Savitri Devi 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi faints and gets unwell being worried about Veer

Savitri Devi 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi fainting and falling down, Dr. Kabir holds her. Nurse asks him to check her. Dr. Kabir is in shock and tells that he can’t check her. Other Doctor checks her and tells Dr. Kabir that she has a nervous breakdown and if she doesn’t gain consciousness tonight then she will slip into coma. Dr. Kabir comes to her, holds her hand and says you can’t leave me easily. He says I haven’t tell you how much I love you and gets teary eyes. He says you have to get up. Kusum comes to him and says nothing will happen to her, she will be alright. She says I will sit with her. He refuses to go until she gains consciousness.

Veer comes to his room and is about to go. mishri says this is your room. Veer says I don’t want to stay here. Mishri says as you love someone else. Veer asks how do you know. Mishri says that girl was your past and I am your present and future. She says you have to stay with me and tells that my good friend told me about the strength of marriage. She says she will do all duties of being his wife and she will wait for him. Veer says I will never love you. Mishri asks him to sleep on bed and says she will sleep on floor. Veer gets upset and leaves from his room. ‘’

The Nurse asks Dr. Kabir to take rest and says she will be with her. Dr. Kabir tells that he will be with her and asks her to go. He tells Sanchi that she always thought about others and not about herself and tells that someone might be praying for you. He comes to the temple in the hospital premises and tells God that something always happened on my birthday which made my trust go from you, and asks God to make Sanchi fine.

Veer comes to the terrace and tells that he couldn’t be a good son, husband etc and falls from the terrace and gets injured. It turns out to be his dream and she wakes up shockingly taking Veer’s name. Dr. Kabir rushes to her. Sanchi tells him that she is worried for Veer, he has already ruined his professional life and might harm herself. Dr. Kabir asks her not to think about Veer and tells that he will help him get his life on track. Sanchi says promise. Dr. Kabir promises her. Kusum hears them and asks Dr. Kabir why did he promise her. She says Veer thinks you responsible for happenings in his life. Dr. Kabir tells that he can’t see Sanchi sad and had troubled her a lot. He says I was Sanchi’s friend first and it is my responsibility to keep her happy. Dr. Kabir brings Sanchi home and asks her not to take tension and be happy. Sanchi asks have you thought anything about Veer? Dr. Kabir says I have a plan.

Veer talks to someone and asks if any surgeon needed in gynaec dept. The man on the call says not now. Mishri comes and asks him to take tea. He says he don’t need. Mishri asks why are you searching job elsewhere when you have your own hospital. Gayatri tells Dr. malhotra that she will handle her. Just then Dr. Kabir comes there. Dr. Malhotra asks Gayatri to send Mishri inside. Gayatri asks her to bring tea for the guest. Veer asks how dare you to come here and calls Security. Dr. Kabir says no need to call security and asks him to read the paper. He says it is SDCH offer letter. Veer tears it.

Savitri tells Veer that it is his Papa’s hospital and asks him to join the hospital. Veer comes to the hospital. Dr. Kabir says I am so happy. Veer says I didn’t come here for you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. When kabir picked sanchi in his arms it seems as if she is very heavy. I was just thinking jab ye kabir see itani mushkil se uth rahi hai to bechara veer ise kaise uthata raha hoga ?????

    1. Absolutely I also think the same.This Sanchi mata has destroyed Veer’s life and will destroy Kabir’s life too.I feel pity for Dr. Kabir.

  2. Mihra-101

    I feel so bad for kabir, he wants his relationship with Sanchi to be good but Sanchi can’t forget Veer

  3. After yesterday episode I felt kusum is not liking sanchi’s veer jaap. So may be later on she will become negative.

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