Yeh Teri Galiyan 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puchki falls from balcony

Yeh Teri Galiyan 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pucki is on stage. Shantanu comes and they both dance as Radha and Krishna. Chanda says they can’t live without each other. How will they separate. Arpita says better not shed your crocodile tears.
Shantanu says to puchki come I want to tell you something. She says I wanted to dance with you and you came.
Beauty says I will do after dance. Shantanu says I am leaving this place forever. Puchki is dazed. She says what? He says that’s what I had been trying to tell you.

Shantanu and Puchki are crying. They recall everything. Puchki says I can’t live without you. I will live with you. She cries and screams. Puchki says please don’t go. He says I promise you I wont go anywhere. You have to help me in my plan. See what I do. Puchki hugs him. He says promise I wont go anywhere.

Scene 2
Shantan is missing. Chanda says to Arpita no one should listen this. Murli hears.
Puchki and Shantanu are hidden. He says we can’t go inside. They shouldn’t know where we are.
Beauty says to Arpita where is your daughter? You made her run. She will live here. we will find her.
Murli says she is nowhere. Beauty asks kaka where are they? Kaka says people are looking for her. Beauty says go and find him at any cost. Thakur says open the roof. Mruli says okay. She asks all girls to go and look for them. Arpita is crying.
Puchki says I am very hungry. Shantanu says let me get you something.

Murli looks for Shantanu but can’t find. Chanda says thalur please call police. I can’t find my sojn. Shantanu comes to puchki and gives her snack. Chanda comes and slaps him. She takes him fromt there. Beauty catches Puchki. Puchki cuts her hand and runs. arpita runs after them too. Pucki comes to balcony and says bari ma please don’t shantanu away from me. He is my friend. Shantanu says puchki come down. Beauty comes and shoves Puchki. she falls down. arpita screams. SHantanu screams too.
Precap-Puchki is rushed to the hospital. Nurse says we need her blood or she would be dead.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. How cute these two children looked when they danced to the tune of that lovely song ‘Madhuban me ‘ dressed as the eternal couple Radha and Kishanji…just made for each other ….how innocent they were to think that they could escape from the clutches of the elders by hiding on the terrace one complete night and the next day morning bearing the hot sun and the pangs of hunger…and what is that these sweet children want ,,,just to be with each other and never ever get separated…I have to say that it is not just the elders but even the almighty is also partial to the couples who love each other…even In our serial,all their efforts to be together would fail and Puchki has already ended up in the hospital ……seeing Puchki falling down like a stuffed doll was very difficult to watch…Anyways let us see what else Shantanu will do to postpone the inevitable..

  2. The scenes between Shantanu and Puchki today melted my heart, I’m almost certain that I’ve never seen a much perfect and innocent love like what I saw today, I’ll tie this love to Raja and Rani for 1st place. These two souls doesn’t know that they are going to be wrenched apart very soon, I can feel the pain from now for them. Lakshmi, I believe ill have to keep few napkins around me for sure, even though the story requires it, I’ll be crying because I’ll not be seeing these two children after, more than knowing that the leap of years would be taking place. I hope that as Puchki is in the hospital, Chanda wouldn’t use this time to send Shantanu away because Puchki would be one devastated child if Shantanu leaves her without saying goodbye even that’s going to be painful to watch, when he has to say goodbye. Regarding the actors, my goodness, the main ones are doing a marvelous job with the characters, Beauty is one talented actress, very effective and one can’t help but admire now she’s executing this role, all brawny, deceptive, flirtatious, bad minded and a loudmouth. Thakur ma is a very beautiful woman and so is the actress doing Arpita’s role….

  3. Agree with you Naz,that the main actors are doing full justice to the characters they are portraying…it s not that easy to essay the characters in a brothel…I don’t know how these artists made it possible to look so natural and real unless the creative team especially the director actually visited one of those places to study the various aspects in detail…As you said ,full marks to everyone…and about our little darlings,,,well !what to say about them….particularly Puchki….as it is I have a weakness for girls as I don’t have a daughter and with Puchki….Naz,i am sure we are going to miss her for a long ,long time to come…..if you have noticed,the actual leads have n’t even made their entry ,but no one seems to be waiting for their entry……such is Puchki and Shantanu’s charm……if yesterday’s episode was any indication ,we will certainly require quite a few napkins….never expected that we would come across another Raja ,Rani….let us hope that the leads,Manish and Vrishia ,when they come in ,would take us back to our ETRETR days,,,..By the way where is Sartaj…will we ever see him on Telly ….the news is that he s giving auditions but no announcement of a new project yet…anyways let us hope that Puchki comes out of this ordeal safely…my heart did miss a beat during that ‘fall’ scene…

    1. I desperately wish to see the two main leads in the leap to give us some Raja and Rani love and romance. I dreaming of going back to those days gone by?????…you noticed that I’m not on Kaleerein anymore, right? The charm has died within me concerning all that has happened in the serial, it has left me traumatized as well…in literary description…too many loose ends and I don’t like that, stories are supposed to be binding in its plot and cohesive, there’s no room for frivolity , how can those writers think they can leave so many loose ends and that’ll be ok…!!!! I thought that with this hotshot businessman in this beautiful village girls life would have had much depth in intimacy, him seeing her her and falling in love with with her, maybe even taking her to London and back to India…amidst the family drama, but no ,from day one we got a screeching hyper female protagonist being pitted against a man with hatred on his mind who looked down in disdain at people who look just like him, scornful of their way of life, food, customs….you know what I mean….I’m really disappointed in Kaleerein storyline and I fervently hope that we don’t get Kaleerein shades in YTG but Raja and Rani moments instead, Shantanu was old enough to remember his childhood love and I hope that he wouldn’t come back anywhere near brothel and cast aspersions or castigate Puchki’ s character and destiny….that would break my heart. I hope he loves her despite EVERYTHING!!!!! Ohh yes, if the creative team did visit a real brothel before embarking on this serial, then they have done their homework, that how its supposed to be,just like the big screen actors who do research and actually try to experience a day in the life of a real life character they are supposed to portray, that’s why actors receive awards and accolades for their work, similarly, the writers for these serials should do the same, not pull anything off their head as they fancy, their plot is supposed to hold some degree of logic, the viewers aren’t 5 yrs old ,we are adults and we can’t watch stuff that is for little kids…….

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