Twinkle- Kunj, what happened? 

Kunj- Twinkle, dot ask me anything and go and sleep in other room. I have lot of work here. You go. 

Twinkle with hurt expression but still she asked by keeping one hand on his shoulder- Kunj, is there some problem? 

Kunj got up placed his hands on her waist and pulled her closer. They had an eye lock for some time but then Kunj pushed her and said- I hope you are not thinking that I am going to make love to you. Kunj very coldly and bluntly said that- Please go as I have to prepare for a very important meeting tomorrow and I don’t know till what time I will be awake. 

Twinkle with hurt expression on her face took her stuff and moved out of room. Kunj from inside felt bad, knowingly he had hurt her but he doesn’t want to give any kind of tension to her. 

Twinkle walked out of the room. She was hurt but then she thought and said- Kunj, might be in stress due to work pressure. He is working a lot, coming home late and working so late. I know he loves me a lot. With that she ignored to what happened in the room and went is a different room smiling. 

Twinkle went to other room and started arranging her bed and was thinking that Kunj simple gaze has so much effect on her. When his gaze was at her she forgot to breath at that time.  

Twinkle- Kunj was saying right, whenever he touches me, I go weak on my knees. Thankfully, he was holding me and what he must be thinking about me seeing my expression that I get so wild imaginations whenever he touches me. 

Back to present 

Twinkle woke up as her alarm went off. She switched off the alarm and realized she was again dreaming of Kunj. She gets up from the bed and recalls her dream that she has and says- I am so stupid who thinks that Kunj will still love her the same way like he used to. He might not even be bothered about my presence. May be my shy introvert and traditional nature became a problem for him. I pity on myself now. I used to only wear sarees and suits to cover myself and was never comfortable in revealing my body. I brought embarrassment for myself in the past, but now I have changed a myself.  

I changed my dressing style, my she and introvert nature, my priorities and my lifestyle. I totally changed myself. 

Twinkle is sitting in her office where she is doing some paper work. It’s basically the collaboration work in Mr. Liam’s company Eurekas with that of TK’s. 

Twinkle- I am quite excited about this collaboration. I just hope everything goes perfectly. In last two years TK has become one of the leading textile industries who has got a big name in the business world. I don’t know whose company it is but I am sure that I will get to meet some really big personalities. 

Twinkle was thinking all about this when she got a call from Mr. Liam’s office that she needs to report in their office. 

Twinkle- Morning Mr. And Mrs. Liam. 

Liam- Twinkle, I told you only Liam. 

Mrs. Liam- Twinkle, I also told you call me Daniella not Mrs. Liam. 

Twinkle while laughing-It feels a little uncomfortable. 

Daniella- Ok, you don’t feel uncomfortable but Mr. And Mrs. Liam feels like we are some old couple sitting on chair and ordering our grand kids to listen to us. 

Twinkle smiled and said- Ok Liam and Daniella. 

Daniella- Now that sounds good. 

Liam- Ok, Twinkle, this is the file and the details of the meeting that we are going to have with the TKs. It is a really big opportunity for our company Eurekas. We need to take care of this collaboration very seriously. I have not met with the director of the company but I have he is every arrogant and a difficult person to crack and we need this deal at any cost. The director and his team will be coming to meet us and I want you to take down each and every detail. 

Twinkle worked till late in the office about the work given by Liam to her. She left office and when she reached home UV and Chinki were already waiting for Twinkle. 

Twinkle use to get really happy seeing that there was someone who was waiting for her at home. 

Twinkle- Hey guys. 

Chinki- Hey Twinkle, wow you are back. We are planning to go out. 

UV- Come with us, we were waiting for you only. 

Twinkle- Ok. It feels so good when someone’s waiting for me. I so much love them and I also love them.


I can’t believe it’s my first golden jubilee. I am so happy. 🙂 🙂

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Just wait for few episodes and will explain what misunderstanding were there and why they separated.

Thank you to all who commented in last chapter and thanks for your wishes.

Love to all my readers!! 🙂 🙂

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